Theme Thursday: Everybody Has Superpowers (Maybe Even YOU!)

Theme ThursdayWhat is Theme Thursday?  It’s faster than a speeding bullet!  It’s more powerful than a locomotive!  It’s able to leap tall buildings in a single bound!  Look, up up in the sky!  It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s THEME THURSDAY!  And in case you didn’t guess by the opening, this week’s theme is superheroes.

Participants of Theme Thursday are not actually superheroes. Oh wait, yes they are.  They totally are.  And you need to click that button at the top and read their superness.  Do it, or I’ll tell The Human Torch on you.

melt ice

It totally proves my theory…

What exactly is a superhero?  Is it someone who does good deeds?  Does having superpowers make someone a superhero?  We all know that Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark didn’t have superpowers, they just had really expensive toys.  They also totally got by on their looks, which is okay, because we like to look at them.

In reality, I think everyone probably has some sort of special power.  Especially kids and pets. They can totally pull off being a superhero.  It doesn’t take a radioactive spider or a horrible life tragedy to bring these powers on.  I know it has to be true because I am an eyewitness.  They are right in my house.  I have seen it so it must true, right?  Don’t believe me?  Keep reading:

The Streak

The StreakAbility to strip off clothes in an instant.  Added superpower of stopping people in their tracks laughing because dammit it is funny.  Sometimes.

Mega Stench

Mega StinkerSmells so powerful supervillains as well as anyone else within a ten mile radius are brought to their knees. *Gasps for air*

Mr Knowledge (the little guy on the right)


Knows every fact, every statistic, and will be sure to tell you at least a dozen times.  Known to paralyze people with his facts.  This is the guy who will not only have all of the cool toys when he grows up, he will have designed and built all of them too!

Mistress Mess

Mess MistressThe Flash’s long lost sister, cousin to Storm, stepsister to Messy Marvin.
Superpowers:  Ability to mess up a room in no time flat, and magnetically attract dirt.

Captain Cuteness

Captain CuteHe can stop anyone in their tracks with his adorableness.  Can bring down a busy person in a matter of moments and can keep them immobilized for hours.

There are supervillains too!


The Evil DishesRight?  This is totally evil in my house.

Dr Laundry

laundry One of the most evil things out there.  It takes over your house slowly.  Even Captain Cuteness’s powers are useless against it.  (I think its totally in cahoots with 3D-they’re on a quest together for world domination, or at least house domination.)

Still don’t believe me?  I’m actually a superhero myself.  Sort of…

Tie-Dye Girl

Tie Dye Girl!Who could forget Tie-Dye Girl???  She’ll make sure your life is full of color.

Why do I know so much about this anyway, you ask?  Well, I am married to this guy after all:

Evil Genius

Evil Genius


Further research on this subject may involve watching the movie Mystery Men and the disturbing yet hilarious animated series The Oblongs, listening to The Avengers soundtrack and eating  a lot of spinach.  Keep in mind that singing the song with the lyrics “I’m Popeye the sailor man, I live in a garbage can…” is totally optional, but I am a bit alarmed by the fact that someone actually researched different versions of it and put it on a website.

What’s your superpower?  I bet you have one too!

I found this little gem awhile back.  On days like this it certainly makes me smile...

I never had the superpowers had to be USEFUL!

I hope you enjoyed or at least found my post mildly amusing.  All of the images used in this post were edited to kind of sort of look like comics through Picasa.  This is really sad because a) I got no money or any kind of fun stuff to say that and b)   I actually own a copy of Photoshop Elements that I paid for using actual money!

Be sure to go check out the other super writers and what they had to say about superheroes by clicking on the Theme Thursday button at the top!

Thanks for reading, now I must go save my people!

Thanks for reading, now I must go save my people!

37 thoughts on “Theme Thursday: Everybody Has Superpowers (Maybe Even YOU!)

  1. More than mildly amusing – so funny! You live with some awesome super heroes. My super power is the ability to turn a bowl of cold cereal into dinner any night of the week. You’re jealous, I know.

  2. I think your superheroes may or may not be residing in my closet.

    My power would be the ability to get a pony tail into a child’s hair while they are kicking, screaming, and trying to get away all under 2.2 seconds

  3. Hahahah I love this post. Dishes are not my nemesis though since I assign other people to do it. Though my smelly cuteness dog’s bathroom habits is mine. I swear they go in the house moments after letting them in. My superpower is ordering people to do chores while I play on the computer. Does that count?

  4. HOLY MOLY woman…I can’t breathe….laughing so hard…your writing is awesome. I love all those superheros and villains…OMG…so flipping funny woman.

  5. I can watch 6 hours of Law and Order in a single sitting. Sometimes while wearing a cape. Does that count as a super power?

  6. You nailed it! Between the Super Hero’s and the Villains I can’t pick a favorite, though I did like the little flying guy at the end:)

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  8. I enjoyed this look at the Super Heroes of your household. Mine tends to be my wife, better know as the Meat Shrinker!! She has the ability to take any piece of meat and shrink it down to jerky status in only one step! lol Great job!

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    • That’s actually an old picture! We put up a piece of plywood as a makeshift baby gate across our spare room and hung up curtains to block it off. He was using it as his “fort”.

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  11. I have Cacophony Boy over here. Able to make earsplitting sounds from more than one place in a fraction of an instant. I’ll trade ya? I’ll take the kitty.

  12. This is the sweetest post, Sarah! I love the idea that all you need to do to have superpowers is to do good deeds. I love how you lovingly characterize even the more distasteful aspects of your family, particularly the dog smelling bad!

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