Weekly Wrap-Up: The Super Duper Edition

its the weekendThis week was busy!  We did some more nature hikes and I had my final day of physical therapy.   I also had a job interview, but I can’t tell you about it because then I’d have to kill you.  I even had my mom over for a couple of days, I can talk about that.  On top of that I  got to experience a company meeting where my husband works.  And of course I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to get a kitty and dog to coexist in the same general area of the house-that’s been interesting!

Monday  Songs From The Big Flake:  If My Life Was a Song I’d Need Back Up Dancers  I’ve always been really good at making my own versions of songs, but never the WHOLE song.  I did just that in this post, I tried to envision what my life would be like if it were a song.

Tuesday  Twisted Mixtape Tuesday Bathtub Time Machine: 80s Ear Worms and Eye Worms  I will not take responsibility for any ears or eyes rendered unuseable after attempting to read this post!

Wednesday No post, man.

Thursday  Theme Thursday:  Everybody Has Superpowers (Maybe Even YOU!)  If nothing else, I hope this post helps you find your hidden talents, otherwise known as superpowers!

Friday  July Secret Subject Swap:  If I Could Turn Back Ti-ime (Read it in a Cher voice)I received this prompt for the Secret Subject Swap two weeks ago.  This week it ironically was the prompt for Finish The Sentence Friday.  On a related note, feel free to click on my post about do-overs here.

bank laundryStuff I Really Dug This Week

Doctor, Can You Give Me A Lift? Vikki Claflin on humorwriters.org  I’m pretty sure Vikki gets the award for being featured on this Weekly Wrap-Up the most times!  I’ll have to make her something out of dryer lint…

The Secret Subject Swap Take One  These are all good, but my favorite is Michelle Marriot’s post at Follow Me Home.

And I found out that someone has a blog crush on me!

Blog CrushIt was so nice of her, and fun too. Naturally I had to respond:

Blog Crush 2Best and Most Disturbing Search Terms

how to tell if someone is a werecat  Keep an eye on them when the moon is full!

synchronized swimming in toilets  I think that would be really hard to do.

i pooped in the laundry  There’s something called a toilet you can use for that.

glitter that comes from your mouth  Would that be a glitter burp?

homemade personal boob cakes  Is that like a personal pizza???

Don’t ever go away  Ok.

Next week

There are many ideas, there are many things started, but I will make no promises.  Maybe it’s more fun to keep everyone guessing.  I hope you are having a super duper weekend!  Or a duper super weekend.  Or something like that…

flip side


10 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-Up: The Super Duper Edition

  1. I think you missed the point with those search terms. They only make sense if you put them together:

    See you have to poop in the laundry cause the werecats are practicing synchronized swimming in the toilets. They’ve gotten so good they expect to be treated to a handmade Boob Cake (AFTER swimming cause everyone knows you can’t swim on a full stomach). They’ll blow out the candles with glitter because. . . well, because they can.

    Don’t worry, I won’t go away. Clearly you need my interpretation skills.


  2. Those are some great things you have going on there. Good luck on the interview 🙂 Sounds like it could all be very good.

    Blog crushes are so fun! I didn’t realise they were a *thing* until recently…

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