Wordless Wednesday: In Memory of the Tree

2013-07-16 09.58.18

We’re still not sure what caused the apple tree to give in.

Ah the apple tree.  It’s had some issues.  It had parts that just fell off, with a little help from the weather.  First it lost a limb.Then part of it fell off.  Last night at some point, the other part fell off.  Leaving a rather strange looking sight.  At least we got some great pictures while it was intact!

This hat.  The hat rocks.  Maybe I'll make a tire swing too.

Me in the tree.


The Professor thinks this is a pretty sweet ride.


The Princess hadn’t quite figured it out back then.

IMG_2072 (2)

Now she’s got it! The Princess enjoys the swing!

We’ll miss our tree!  Now we know that our tree has to be taken down, we’ll be sure to preserve its memory by using some of the seeds to plant a new apple tree!  Do you have a lot of trees in your yard?  Do you and/or your family play in them a lot?

21 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: In Memory of the Tree

  1. I remember when I was a kid and my parents decided to remodel the garden to include a workshop for Dad. Our apple tree (my favourite – the one with a tree house; the one I would climb to read a book or just be alone and watch the world) was found to be rotten in the middle and was summarily taken down. I was heartbroken.

    Still never had a better apple, either.

  2. we planted a tree in my parents backyard….but it didn’t do well. Since we rent, we can’t plant but what a beautiful thing to do…

    those pics show great memories…imagine if the new tree holds your grandkids?

  3. We did have quite a few trees in our backyard, but they too had to be taken down, because they were not thriving and on their last legs. So sorry about the apple tree, but does sound like a great plan for sure!! 🙂

  4. We just had to remove an apple tree from our (very tiny) yard. Another tree had fallen on it during a storm and it just wasn’t happy anymore 😦
    Glad you got some good photos of your awesome tree, and I love the idea of using seeds to plant a new one!

  5. We had a tire in a tree in our backyard when I was a small kid – until Hurricane David knocked over the tree and all my swinging fun in the yard. Love this post – it made me think back to my carefree swinging days in the backyard!

  6. Love these, Sarah. The tire swing from the tree is the quintessential childhood summer memory. I recently played on one in Idaho at my husband’s grandmother’s house. All the adults made fun of me, but I say you are never too old for a tire swing.

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  8. What a timely post! My friend just lost a large oak in her front yard in a storm and she said she feels like she’s grieving for a family member. Tress are such a steadfast part of our lives, and give us a calm, stillness when all the rest of the world buzzes by. Sorry about your apple tree! Plant another and make new memories! 🙂

  9. What a timely post! My friend just lost a large oak in a storm and she said she feels like she’s grieving. The thing about trees is that they offer us a steadfast, stoic calm in midst of the buzzing world. So sorry about your tree! Can you use one of it’s apple seeds to plant a new one?

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