Weekly Wrap-Up: The Winner Winner Chicken Dinner Edition

I hope your weekend has been so awesome that you're farting rainbows!

I hope your weekend has been so awesome that you’re farting rainbows!

My husband is working 60 plus hour weeks (I wish I was exaggerating) and it’s THAT time of the summer where I really need to rent my children out for a couple hours a day.  I’m not sure it would be a good deal for the person on the receiving end unless it’s someone looking for some entertainment and don’t need to get anything else done but pay attention to two adorable children…

Despite all of this, I actually managed to do write some stuff this week…

Monday  The Canine-Feline Paradigm: Who Ate My Poop?  We had this great idea to get a kitten…

Tuesday  Twisted Mixtape Tuesday Bathtub Time Machine 2Fer: 90s Music + Funny  I’m that good that I can do two things at the same time!

Wednesday Wordless Wednesday:  In Memory of the Tree  Poor, poor tree… At least we have good memories!

Thursday Beware She Who Writes With Flaming Laptop  Things are HOT at my house and I’m not talking about the weather.

Friday I’m Not Going to BlogHer (And I Feel Fine)  Ever not get to do something and wonder what the heck it would be like?  I let my imagination get a little out of control about this year’s BlogHer conference and the results were all kind of crazy.

I was surprised at how many people AREN’T going to BlogHer.  While I think it would be cool to go, I think I’m going to enjoy the alternative created by my friend Jenn.  Come over to Twitter next Friday night at 9 pm EST to attend Home Con 2013.  Use the hashtag #HomeCon13 and be sure to follow Jenn at @SmthingClvr and me at @sadderbutwiser!

blogherStuff I Really Liked This Week

The Truth Behind the SPF Myth  Robyn Welling Hollow Tree Ventures  Sunscreen myths, debunked in hilarious fashion.

Move Over Kitty: Chickens are the New Black  Suzanne Lucas Times Squared  One of the best things about cohosting a humor blog hop is that you get to find all kinds of new blogs to read.  This is both good and bad in that I wish I could get paid to read blogs!  This was my favorite this week.

101 Excuses For Not Going to BlogHer 2013 Terrye Toombs The Adventures of a Misplaced Alaskan  This was too funny!  Just in case you didn’t see why other people aren’t going to BlogHer…

Red Green or Pepto Bismol Melissa Vigil Motherhood is an Art And… I was a winner!  I entered my friend Melissa’s giveway celebrating her One Year Blogiversary.  Read about yummy food AND her daughter’s unique selection process

Mom Times Four And one more thing.  I meant to mention this last week-one of my favorite people is back!  If you like cute illustrations and short funny family stories, check out her blog.  Tell her I sent you!


Best and Most Disturbing Search Terms

Kind of a slow week for interesting search terms. Come on, I can only make fun of people looking for nakedness and pants peeing so much… There were two or three this week but that’s about it!

bats eating chocolate  Because who doesn’t love chocolate?

poopy black Friday toilets Ummmmmm… I’m not cleaning them!

what does a girl mean when she says where’s waldo?  Is that kind of like “Where’s the Beef?”

I also got spam simply entitled “Buy Xanax” and another spam telling me I’m the worst writer ever. Interesting…  So I need to relax and stop writing?

somedayNext week

Monday:  Ever look at  the back of boxes and bottles of stuff that you buy?  Ever wonder 1) Who answers those toll free numbers and 2) What conversations might ensue when these numbers are called.

Tuesday:  90s Ear Worms and Eye Worms.  Pray that I don’t include hours of Beavis and Butthead laughing…  I’m not cohosting the Humor Me Blog Hop this week but I will be there with my colorful flags trying to draw attention, because I’m so cool like that!

Wednesday: I will be guesting over at my friend Roshni’s blog, Indian American Mom

Thursday: Theme Thursday is Infinite Wishes. I’m totally rubbing my hands together in anticipation of this one.  I can’t not write a post about that one!

Friday:  It’s a big day!   Fly on the Wall July 2013:  The Knee Licker Edition goes live at 10 am EST!  And of course, Home Con 2013 starts on Twitter at 9 pm EST.  Details above…

I hope you have a good weekend, a great week next week, and hopefully I won’t go crazy before Friday!

crazy kitteh


25 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-Up: The Winner Winner Chicken Dinner Edition

  1. AAAAHHHH ha ha ha !! If you can believe it, I have actually be chased by a moose & only saved myself because I ran into a house that was being built. In WY this happens a lot!! Oh and I freaking LOVEE that horse/unicorn photo!!!! 😀

  2. We are a 5 laptop, 2 computer, 1 kindle and multiple smart phone house and you got more done on your flaming laptop than I did. You put me to shame.

  3. Now I’m jealous. I want to be with you on Friday. Maybe I’ll peek in at HomeCon 🙂 Gonna check out some of your faves from this week, I could use a good laugh!

    • DO IT! DO IT! On both counts. I’m working on a YouTube video thing that will make people pee their pants. I might have to put a guarantee on that. All of my favorite videos on YouTube in one post…

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  5. looking forward to next weeks posts babe…OMG…Where’s Waldo…I don’t know why but I can’t stop laughing…may have to use that term in a curse.LOL

  6. Glad I found your blog! You’re a funny lady! Looking forward to next weeks shenanigans. Also, love the cat farting rainbow pic! Happy Sunday!

  7. Thanks so much for the shout-out. I’m happy to report that it’s been nothing but rainbows at my place this week — probably from all that chili we ate.

    On another note, I’m sorry to hear that your hubby’s working his ass off. Maybe the kids might enjoy playing with the moose for a few hours?

  8. Okay, you know what’s fantastic? I saw that wanna-be-unicorn online and told myself, “Sarah is going to throw that bad boy into a post” and BOOM!! Also fantastic? Home Con 2013. I will set an alarm if needed; I will be there, oh yes.

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