Old School Blogging: We’re NOT Going Streaking

old schoolWe’re Going Streaking!!!!!
(No, actually we’re not…)

Does anyone else automatically think of this whenever they hear the words “old school”?  I wanted to share the video, but keeping with the whole “clean” blog policy I couldn’t share Will Ferrell’s bare behind on here… I did share a link if you’re curious and don’t know what the heck I’m talking about, but remember, caution on Will’s nudity!

So WHY am I sharing a picture from the movie Old School?  Recently Jen Kehl tagged me in this wicked cool old school blogging post-I thought it would be fun.  I haven’t made any lists in a while, and it isn’t asking me to come up with random facts about me (thank goodness, because I think I’m fresh out!)

2013-07-027Two of my favorite things, most days.

Five Things I Have A Passion For
1. My Family
2. Music
3. Movies
4. Writing
5. Anything with chocolate on it.

My kind of bucket list.

My kind of bucket list.

Five Things I Would Like To Do Before I Kick The Bucket
Because according to my daughter, you die when you turn 41.
1.  Buy a bucket
2.  Get paid to write something besides sponsored tweets.
3. See a real Broadway musical live (and get to go backstage afterwards, but I know that’s really pushing it…)
4.  Learn to play the guitar and cello.
5.  Refer to the places I want to travel list, because I’d like to do that.

Five Things I Say A Lot
Just five, there are many, many more…
1.  I rued the day once.
2.  The force is strong with this one.
3.  Please stop licking/chewing/tasting the blanket/stuffed animal/table leg (and this is to my kids, NOT the animals that reside in my house!)
4. There is no possible way you need to go to the bathroom AGAIN!!!!!
5. Don’t make me text your father!
For more disturbing things that we say in our house on a regular basis, click HERE.

Five Things I Have Read Lately
Because I read sooooo much these days.
1. The back of a box of Tuna Helper
2.  Funny blogs, lots and lots of them
3. The instructions to… never mind…
4.  The coupon insert of the newspaper
5.  The lyrics to “Girl”

chowNot one of my very favorite movies, but I have been quoting Chow a lot lately…

Five Favorite Movies
I have to pick only FIVE???
1. Sixteen Candles
2. Back to the Future
3. Avengers
4. Dead Poets Society
5.The Princess Bride

AvengersThis is my favorite meme right now…

Five Places I Would Love To Travel
That way I can put stuff on my Facebook page to make people jealous…
1.  NOT Iowa
2.  China
3.  Australia
4.  Italy
5.  Egypt

Five Lovely Bloggers I’m Tagging for This Thing
There are so many to choose from, so PLEASE don’t be jealous if I didn’t choose you!
1. Marcia @ Menopausal Mother
2. Karen @ Baking in a Tornado
3. Terrye @ The Adventures of a Misplaced Alaskan
4. Melissa @ Motherhood is an Art
5. Joy @ Evil Joy Speaks

So now my pretties, you know what to do… make your fun lists post and link it back to me.  It’s like a chain letter but so, so much better!  If you’re feeling blue because I didn’t tag you don’t despair-you can join in on the fun too by making your own lists-I’d love to see them!

One of my favorite cartoons on the internet.

One of my favorite cartoons on the internet.

42 thoughts on “Old School Blogging: We’re NOT Going Streaking

  1. Love that I not only knew Will Farrell’s butt but that Sixteen Candles and the Force is strong in my household. I don’t want to go to IOWA either, not that there is anything wrong with Iowa, but I am totally in on the group trip to Australia.

  2. OMG I love this post! The Tuna Helper comment–I am dying over here. I do the same thing with the cereal boxes. And the video–was that sharknado??? Too funny! Thanks for choosing me–I look forward to doing this post!

  3. Well now that I see how funny your post is, I don’t know if I can do this game any justice. Thanks for tagging me, off to work on mine. . .

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  5. So cute and funny Sarah. I liked the back of the Tuna Helper box too!! And you always have the best pictures. Even though my blogging career was a short one, I’m so glad I met you and can read your witty posts. I smile every single time!!

  6. I rued the day I read this post. Not really – but auto correct keeps trying to change rued to died. That would be unfortunate. Death or reading this blog? Hmmmm….Thor in the post says I made the right choice. 🙂

    When you go to Egypt, call me. I need to go there and then we’ll take a camel so I can go swim in the Dead Sea.

  7. Ohhhhh I’m gonna have to borrow your ‘rued the day’ just to see what Niece and Neff think of the word.

    And tell your daughter from me, she’s nuts! I’m *SO* looking forward to being 41 – my life is gonna be SORTED by then (life looks like it *should* get ‘sorted’ by then? Right?)

  8. raises my hand…I’m so a geek, those avengers are WAY hotter than Magi Mike…OOOHHH YEAH! LOL

    Love that you included tuna helper in the list…BTW how is Tuna Helper? I would like to try it but afraid that it might not be good.

    I SO THINK OF “THAT” when I hear old school. I also think of him in Step Brothers…giggles…

    • I have an awesome homemade hamburger helper recipe, so I don’t have to read the box there. However I always keep SOMETHING on hand for those nights when I just can’t think. Tuna helper it is…

  9. Oh, I can SO relate to getting paid for writing. Totally! That’s a great one.

    Oh and the five things you say a lot makes me wonder, are moms clones of each other?

    • That’s okay! I didn’t know what Magic Mike was until it came out on video, and then we rented it just to make fun of it. There was some nice eye candy in it, but Avengers was far, far, far more enjoyable!

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  11. You know what? I don’t think that I have ever actually purchased a bucket either. Now you have me wanting my very own bucket. Or a barrel. Filled with monkeys. I have never read a Tuna Helper box, now that I come to think of it. I tend to stare at the puffy, white hand, ponder over the fact that it only has four fingers (or is it three fingers and one thumb), smile at its cuteness and wish that I had a pudgy hand wandering around my countertop, which makes me think of It from the Addams’ Family. I don’t want that kind of hand. Too realistic. Looks like carnage from a horror flick.
    What the heck was I talking about?
    Oh, yeah. Glad I found you through my Motherhood is an Art buddy.

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  13. Can I pick my five favorites of each five lists? 1) My family (aw!) 2) Bucket (ha/ha!) 3) I ruled the day once (so true, sigh!) 4) The lyrics to “Girl” (que?) 5) Iowa (I like Iowa!)

  14. My 3 daughters brace themselves for the times when their mom and I quote 16 candles and other john hughes flicks. Also, they really liked the 3 Back to the Future movies, so there’s that.

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