And This Is Where Sarah Goes Berserk

IMG_1004It could have been the fact that I didn’t get to bed until after midnight.

It could have been the two hour drive I had to make before 9 am, complete with four bathroom stops.

It could have been the rain that started the second I turned my car off to go walk around the lake.

It could have been the dog barking nonstop out the window.

It could have been the internet blinking in and out.

It could have been the kitten attacking my ponytail.

It could have been my printer, forgetting where it was, AGAIN.

It could have been the eight year old holding the door wide open, letting the dog run right past him without even noticing.

It could have been the 45 minutes spent trying to get the dog to come back home.

It could have been the neighbors giving me dirty looks because I was angry and mad and yelling at my dog and two kids, none of which would cooperate (they don’t have kids, or dogs that run away, and probably think we’re horrible parents).

It could have been the kids screaming and fighting when I was on the phone, or them ignoring me when I told them to go to their rooms, or them turning the music up as loud as it would go upstairs.

Whatever it was that triggered it, it was simply the last straw.  Maybe you heard me, it sounded kind of like this, just higher pitched…

Guess what?  I think it’s definitely time for kids to GO TO SCHOOL!  Which then made me think of this famous freak out…

Are you ready for summer to be over?  Today I was!


24 thoughts on “And This Is Where Sarah Goes Berserk

  1. Oh GAWD yes!!! School cannot start FAST enough for me, and I am only dealing with a teenager who blasts music all day, eats every scrap of food rom the fridge and accidentally DROPS my laptop on the floor. What time does that first bell ring?

  2. I’m good for an epic freak out about twice a month. We’ve been with family for two weeks, and I haven’t flipped my lid yet. What I’m saying is this: MY TURN NEXT!

  3. So this is Sarah and the Terrible, Horrible, Very Bad, No Good Day? I feel your pain. I usually enjoyed school vacations and was sorry to see them end–and that was before I was teaching full time–but I did have my meltdowns!

  4. I wouldn’t mind school from noon to 4. I’m really enjoying sleeping in this summer; those 6:30 mornings are gonna suck!

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  6. Yep, now you are echoing my sentiments from last week!!! I knew there were others that felt as I did! lol Just think, in a week or two (or three) it will all be peace and quiet again. Hang in there!

  7. I am virtually putting my arm around your shoulder because I feel ya sister! Last week, I had what my mom calls a “high speed come apart” and I even scared myself. It was not my proudest moment but we both survived and laugh about it now. Funny thing is that as soon as school starts, I’ll start wishing he was home again.

  8. Hahahaha! Two classic freak out scenes from two great movies that I grew up with.

    I don’t have kids so I get to view all the nightmares from afar!

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  10. I hate to laugh at your frustrations, but holy hell was this HIGH-larious!! And two of my favorite movies to boot!! Since misery loves company, allow me to share that my dog always runs away and once I was nursing my daughter and still attempted to chase the biatch (the dog, not my daughter) around the neighborhood. My neighbors were REALLY happy to see all that mess.

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