TMT Bathtub Time Machine: The Final Voyage of the Ear Worms

Jen Kehl

Twisted Mixtape Tuesday is a mish mosh of music related by a common theme, of which is chosen weekly by Jen Kehl of My Skewed View  We the participants blindly follow and basically do whatever she says, because she’s the boss.  We also sort of listen to Kristi from Finding Ninee, since she is the lovely cohostess and all… This week is Part Two of the 2000s…

I have been sharing my music each week with everyone who reads Twisted Mixtape Tuesday this whole summer.  We’ve been cruising through the decades and having a blast!  But last week we got into the millenium and I think I depressed the H-E double hockey sticks out of a whole bunch of people, including Jen!  I admit that I do like to listen to that dark stuff quite a bit.  But I ALSO like to listen to other things.  If you were to take a look at my Ipod’s playlists you’d probably try to have me committed.

Seriously though, I saved the fun stuff for last.  Sort of.  Here are the ear worms and eye worms from the current century that I can’t dislodge…  Hop in my tub one last time and let’s take a musical tour of the stuff you just can’t get rid of from the last 13 years…

Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely (2000) Backstreet Boys Millenium

I never liked this group until recently, now I regularly sing their music in the shower.  Though I will admit this video is depressing… I’d never seen it until now!

A Sorta Fairytale (2002) Tori Amos Scarlet’s Walk

Just for fun, I had to throw in what Evil Genius and I consider one of the most disturbing music videos ever made…

Hey Ya! (2003)  OutKast Speakerboxx/The Love Below

It is IMPOSSIBLE to be in a bad mood while listening to this song!

Breaking the Habit (2004) Linkin Park Meteora

Catchy, catchy, catchy… anime included.

Walkie Talkie Man (2004) Steriogram Schmack!

Another song that you can’t be in a bad mood while listening to it!

Girl (2005) Beck Guero

I’ve referenced this song before.  I wrote a parody about losing my keys to this tune.  The video is definitely… interesting… Remember the back pages of Mad magazine that you could fold and it would become a totally different picture and caption?  That’s what this video reminds me of!

Lonely No More (2005) Rob Thomas …Something To Be

Here’s another song from the same year, also with some interesting visual effects, not to mention the song is quite “sticky” (in your head that is!)

Sexyback (2006) Justin Timberlake FutureSex/Love Sounds

I was never an *NSync fan, but I love Justin Timberlake.  I dare you to listen to it…

This Ain’t A Scene It’s An Arms Race (2007) Fall Out Boy Infinity On High

I love Fall Out Boy.  My kids do too-my son got in trouble in preschool for singing this song…

Fireflies (2009) Owl City Ocean Eyes

I love this song!  This is another favorite song that my kids love to listen to!

Raise Your Glass (2011) P!NK Greatest Hits…So Far!!!

Everybody’s favorite bad girl.  Come on, who doesn’t want to be a little like P!NK?  Just a little…  There for awhile my daughter loved any song by female artists that were, well, a little nuts.  P!nk, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga.  I was actually very relieved when she went back to listening to Disney princess music and Laurie Berkner songs!

My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark (2013) Fall Out Boy Save Rock and Roll

Why not a little more Fall Out Boy to wrap it all up??  This is my kids’ favorite song right now, which is a little bit disturbing to me…

Thanks for coming along each week for a ride in my bathtub.  I bet you’ve been wondering why was it a bathtub time machine, anyway?  Well come on, you’ve seen Hot Tub Time Machine, right?  Did you get the joke?  😉  Totally okay if you didn’t…

Please be a pal and go check out what others listened to during this time period by clicking on the cassette tape at the top to take you to the hop! 

Perhaps today is a good day to take an oatmeal bath...

Perhaps today is a good day to take a (mud) bath…


32 thoughts on “TMT Bathtub Time Machine: The Final Voyage of the Ear Worms

  1. Same here was never an Insync Fan, because I was more of an NKOTB girl myself, but hell yes to Justin Timberlake. Just something about the boy and his music. Oh and I just recently found I like Pink, too. Who knew!!!

  2. Hey Ya! Fireflies! P!NK! Love it 🙂 So many good songs in the past number of years 🙂
    Great list

    (and only “slightly” listen to Kristi? I know Jen’s the boss and all, but Kristi’s pretty awesomerockin’ too 😉 )

  3. It’s abundantly clear that I spent the late 90s and early 00s listening exclusively to music from 1977-1984, since I only recognize three of these songs.

  4. Thank you for admitting that you only sortof kindof listen to me. It’s what I’ve suspected for quite a while. Love that Wharf is in your tub this week! And Hellz Yeah to Linkin Park!

  5. I love your list, and I see you snuck in some more Linkin Park. It was hard for me to not make my whole list Cake 🙂 I also LOVE raise your glass! (the glee version) 🙂

  6. When Mason was little, he LOVED N’Sync. At 18 months old, he would wear nothing but a bandana and a pair of Pull Ups and do ALL the moves to the videos. Today, he listens to Linkin Park and Fall Out Boy. LOVE that you included all of them. P!NK is my girl – I my hair cut and dyed like hers…almost. And the only song Hubs likes that is NOT heavy metal is Hey Ya! Weird huh? Great mix of music right there!

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  8. So much breathing space on this list – nicely done! And I too remember watching that Tori video all the way through and then thinking, “Now what in the flip was just that about?”

  9. Big fan of Linkin Park, and I have seen Pink in concert. She is amazing!

    Whatever happened to OutKast? It’s like they just quit making music. So talented.

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