Confessions of a Geek

Theme ThursdayThis post originally appeared as a guest post on my friend MJ Mele’s blog An Old and Cranky Gamer.  When I heard that this week’s Theme Thursday was going to be geek culture, I of course had to dig into my files to retrieve this gem masterpiece mindless drivel.  Read on to read about my experience as a lady geek.

You know I never actually got to go to band camp? The above picture could very well be me:  A redhead who played the flute in band from elementary school through college and beyond.  But I never went to band camp, so technically I can’t have the cool catch phrase “Like this one time, in band camp…”

My band days may be long gone, but that doesn’t make things much different for me. Throw me in any social situation these days and I’m like a fish out of water, a hobbit out of the shire, or dare I say a taun taun in the desert.  I know, AWKWARD.  I live in rural Iowa where I fit in sooooo well.  Good times.

Part of my problem is my inherent inability to make this thing known as small talk.  While I can talk about the weather for a few minutes, and maybe a thing or two about my kids, the vast majority of things that fascinate other people don’t even really register on my radar.

That’s because I speak GEEK.  Yeah, I’m one of those.  Not only am I a geek, I’m also married to one.  In addition to this, I’m raising my very own geeklings.  I’ve seen and I can totally kick your butt at Star Wars trivia.

Evil Genius at the Lego Store at the Mall of America.  He dreams of a Lego Death Star.  His mean wife keeps telling him no.

Evil Genius at the Lego Store at the Mall of America. He dreams of a Lego Death Star. His mean wife keeps telling him no.

Don’t get me wrong, I like some of the things that decidedly normal people like.  I like clothes.  I work out.  I love movies and music.  I like a big glass of wine on the weekends.  I like to look at Pinterest.  But despite all of these things I seriously belong to a whole other world.

Years ago I tried to hide my geekiness and act like normal people, but as I have gotten older and have been referred to more than once as kind of weird, I realize that it really doesn’t matter any more.

So I’m going to make it a little easier on you people.  I present to you the vastly contrasting things between what would be considered a “normal” female’s world and mine:


I like to talk about movies.  But don’t talk to me about The Notebook or Silver Linings Playbook.   I’d rather talk about Iron Man 3.

IMG_1733Oh, you know a little French?  I know a little Klingon.

Golf is a four letter word in your house?   Hmmmm, Skyrim is the same thing in my house.

Do you own pets named Fluffy and Spike?  Mine are named Rogue,  Neo, and Tiberius.

What do your kids like to spend money on?  My 5 and 8 year old children pooled their Christmas money so that they could buy Skylanders for our Xbox.

So you say you can name all of the people on Real Housewives of Orange County?  I can name every major character on all five Star Trek series.

You said you’ve read the whole 50 Shades of Grey Trilogy?  I’ve read the whole Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

You named your kids names like Emma and Brayden.  We considered names like Jadzia and Zephram.

You spent your Saturday morning getting a pedicure?  I spent mine at the comic book store.

My son loves the comic book store.  Where else can you hang out with Leonard and Sheldon?

My son loves the comic book store. Where else can you hang out with Leonard and Sheldon?

Your say your kids got an Xbox? I’ll see your Xbox and raise you an Atari, a 3DO, a Nintendo, a SuperNintendo, a GameCube, a Playstation 2, and a TANDY.  Yes, a Tandy.

Your favorite show is Gossip Girl?  Mine is The Big Bang Theory.

You went to see Sex and the City on opening night?  I saw Star Trek: Insurrection on opening night.  I was one of the only girls there, unless you counted the ones in the ISU Marching Band.  By the way that had to be the coolest night of my life.

How many times have you watched Bridgette Jones Diary?  I’m pretty sure I’ve seen The Empire Strikes Back at least 100 times.

You play the Sims a little?  I bet my husband’s Sims could kick your Sims asses.

What did you ask for when it was your birthday?  I asked to go see Iron Man 3 and Star Trek Into Darkness!


So there you have it.  I’m totally okay with being a big geek.  If that scares you away, so be it.  I wouldn’t be trying too hard to talk to you anyway!  😉

I also wrote about accepting my geekiness many moons ago in the post Learning To Embrace Geekdom.

Now go forth and read further about geek culture by clicking on the Theme Thursday button at the top! 


36 thoughts on “Confessions of a Geek

  1. I’m a geek in a rural, non-geeky locale too. We share the geek-verse in some similar areas (BBT is top of my list of favorite shows and I want a pic with Leonard and Sheldon too and formerly a WoW, GW and others gamer) as you’ve mentioned and in other areas as well (Doctor Who and paranormal/urban fantasy book series).

    I’m at a total loss in social situations with my peers here that gather to quilt or share their canning recipes. I mention about being a beta tester on a game and only get blank stares in return.

    • HA! My husband wants to be a beta tester! That new Everworld or whatever it is game? He wants in on it. I’m scared. Any game with the word “ever” in it translates to “neverending” to me. 😉

  2. I knew I loved you! As I read your comparisons I found myself nodding my head in agreement, and murmuring, “Mmm hmm,” as I mentally checked off the items on a mental list. We are the SAMSIES!

    Except my pets are Luna Lovegood and Prof. Minerva McGonagall and in the past we’ve had Gandalf, Dumbledore, Rufio, Princess Leia. and Dobby.

    P.S. Big Bang Theory is the fucking Holy Grail of all tv shows ever.

    • HA! Love the pet names! I was considering Severus as a cat name but Tiberius won over. Our next pet will probably be some sort of Harry Potter reference though!

      I think I’ve seen every episode of Big Bang Theory at least three times. I never get tired of it. They are my people.

      I think that all of us Theme Thursday geeks need to meet up somewhere someday for a drink. That would be the bomb!

  3. Sounds a lot like our family. My son lives on his own now, and he and my daughter spend last night playing Borderlands 2, each on their own laptop. Son is a senior developer/ops dude at a company that does online storefronts. Daughter is a Dr. Who nut who knows her way around power tools, and is in design school. We own boxed sets of BSG, and play games like King of Tokyo when we’re all together. I have a feeling we’d get along pretty well with your family. 🙂

  4. Our dog is Miri, but my son calls her Chewbacca… And I met my husband in college band camp. In fact, my hubby and 4 year old are playing Lego Star Wars right now. 😉

    Love it. It definitely strikes a chord.

  5. I think it’s awesome that you let your geek flag fly…good for you…and a great role model for your kids…be who you are, you’re cool that way.

    My hubby is that way with all the Godfathers and Goodfellas and every baseball fact known to man. I am like that with Twilight…lol

  6. How about a high five? My brother and I had a dog named Captain Kirk. That’s what his dog tag said but we called him, “Cap”. I’m not the Star Wars geek though. My brother named Cap. My geek speak is more “technology”. I have a tree I originally name “Mac” but then changed it to Maxine when she got pretty. I don’t really have any geek movies but I loved War Games back in the day. Love this line from you: “I like some of the things that decidedly normal people like. I like clothes.” Me too but I don’t like to go shopping.

  7. Being a geek is much better than being a non-geek, let your pride shine! I adore The Big Bang Theory and would watch every episode multiple times each night, but my husband won’t let me. :0(

  8. I was nodding my head at most everything on your list!! Although I’m not a Star Wars fan, I love me some Star Trek. I was naming my collection of Beanie Babies after Star Trek characters – The rotweiler being Sisko and the jaguar as Jadzia! I thought if I ever had a girl I’d name her Jadzia. We need more of that name in the world lol I used to dress up as her for halloween in school. I used eye liner for the spots. I had a major crush on Julian. Ahh, that accent… 😛

  9. I don’t relate to the typical girl stuff or the geek stuff. I’m surrounded by Star Wars, superheroes, comic book, and Big Bang fans, though, so in that regard, I totally relate to this post. Geek on, girl!

  10. I’m the geek who stood outside a gamestop for almost 24 hours so I could be first inline to get the new warcraft (a few times so I won’t bore you with the list of which ones) game…then was back when Star wars the old republic came out. I could count how many girls were there on one hand out of the hundreds there.

    In highschool, I even broke up with a guy because I found out he had never even seen any of the star wars movies! He said he had no desire to watch any of them… Oh and don’t get me started about Felicia Day and the Guild series. You would think it was the presidential election or something with the big premier party at nerd central! lol ughh I am a geek raising a household of geeks.

  11. You are my soul sister, in case you didn’t already know that. Lol. Star Trek and Lord of the Rings are awesome, and if that makes me a geek, I welcome it with open arms.

  12. The only reason I don’t like the Big Bang Theory so much is because I’ve actually associated with those guys (that type) for most of my life, and they’re really not funny! Otherwise, yes, to everything else!!

  13. I’m not a full geek, more like I have geek tendencies. But I am so with you on the inability to make small talk or to even know what people want to talk about. The stuff that interests me rarely interest those around me :/ Great post!

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  16. I get nerdy on some things and I geek out on others. I’m pretty bad with marathoning shows that I love–like that two day sprint of Big Bang Theory when I almost made The Mathemagician stop liking it. (oops!) We don’t own any video games…because neither of us have self control. I would be an unbathed, wild-eyed, Mt. Dew swilling freak in a couple weeks time until I beat whatever. For this reason, I haven’t played WoW, Skyrim or anything that doesn’t have a clear ending.

  17. I feel like this was a throw down of sorts, so I’m gonna throw back. But We actually have some things in common! =)

    I Hate the Notebook! Love the Iron Man movies.
    I know a little Elvish.
    Our dogs are named Hoban and Gaius.
    I spend my spare change building my daughter’s duplo lego collection.
    Was hooked on Battlestar Gallactica, and am a DIE HARD Firefly fan.
    Obsessed with LOTR, never read 50 Shades.
    We considered Aoife as our daughters name (sounds like ee-fah—it’s Irish.)
    We have an Atari, too! And an original Nintendo, and an Xbox. Truth be told, we don’t’ play too much, though.
    Waited in line on opening day (some midnight releases, all waiting for hourS) for all the Harry Potter and LOTR movies.

    Boom. High Five for Geek Awesomeness. =)

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