Weekly Wrap-Up: The Employed Edition

Don't call me Marian.

Don’t call me Marian.

In case you haven’t noticed I haven’t had a ton to say this week.  We’ve been wrapping up the summer because believe it or not my kids start school the middle of next week (I know, bizarre, right?).  I had my mom come up for a couple of days and yesterday we went to the state fair.

Oh yeah, and I also started working again.

YesI am employed!  A couple of weeks ago I saw a sign at our post office looking for a children’s librarian so I turned in my resume.  I was interviewed last week and this week I was hired and started almost immediately.

Wait!  Don’t cry-I’m not leaving blog land.  It’s only part-time!  It’s perfect for me-I can be there for my kids and do something that’s fun and more geared to what I’m cut out for than ringing up cigarettes at the gas station.  I can walk to work.  And I can still write.

My kids are very excited.  My son is stoked that I’m working at the best place in the whole world.  My daughter is worried “Who will take care of me?”  was her reaction.  I assured her that I was going to be around!

Some changes you may see?  This week and next as I get the new program up and running I may not be around much.  I also may not post as often.  My goal is to keep it going a minimum of three days a week.  That’s a good thing, I talk too much anyway.

No kindles at our house.  Just library cards.  All the humans in our house have one.What I did this week

Monday  And This is Where Sarah Goes Berserk  I had a little tantrum of sorts this week.  Did you hear me?

Tuesday  TMT Bathtub Time Machine: The Final Voyage of the Ear Worms  Last call for ear worms from the 2000s!  These are FUN, for the most part.

Wednesday  Time For Some Extra Clean Humor (Loofah Optional)  I guest posted over at Mom Rants and Comfy Pants.  If you haven’t been over to read her funny, please check it out!

Thursday Confessions of a Geek  I had a little to say about being a lady geek.  Just a little.

Friday  Diary of a Sock: A Story of Sock Infidelity The prompt was “You are a sock that has been separated from its mate.”  This turned out much better than I thought it would.   Thank goodness, because it was a GREAT prompt from Just A Little Nutty!

Great Blogs That You’re Not Reading (Or Maybe You Are…)

Since I am a horrible blogging friend this week (basically I’m so fried that I can’t really remember what I really liked) I thought I’d try to share some of the good stuff my friends write. Take a few minutes and check out these blogs!

I Am The Milk

The Tao of Poop 

Finding Ninee

Best and Most Disturbing Search Terms

“I hate it when my unicorn farts” sent at least thirty people over to my blog the last couple of weeks.  Disturbing? A little bit.

should I stuff my pants  How does this have anything to do with my blog?

girl fart site  I don’t know why this made me laugh.  Do people really look at this stuff online?

body cleaning things pictures Hmmmmm…. ummmm…. hmmmm

fart glure  Is this something the Swedish chef says?

Next Week

I have one week to get a library program up and running, and my kids start school.  So I’m not making any promises.  I do have several posts in the works, just when I share them may be a mystery… Have a great week everyone!

cat book


21 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-Up: The Employed Edition

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  2. I’m so happy for you that you’ve found a good part-time job that will allow you to still write! I work part time too, and as with most things, it’s all about balance. Which I am terrible at. I can’t believe all those fart searches, especially the unicorn one- hilarious! Glad to be back from vaca and catching up on everyone’s posts… hope you enjoyed the Fair! I miss Iowa…

  3. Your part-time job sounds perfect, Sarah! Congratulations! 🙂
    I am so with the cat – some things, I just can’t un-see, ya know? Thanks so much for the shout-out! I really appreciate it!

  4. Congratulations, Sarah! Best of luck as you ease into wearing yet another hat. And whether you post 7 days a week or 3 (or 1), your loyal readers will keeping coming back 🙂

  5. WOOOOHOOO CONGRATS ON THE JOB…I love the library, they are updating and adding onto ours in town. I can’t to see all the new FREE resources they have. Loving that cartoon…it really is true.

    I need to start looking up how people get to my site…I am sure there iwll be lots of farts and poop searching, LOL

  6. Congrats, Librarian Sarah!!! So very happy for you, and looking forward to the material it will afford the blog 😉 If you need help staying afloat in the form of guest posters or liquid encouragement, I’d be happy to write for ya and I can’t drink my wine for 9 months, so… 😉

  7. I am kinda of “stealing” your weekly wrap up for my Sunday posts. I still wanted to post on SUndays, but can’t do these big write ups for those days with school starting soon. thanks for the idea babe.

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