TMT: Just Do It with Duets

Jen Kehl

Who doesn’t like a good duet?  I have been known to belt out a duet or two, and sing both the parts.  Is that really considered a duet if you sing it all by yourself?  I think not…


Since I like a great duet, I could not help but participate in Twisted Mixtape Tuesday this week.  It’s entertaining to find this stuff on the internets.  Keep in mind that I could be all predictable and post songs like I Got You Babe.  But why do that when I can find stuff that is at least a little more unusual?

And come on, you know I have to do this…

funny-star-wars-han-soloSo without further ado, here are my duets for your listening pleasure…

The Boxer (1969) Simon and Garfunkel Bridge Over Troubled Water

I love love love love Simon and Garfunkel.  What better way to start off a duets post?  This is one of many favorites.  I kept changing my mind about which one to share, but finally decided that this is the one since I’ve been singing it for days straight now!

All I Ask of You (1988) Steve Barton/Sarah Brightman
The Phantom of the Opera Original London Cast

Just to totally throw everyone for a loop let’s include one of my very favorites from a musical, shall we?  I love this song so much I want to marry it.  I saw this musical when it toured years back-it was absolutely breathtaking.  I hope to see it again someday!

What Have I Done To Deserve This (1987) Pet Shop Boys/
Dusty Springfield Actually

This song brought on a bit of an argument between my husband and I.  What exactly is a duet?  I said this can’t be a duet, because the Pet Shop Boys are a musical GROUP, therefore that adds up to more than two people.  Evil Genius said that it is two separate entities singing the parts or something with a coefficient or something like that… I finally gave in, and this song wound up on my list.  I used to have this on a RECORD, people!  You know, those big black CDs!

Always (1987) Atlantic Starr All In The Name of Love

I included this one as a joke… it’s an inside joke between me and my husband.  Want to know?  Ask him.

Close My Eyes Forever (1988) Lita Ford and Ozzy Osbourne Lita


More Than Words (1991) Extreme Pornograffiti

When I was but a young lass (or something like that) this song ruled.

Whiskey Lullaby-Brad Paisley and Alison Krauss

One of the most depressing and beautiful duets I know. Listen and try to suppress the urge to go shoot yourself.  Or drink yourself to death.

Hillbilly Bone-Blake Shelton and Trace Adkins

Hey come on, I live in Iowa, I had to include this one!

Don’t forget what else happens on Tuesdays:  The Humor Me Blog Hop!  I’m not cohosting this week since I’m trying to get my act together at my new employer, but check out the great hostesses and folks that are participating by clicking on the cute ‘lil guys below!

Misplaced Alaskan

24 thoughts on “TMT: Just Do It with Duets

  1. Lita and Ozzy?!More Than Words?! Are you trying to make me relive my happiest musical moments as a teen?,! I love this. And if that isn’t crazy listen to this: In elementary school in was in this reading pull out program and we did this thing called SRA- I have no idea what it stood for basically it was reading and listening to cassette tapes then answering questions. You had to go by color and progress through this big box of cards with assignments. In totally cheated. In said I went through the box- it was a complete lie. I monkey did one of them over and over. Know which one? Simon and Garfunkle’s “Bridge Over Troubled Waters!” Thanks for the 4th grade flashback;)

  2. Okay I know some of these…so I don’t feel so stupid, LOL… When I saw your Hans groups it reminded me that hubby has got me following Depressed Darth on twitter…it’s pretty funny. Have you heard of him? You must follow woman.

  3. Seriously how did I not know that was Dusty Springfield all this time with the Pet Shop Boys. Always loved her solo,but seriously not sure how I missed that she did this duet. Great duet choices by the way, but totally felt the fool on that one for sure!

  4. Ugh. I grew up a couple towns over from Extreme. I even bought my first guitar at the same store where they shopped. As you can imagine, local radio was pretty frickin’ saturated with them. If I never hear “More Than Words” or “Whole Hearted” again, it will be too soon.

  5. I totally have list envy with your including ‘Hillbilly Bone’! The song is fun (I’ve used it on Posts in the past) but my head just wasn’t pulling them up: Category Duet
    Nice work!
    (A match with the Paisley/Krauss tune… it was Alison with Brad or Alison with James Taylor when with the Paisley just a better chemistry, I thought).

  6. Yes, yes, YES!!! to The Pet Shop Boys/Dusty choice (we would have also accepted KLF/Tammy), and how is it that Alison Krauss seems to making an appearance on danged near everyone’s wall today?

  7. I’m not afraid to admit that I just listened to Hillbilly Bone all the way through. Cause I did. And it made me happy on this day that is eh.
    If I had made the list I set out to make you would have said, Finally! Some music we both like! I had More Than Words on there… and let me tell you, I still love to sing the heck out of that song!
    Also Pet Shop Boys is the biggest joke with me and my sister. She loaded two whole Pet Shop Boys on to my iTunes (because we kind of share) and now my 80’s mix is cluttered! So.. it’s funny. When I go to her house, I inevitably hear that song at least once!
    Loved this mix Sister Sarah! Rock on!

  8. Love More Than Words, and I LOVE that you had a Broadway tune on here! The fact that you have a Phantom reference and a Star Wars reference in one post? Unbelievably awesome.

  9. OMG I used to play that Lita Ford and Ozzy Osborn song over and over and over again. So. Good. Love the Han Solo Han Quartet poster by the way. 🙂

  10. I love Simon & Garfunkel (S&G for short). The Boxer is a classic, as is Bridge Under Troubled Water! More than Words brought me back to my youth too! These posts are fun!

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