A Public Service Announcement: Always Check Your Underwear



HA!  Made you look!  This has nothing to do with underwear!  Well maybe a little…

In case you hadn’t noticed, I’ve been absent the last few days.  AGAIN.  Once again this was not on purpose.  It seems that once again I have been struck by the fickle finger of computer issues.  And this time it had nothing to do with flaming laptops or mice that don’t behave.

Remember there are no funny pictures of flaming laptops.  But mice...

Remember there are no funny pictures of flaming laptops. But mice…

Out of nowhere I got a message saying that I was running low on disk space.

My initial reaction to this was Huh?  My computer has about 300 gb. How the heck I could possibly use up that much disk space was truly a mystery to me!

Because I am an insane anxious person I spent hours and hours transferring things and removing everything I could possibly remove. Not only did I move important things off of my computer like pictures, I also deleted a lot of extra pointless files.  Like HP-there were so many little tiny files in my temp folder, I must have deleted thousands of them!

Yet it seemed that each time I’d remove something, my space would increase slightly and then decrease even more!  At one point I angrily removed all of my printer software (after all, it didn’t even know where it was, right?)  I tore my hair out.  I cried a little.

The next day my computer said it had NO room left on the disk.

luke-skywalker-nooooo1That was when I started trying to defragment my hard drive.  For the lay person, your hard drive keep bits and pieces of files when you delete stuff and move them around and that clogs up your disk.  Defragmenting does something to make this better.  I’m not sure what it does, but it’s supposed to be better.

Only I had the Neverending Defragmentation.  It’s like the Neverending Story, except really boring.  It NEVER stopped… it just kept going and going.

Speaking of neverending, this guy came up during TMT duets.  I thought Limahl was a group, not just one guy?  Does this mean I have to repeat music history class again?

Speaking of neverending, this guy came up during TMT duets. I thought Limahl was a group, not just one guy? Does this mean I have to repeat music history class again?

After hours and hours and hours of staring at my computer relocating and consolidating and relocating and consolidating and gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah… a friend who knows computers told me to stop collaborate and listen.  Then she told me to download a program because my goodness I certainly couldn’t tell what the bleep was messing up my computer!

A little more than an hour and a screenshot and remote assistance session later we had some answers.  It was my antivirus software.  Apparently certain options that you choose will create and keep files that are a gazillion kbs.  Think I’m joking? Let’s do some math…

There were 308,000 mb lurking and taking up space on my hard drive.  258,000 mb of that was program files-255,000 mb of the program files was taken up by ONE FOLDER.  Some of the files in there were 9,000 kb in size!  Sort of made HP and its zillion little 1 kb files look pale in comparison

That ain’t right.

Sooooo… I disabled the offending portion of my antivirus and got down to business, deleting tons of files. I got 129 gb back.  I went from having nothing free out of roughly 300 gb to getting almost half back from just deleting all of that stuff.  Miraculous.

What does this mean to you?  Why am I mentioning math here on my blog?  What happened to the poop posts? Why is that light flickering over there?

What does this all MEAN????

What does this all MEAN????

This is my public service announcement.  I want you to know  that if your computer says it’s running out of disk space, you need to check your antivirus software!  Something as little as checking the wrong box could cause your computer to hang on to tons of stuff it doesn’t need!

So since I have spent the last couple of days away from all the internet fun now I will be spending the next few days getting caught up on all the fun that I have missed.  Returning comments, reading emails and friend’s posts, and maybe even twittering a bit.  So please, remain on the line, I will return your comments in the order received…

You never know who you might be talking to on the internets...

You never know who you might be talking to on the internets…

What program was it that finally did the trick?  It’s called TreeSize.  It’s a free program that allows you to see how big your files are and where they are located.  That’s all it does-it doesn’t mess with your registries or anything else.  It’s just good basic information! .  If you want to read up on it click HERE.

I didn’t receive any compensation from TreeSize to share this!

30 thoughts on “A Public Service Announcement: Always Check Your Underwear

  1. I’ve often wondered what I’d do if I was cut off from my computer for a couple of days…
    My hubby is a computer tech and is always saying that people have too many anti-virus programs on their computers and they end up fighting with each other and slowing everything down. We use Avast which is free. Glad to see you back!

  2. Glad you’re back up and running. Still, you might want to give CCleaner a try for the future. I use it at least once a week on both my desktop and laptop. It keeps both running like speed demons. (They’re about the only things that move fast in my house.) Like the post above, I also use Avast, but have paid for the upgraded version. It has worked well for me for many years. Good to have you back!

  3. When you started talking about disks, all I could think of was “floppy” . Then I realized this wasn’t 1985 so you couldn’t be talking about floppies. Then everything else just got confusing. This is why I own a mac. I’m kind of a techno-reject. But I have a PC for work and I am going to save this post forever because I just KNOW this is going to happen to me. Today my computer told me I needed a Dell adapter or my battery wouldn’t charge. Well, considering it’s the same adapter I’ve used for years, unless of course an adapter kitty came in in the night, I think we had a miscommunuication. But I used my deep techno-knowledge to solve the problem- I jiggled the plug. Problem solved!
    Glad you’re back. Next time maybe you just need to jiggle it?

  4. Ow! That sounds like a real pain. Glad you figured it out in the end. I’ve tried (on various other computers) some of the ‘Big Name’ antivirus software packages and will be resolutely sticking to the free versions found online! CCleaner’s pretty good for a sort-out, as is Defraggler. Glad you found something that worked though 🙂

  5. I’m pinning this, as I will never remember all of the techy stuff you just said, but chances are, I’ll need it. Welcome back!

  6. As horrible as I am with computers, you know this is like speaking Japanese to me, right? But I still laughed (with you, not AT you).

  7. LOL funny. And I was there for part of this. Was *so* looking foward to what could have happened to inspire that underwear warning. 😉 I’m going to take a look at that CCleaner software. (I had it written as CC Cleaner, no wonder I couldn’t find it!).

    lablover22 – Your comment almost made me pee I was laughing so hard. 😉

  8. It’s a conspiracy, I tell you. Anything you don’t know how to fix is gonna screw with you, always. And just for fun. I’m convinced of it.

    And “Why is that light flickering over there?” Gotta love it!

  9. The underwear picture, hilarious! Thanks for the suggestion. My last computer quit working because of virus software. Had I known how to go through and delete it all I probably could have used it for another year or two.

  10. Rhymes that keep their secrets will unfold behind the clouds and there upon the rainbow
    Is the answer to a neverending story (ahahahahahaha) Neverending story (ahahahahaha)….
    you totally just changed my plans for the evening. Buh-bye Walter White. Hello Atreyu.

  11. OMG you just made me realize that my husband just bought a new computer that HE DID NOT NEED. UGH> and thank you??? also FUNNY and awesome. Also thank you for reminding me to check my underwear. Turns out, that was really good for me because once again, not wearing anything and realize I am a nasty dirty disgusto.

  12. “…a friend who knows computers told me to stop collaborate and listen…” –>> You are hilarious!

    I had issues with disk space recently, too, but it was all of the videos of my daughter I downloaded from my iPhone into my iPhoto program. Big mistake. Huge. And now I cannot transfer the files to iVideo (so I can transfer them to my PC) because it just crashes my system.

    It’s been a bitch.

    I totally get it.

    But I’m glad you’re back! HUGS!

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  15. This is good to know. That would drive me freaking nuts! All these programs and alerts make me crazy! I freak out when my computer doesn’t work right.

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