Weekly Wrap-Up: The Extremely Late (For Me) Edition

This week was one of mixed emotions for me.  My new job started to take shape-I wavered between enthusiasm and being absolutely overwhelmed.  My son started third grade and my little girl went to kindergarten.  My computer was unusable for almost two days.  Once I got it all together, I turned around and left town for the weekend.  So consequently this is very late.

But I got this to help me through it all:

IMG_2344All of my wine glasses are broken except for one, and I figure it was only a matter of time before that one broke as well.  This weekend I went to the infamous store where my keys went down the toilet and stayed as far away from the bathroom as possible, opting to walk around feeling and lifting all of the wine glasses until I found one that seemed like it could withstand a house with two active kids, a clutzy dog, and a playful kitten.  This one is extremely heavy-I’m thinking maybe I need a second one, then drinking wine can double as a workout, right?

So this week… here’s the wrap-up of what could be salvaged from it:

Monday This was known as my get my shit together day, so as much as I wanted to share a post with the world, I just had things to do…

Tuesday  TMT: Just Do It With Duets  This post took a long time to write simply due to the fact that Evil Genius and I had a running disagreement on what actually comprises a “duet”.

Wednesday  Ready or Not Kindergarten, Here She Comes (And Mommy Tries Not To Cry)  This post was written in a short period of time very late at night.  If you look very closely you may be able to see my tear stains…

Thursday  I spent almost 48 hours in computer problem hell, therefore had no writing to share.  Man the technology just DOES NOT like me!

Friday  A Public Service Announcement: Always Check Your Underwear Why?  You’ll have to read to find out.

cat computer

Uh-huh… riiiiiight….

The Best Blogs You’re Not Reading (Or Maybe You Are)
Here are some more great blogs by people I love…

Mama Schmama

My Skewed View

Urban Moo Cow

Best and Most Disturbing Search Terms

No TP  That’s it.  That’s the only interesting search term that I had all week.  And it’s not even all that interesting, disturbing, or funny.  I’m kind of sad about that.

Next week

Alas it will be slim pickens for the writing this week. I think once I can get past the initial beginning of the youth library program (tomorrow) I will have more time to get to writing.  It’s always  interesting in the beginning.  Just call me Sarian the Librarian.  Get it?  There will be some fun to be had, however…

Tuesday-TMT No Strings Attached.  You get to follow my disturbing train of thought through this latest batch of music videos!

Wednesday-I am going to be a part of one of the best series in blogging this week.  My post will be featured at Finding Ninee on the Our Land series!  I am very excited about this!

Thursday-Theme Thursday: Early Birds vs Night Owls.  I have soooooo much I can say on this subject!

Friday-Fly on the Wall: The Free Fat Edition will go live at 9 am CST/10 am EST along with posts from other funny bloggers.  Come get buzzed with the rest of us!

It’s time to buckle down and work for awhile.  Hopefully you’ll see more of me after this next week!  Have a good one!

This weekend I stayed with my mom and dad.  This is what's next to the bed.  I'm so glad to know I can order a nuclear attack in the middle of the night.

This weekend I stayed with my mom and dad. This is what’s next to the bed. I’m so glad to know I can order a nuclear attack in the middle of the night.

11 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-Up: The Extremely Late (For Me) Edition

  1. I want to know the disagreement on “duets”. I am a total music nerd and I want to chime in!! As far as wine glasses go, I stock up at thrift shops. Heaven knows I need a wine glass around here!

  2. I checked and am not getting any weird searches or maybe I’m just an idiot. Anyway, I love the wrap up so now I am using it…after I post silly things my fam does. I can’t even type tonight. It’s taking me five times for each flipping word…waht is going on.. okay…

    I am looking forward to the night owls/early birds and the fly on the wall post…can’t wait.

  3. Hope you have some impulse control, ’cause I’d really prefer that you refrain from ordering a nuclear attack in the middle of the night. I think my hazmat suit is in the back of the closet under my winter clothes.

  4. Great wine glass. For future reference, the Starbuck’s Trenta – 31 oz, size will hold an entire bottle of wine……I do NOT know this for a fact. I’ve just heard it. 😉 Love the wine glass! I hope the new routine gets a little easier for you every day!

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