TMT: All I Wanna Do Is Throw Up When I Hear This Song

Jen Kehl

Twisted Mixtape Tuesday is a collection of musical genius hosted by Jen Kehl of My Skewed View and Kristi Campbell of Finding Ninee every Tuesday.  Really!  I’m not even kissing up by saying that…  As busy as I’ve been, somehow I found time to be part of the cool group for one more week!  

This week’s theme was no strings attached.  Hmmmm… I’m sure that she didn’t mean Pinocchio.  She certainly did not mean that horrible movie with Ashton Kutcher in it. Perhaps friends with benefits?  Oh that’s a movie too, isn’t it?

friends with benefitsOr maybe she was talking about one night stands… since I lost the original list I have no fricking idea.  Let’s face it, I don’t have a no strings attached kind of personality.  I’ve never been one to excel in the friends with benefits category.  Not to mention I’m not a one night stand kind of gal.  I must interject here that some of THE MOST HORRIBLE music in the world has been written about the subject.  When I think of one night stands, I think of “All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You” by Heart.  I hate this song.  I don’t know why.  I just despise it.  I dislike it so much that I won’t even share it on here. Like that Sugar Ray song with the halo hanging from the corner of his girlfriend’s four post bed… Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!  Or that stupid Pina Colada Escape song.  Right now I think I need to find a trash can.

one-night-stand-yes-there-is-but-don-39-t-forget-about-the-lampAfter searching for hours and only coming up with 1)  things related to the two movies and little else and 2) watching way too many YouTube videos of SNL digital shorts and Lonely Island videos, I decided to do something different.  Instead of songs about no strings attached/friends with benefits/one night stands let’s talk about some perhaps related subject matter…  Follow my somewhat disturbing thought process as I share some songs that came to mind.

No strings makes me think of this from Larry the Cable Guy:  How’d you get tickets to the Tampon 200? We pulled some strings…

Soooooooo…. then the second thing that came to mind was this, and I must say that the quote makes more sense than this song:

Maneater Hall and Oates

Then this one…

Cowboy Casanova Carrie Underwood

What about a song that is the possible aftermath of one’s cheating?  Now this song is one that I like.  And I sing to my children when they are mad at me.  Go JT… you’re the man…

Cry Me A River Justin Timberlake

Speaking of songs I sing to my kids when they’re mad…

You Can’t Always Get What You Want The Rolling Stones

This song has nothing to do with anything here, but I wanted to hear it:

Getcha Back The Beach Boys

And I wanted to watch this video again since I was thinking about the 80s.

Last Friday Night Katy Perry

Are there songs you hate with a passion?  Are there actually songs out there that are GOOD that have to do with the subject matter?

cats-one-night-stand-with-easter-bunnyClick upon doth lovely cassette tape on the top now that you are done following my thought process and see what other bloggers came up with that actually had something to do with this week’s theme…


34 thoughts on “TMT: All I Wanna Do Is Throw Up When I Hear This Song

  1. Well done. Rupert Holmes is crying right now, as “Escape (The Pina Colada Song)” and “Him” were his only two hits. lol The Stones tune is one of my fav’s, Heart kind of took Cold Blood’s/Foghat’s “I just wanna make love to you” and changed it around some for their hit. I have to agree, it’s not one of their best. Good job!

  2. Wait. That’s what the prompt was? I thought it was no strings attached as in “pontificate about your favorite band,” Hmmm. Probably better I didn’t do one this week. And please let me be the troll in your comments tonight:
    I LOVE that Heart song because I have this detailed visualization of the entire story, complete with 80’s black leather jackets, huge hair, and purple eye shadow. Love it. How dare you throw that song under the bus. The main character becomes a MOTHER for crying out loud.

    • HEE HEE-as I said above: this song is one that is either loved or hated. Looks like you love it. Let me put it this way-Heart had a TON of awesome music, this song just isn’t to me. To each his own!

  3. I loathe, loathe, loathe that Heart song too… it’s just so horrible! I admit the topic of one night stands does NOT resonate with me, but I did have a fun time making my list. Oh, and another one I hate so I refused to use it on my list is that “Oh What a Night” song. bleah! …now, will you excuse me, I need to go find a trash can to throw up in…

    • I think that Heart song is one that you either really love or really hate! That JT song is the bomb, I always heard it being referred to but never actually HEARD the song until recently. I think that gets me put on some kind of special list for weird people.

  4. I did use the Heart song, but modernized it a bit with Halestorm’s version. Simply putting Sheldon in the post made it awesome, but then you followed it with some great music.

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  6. Hahaha! After the build up, I was a little disappointed that Rupert (and his mullet) didn’t make the cut! And you know, you’re right – songs on the subject (for the most part) are pretty danged bad.

  7. nice job with The Rolling Stones one. I laughed my butt off when that song was used in The Big Chill at a funeral. Back then, the Stones were writing these songs left and right.

    good list

  8. I’m pissed because now that horrifying Pina Colada song is in my ho it. Nope. Just the mere suggestion of it was enough to plague me and dig into my ear and and and DAMNIT! UGH. Awesome list.

  9. Now I know there is a secret Sarah in there somewhere who is freaking out that you are not telling the truth, we know you have a gagiliion one night stand songs in your secret mixtape collection.

  10. Great – now these annoying songs are in my head at work. Need to close my office door and blast some metal to ease the pain!

    That Heart song is one of their worst, and I like them as a band!

  11. damn! While I also used a Halestorm, does the choice of song impart a different inflection on the 1 Night Stand theme? (Ayiiee!… Woody Allen’s joke, ‘..luckily I was alone’).
    I enjoyed (of all songs) the Katy Perry… while I’m not a card-carrying fan of pop music… the song was fun.
    good choices (I am only starting on the Posts…here it being 4pm a way late start!)

  12. So much information and different topics, yet I followed your thought process through all of it!

    I also hate that Sugar Ray song. I don’t even know why there would be a halo hanging from a bed. Isn’t that blasphemous if its used during sex?

    I love the Rolling Stones and that song is one of my favorites. It totally rings true!

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