TMT: We’re Not Even Vampires

Jen Kehl

As usual, I have started making a mix and realized that I really had no clue what the “inner meaning” of this week’s special theme was.  All my addled brain got out of it was “I suck, you suck”. Yeah,  and we’re not even vampires. 

Soooooo this post is supposed to be all about how much people suck?  I wasn’t feeling it.  As usual I’m kind of going to stay “around” the subject here.

You suck songs? 

You Suck from Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Here’s a song that I think pretty much sums it up.  There’s a bad word or two in this one.  Hey, we’ve all been there…

How about apology songs?  Like this one, the best apology song EV-ERRR:

Hard to Say I’m Sorry-Chicago

So Jen went to see Chicago this week.  I hate her for it.  And now I’m sorry for saying that. I feel a little better knowing that she didn’t get to see the “good” Chicago with Peter Cetera.

We could go with an “Oh crap I messed up and now she’s gone and I can’t find her and I feel really really bad about the fact that I treated her like crap and I can’t stop crying song… ok…

She Wouldn’t Be Gone-Blake Shelton

Beatin on the dash, screamin out her name on the windshield, tears soaking up my face, if I’d loved her this much all alooooooong… Sing it, Blake.

There’s your classic “Well it’s over and I feel bad but oh well song…”

Every Rose Has Its Thorn-Poison

I mean come on, it got Bill and Ted into Heaven…

Or here’s a song where people just plain hate each other…

She Hates Me-Puddle of Mudd

This song has been in my head for a WEEK now.  Curse you, Twisted Mixtape Tuesday!!!!!

Does this mixtape make any sense to you?  It totally did to me.  But then again, you’ve seen the other stuff I’ve written… This has been the Nonsense Version of TMT.  Now back to you Jen…

you-suckBy clicking on the cassette tapes at the top, you will magically be transported to another world.  Please listen responsibly, because I’ve got enough on my plate already without having to come bail you out!

43 thoughts on “TMT: We’re Not Even Vampires

  1. The You Suck song from Sarah Marshall is a classic!

    What about the song Love Stinks by the J Geils Band? Or even better, Adam Sandler’s version of it in The Wedding Singer?

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  3. Puddle of Mud! That takes me back. Such a great song!
    “Hard to Say I’m Sorry” is one of my favorites from Chicago! I recently sang along with it, at the top of my lungs, when it came on Pandora. My kids were in the car, the windows were down, and we were in a Burger King parking lot. People stopped and stared, and even cheered afterward. My kids were mortified. It was a really great day!

  4. How have I never seen Forgetting Sarah Marshall? If the movie is as funny as the song, I gotta see it. Great list – and the fan/blow dryer pic made me laugh!

  5. Wait, are you damning me? And also, I’ve listened to more Blake Shelton since I met you then I ever thought possible. I’m not complaining, cause I think he’s hot. But just saying. Also, thanks for rubbing it in about Peter Cetera being too old to sing and ruining the Chicago concert for me. It makes me feel better that your addled brain can’t grip the topic. Is that an I suck and you suck post right there? 😉

  6. You crack me up every time. “You suck. Blow me.” Awesome. Should I be ashamed to admit that I actually really love that Chicago song??

  7. OMG…the She Hates Me song was my husband’s personal fave karaoke song when we first started dating. He always dedicated it to his ex. We were visiting friends in Shreveport once, and he performed it at a karaoke bar, and the place went wild. The DJ just started laughing and said, “So, you’ve got some issues.” High-larious!

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