Weekly Wrap-Up: The Melty Edition

brilliant shitI stole this from a friend.  It was totally worth it!

Well August it was nice knowing you.  No offense, but I hope you and your extreme heat hit the road and don’t come back (til next year!)  I guess I can’t be too upset, I’ve been in the air conditioning this last week,  trying get organized in way more ways than one.

Believe it or not I even did stuff this week!  YEAH!  Don’t get too excited, I’m still coasting on things I wrote before I hit this dry spell…

Monday If Real Life Was Like Star Trek  I guested for my bestie Terrye at The Adventures of a Misplaced Alaskan. She has been going through dental hell lately and I was more than happy to entertain people for a day for her.  Please come over and read, and then check out her blog as well.

Tuesday TMT:  We’re Not Even Vampires  Apparently my usage of a song from Forgetting Sarah Marshall was the bomb.  You have to listen to this mixtape for this, and the Puddle of Mudd song.  Remember them?

Wednesday  Someone’s In The Bathroom With Mommy  My famous review of I Just Want to Pee Alone is regurgitated over on The Epistolarians.  Oh pish, you act like that’s a bad thing!

Friday #&^;!*#@( My Dog Eats And Refrigerated Cats  Just when I thought I had it all together…

melting catBest and Most Disturbing Search Terms

how to surprise batman  How DO you surprise Batman?  Jump out from behind the batcave and yell BOO??!!

moose poop soap Soap made of moose poop?  Or soap used to clean up moose poop?  I bet Terrye Toombs might know the answer to this one.  Terrye?????

oh and then one more ha, just slightly sadder sounding  Huh?

what was the machine in the 80s that had current songs that you could make a cassette tape Ummmmm…. a RADIO?

A very long comment about the removal of skin tags was my very favorite spam this week.  Because knowing is half the battle.

(Thank you weird people for finding my blog!  I was beginning to lose hope…)

I want this welcome mat, even though it has nothing to do with this post!

I want this welcome mat, even though it has nothing to do with this post!

Next week (Promises, promises)

Monday  Labor Day-THANK GOODNESS I won’t be in labor… I’ll be laboring away for Jen at Something Clever 2.0, however!  Jen did one of the BEST guest posts for me earlier this year, Google Has The Questions Jen Has The Answers.  I hope that my post for her is half as good as hers was for me!

Tuesday-But wait… as if it couldn’t get any better this week… I’m on “The Tornado Lady’s” blog.  Instead of baking I’m microwaving on Baking in a Tornado.  Karen is one of my original blogging buddies, I’m very excited to be guesting for her!

Wednesday  Why football season sometimes makes me want to stick my head in a vise.  I’ll feel better, when it’s over.

Thursday The theme is Facebook… we’ll see if I rise to the occasion.  I’ve been a horrible Theme Thursday participant lately, I really need to find my muse!

Friday  It’s the Secret Subject Swap!  It’s exciting!  I bet you can’t wait!  I don’t know why I’m yelling!

I hope you all enjoy your fabulous extended weekend.  Stay safe and all that jazz.  I’ll see you in September!  🙂


14 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-Up: The Melty Edition

  1. Well, Sarah, Moose Poop Soap is the logical progress from the classic 1980’s Moose Poop Jewelry that was all the rage for blue hairs (what Alaskans call tourists) that had too much money and too little shopping sense. In the 1990’s, Moose Poop Swizzle Sticks made their debut and were quickly developed a cult following. No bar catering to rich stuff shirts would be caught without one in their drink because little umbrellas are so Lower 48!

    With the turn of the 21st century, forward thinking Alaskan entrepre-manures were faced with bringing moose poop into the new century or stagnate like stinky compost. And thusly, the Moose Poop Soap was born. Unlike those delicate soaps containing sweet smelling flowers, Alaskan Moose Poop Soap encapsulates a genuine moose poop crapped from a hard working Alaskan Ungulate (that’s ‘moose’ for you non- mammalogy majors). Many over priced souvenir shops hock these unique soaps for $3.95 for a small bar.

    And that, my friends, is the story of Alaska Moose Poop. Btw, I love Puddle of Mudd cuz ‘she f*cking hates me!’

  2. oh my those search terms….moose poop soap, casette tapes, skin tags…I LOVE IT… too funny. I’m so excited for SSS on Friday…love reading all the prompts and how bloggers wrote them out.

  3. I’m with you. Goodbye August and bring on the cool Fall weather. October can’t get here quick enough! Another great week of blogging! Hello Football season!!!

  4. I loved that Star Trek guest post; I’m currently obsessed with it and am contemplating naming my Android phone Data. Best search term for me? “Warthog faced buffoon” – I can now die happy.

  5. I’m not excited to say goodbye to August. With so many school cancellations due to weather, our kids lost almost a month of summer break, so the end of summer seems much too soon. I am, however looking forward to a break in the humidity!

    When you get that welcome mat, order two and send me one!

  6. LOL! What is that thing called??? Shoot. A music maker plastic case holder ribbon thingy stuck inside and magically gets music on it.

    Uhm…no best of Mixtape this week? I’m sure it was just an oversight 🙂
    Also, love LOVE the sign! Dude. We had all of our 90 degree days for the summer in one week here. That was loads of fun.

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