Clever? Perhaps…

When I was but a young starry eyed newbie blogger there were two blogs that hosted certain “activities” that I thought were the coolest things on the face of the planet.  I get to guest post at both of those blogs this week, and I am very, very excited about this.

Today I finally repay one of my debts-I have owed Jenn from Something Clever 2.0 a guest post FOREVER.  I’ve had some really great guest posts in my time, and Jen wrote one of my favorites, Google Has The Questions, Jenn Has The Answers.  I hope that my post today is good enough repayment!  I haven’t exactly had the blogging “mojo” that I would like these days!

Jenn is one of the coolest people on the planet. She hosts Theme Thursday of which I am a huge fan of as well as a participant when I have a brain in my head to write with.  She’s done some cool stuff lately, including cohosting getting me off my bum to do a Twitter party and becoming a staff writer for In the Powder Room.!  And in case you couldn’t tell from the picture, she also has really great hair.

So yeah, I am that much cooler getting to be on her blog today.  Click on the link below to read the post-I’ll see you there!

The Annual Fried Stuff Experience (Otherwise Known As The Iowa State Fair)

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