Twisted Mixtape Tuesday: To All The Geeks I’ve Loved Before

Jen Kehl

This week’s Twisted Mixtape Tuesday theme is “Best of…”.  I thought and thought and thought about this theme.  I decided I couldn’t pick just one group, nor could I choose something mainstream. 

I got to thinking about the fact that I am such a geek that I started following Wil Wheaton’s cat on Twitter.  Don’t laugh.  On second thought, go ahead and laugh, I don’t care!  I decided that this post will be dedicated to all my geek and nerd peeps!  Behold-The Best of GEEK Music! 

(Oh come on, did you really think I would choose something normal?)

IMG_0718Let’s start out with something a little more mainstream for you geekphobes…

One Week-Barenaked Ladies

Did you memorize the words to this song?  I didn’t but I know plenty of people who tried to!

Klingon Style (parody of Gangnum Style by Psy)

Move over Psy, these Klingons got the moves.

She Blinded Me With Science-Thomas Dolby

Remember this song from the 80s?

White and Nerdy-Weird Al Yankovic

I still want to know-did Weird Al have to beg Donny Osmond to be in this video?

The Elements-Tom Lehrer

Want to learn the periodic table?  This is one of my son’s very favorite songs, and for good reason!

Particle Man-They Might Be Giants

It was a toss up between this one and Istanbul (Was Constantinople).  I know I’ve shared the latter on here, so here is the other fave in our house from these legendary musicians…

The Pi Song-Hard N’ Firm

The comments on this video are classic… “It helps to write it down…”  And yes, I am well aware of the terrible name of this musical group.

Highly Illogical-Leonard Nimoy

How much geekier can you get than a song by Spock himself?

The Saga Begins-Weird Al Yankovic

And of course I saved the best for last, because I’ll be singing this now until next year. That’s okay though, because I really needed a different song in my head than the Puddle of Mudd song from last week!

Got your geek on yet?

Got your geek on yet?

Now that you’ve heard my Best Of… be sure to click on the button at the top to see what other more normal choices have been made by more normal people that participate in this…

PS-Not a cat person?  You can follow Wil Wheaton’s dog on Twitter too…

50 thoughts on “Twisted Mixtape Tuesday: To All The Geeks I’ve Loved Before

  1. WOW! WOW! WOW! My little geek heart just swelled up and ‘asploded all over the place I LOVE THIS! Klingon style! Pi song! WEIRD AL!

    You are the Queen of Everything For A Day. Cos I said so.

    Have you come across ViHart’s videos (just thinkin, if you like the Pi song, you might like her Tau song) or (and I know this isn’t a song) Carol Burnett’s star trek parody?

    • Yer heart sploded? Noooooooo! 😉 I’m glad you enjoyed it. I thought of you and your “trekery” as I was finding music for it.

      I will have to check those out-thank you for the suggestion. I think I know the Carol Burnett one, it has just been a long time!

  2. You are such an adorable geek! And I want to know too if Donny had to be begged to be in that video. Please let me know if you find out.

      • That just makes you even more awesome, not sad. One cannot unsee the Psy “Gangam Style.” Well, I’m not sure I can forget the Klingon version either, but who would want to forget such greatness? Part of me wishes it was Worf up there dancing, but such is the stuff of dreams.

  3. OMG – this is the best geeky mix tape EVER. I love it madly. I just watched every single video. My daughter has to memorize the periodic table for Chemistry – showing her this post. I thought my post today was dorky, so I am thrilled to see that you embraced the geekiness!

  4. very clever? Do you know the band Spock’s Beard? There’s actually a pretty cool indie band similar to Radiohead (the group I posted for this week) with good songs. well done

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  6. So I just realized that I never pressed post on my comment, and then when I did it wouldn’t let me because the browser had been open for a gagillion years, so my funny comment is lost in space. I just wanted to say H AHA HASH AHF ASHFHFHFKSHHHHAAHAHAHAH that’s me laughing! That was by far the BEST mixtape ever!

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