September 2013 Secret Subject Swap: Senseless


Welcome to the latest edition of The Secret Subject Swap!  Presented to you by the lovely Karen of Baking in a Tornado, this fun begins with participating bloggers sending in top secret prompts ahead of time.  Each blogger is then assigned one of these prompts and the resulting posts are all shared at the same time!

My prompt was:  If you had to lose any of your senses, which one would you choose and why?  It was submitted by

Oh boy, I really need those senses! As a mom it is VERY important that I have my eyes and ears handy-you never know what those kids are up to… Though I will say that there are many things I’ve seen over the years that I think that I wouldn’t mind giving up my sight because of.  Sometimes you just want to unsee things.

unseeSense of touch?  Very necessary for hugs from my kids and the occasional touch of the spouse!  My sense of taste?  Sorry I’m not giving that up-because I need to be able to taste my chocolate and my wine!

So if I had to choose one to lose, it would definitely be my sense of smell…

Think about it.  I like smelling things that smell good, don’t get me wrong!  This is kind of one of THOSE questions, like would you rather have poison ivy or poison sumac.  Every choice is going to have it’s negative side, but I’d much rather not be able to smell than to not be able to taste or see or hear or touch.

In all honesty, I really think the nose was kind of an afterthought when god was putting the humans together anyway.

“Hmmmm… something is missing.  This really seems off.  We need to have something right there in the middle.  You know, right above the mouth and below the eyes.  Oh it should probably DO something too.”

And it’s probably a good thing he did that, because otherwise we’d all look like Lord Voldemort from Harry Potter!

VoldemortWandAnd then just to show he had a sense of humor, that’s why he created farts.  Think about what the first fart had to have been like.

Adam:  “Hey Eve, pull my finger!”

I know there have been many times in my life when I wished my nose would go take a long hike off a short pier.  Especially at bedtime after consumption of both chili and beer and beer of said spouse.  Or having to endure the stench of manure spread out on our local farm fields.  Or hitting a skunk with the car.

So yes as a former childcare provider, a wife, a mom of two, and a dog owner,  I am pretty sure that I have smelled all that there is to smell and then some.  A lot of it hasn’t been pleasant!  Having held the title of poop detective for many years, I think I’d be okay with giving up that gig.

sbd dog fartAnd not to mention, not being able to smell would not take away my enjoyment of online stuff one little bit.  Even if they did invent Smellbook, I think I’d be good.

So yeah, I might not be able to write the next “Smelly Cat”, but I think I’d be okay…

If the same situation were to arise for for you, what would YOU be willing to give up?

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38 thoughts on “September 2013 Secret Subject Swap: Senseless

  1. Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat, What are they feeding you? haha
    Cheers to choosing smell. I hope that includes losing runny noses and all the other grossness that comes along with it all….
    I am sending you love and light today as you have not only mentioned, but written the name that mustn’t be named…. 😉

  2. while I’d miss the smell of my son as a newborn…not being able to see, touch/hug/hold/ or hear him would freak me out…plus I LOVE to eat…so I agree losing smell would be the lesser of five evils…LOL

    Oh man…imagine us with no noses…OMG…LOL

  3. I totally agree with you- I could do without smell. I would miss the smell of good food cooking but I can’t think of anything else I’d really miss. Nice choice!

  4. I love the thought of the nose as an afterthought. And I’d totally give up the sense of smell during the diaper poop detective years. I can just see me now holding my kids’ butts up to people and asking if the diaper needed changing. “um, sorry, I need your help. You see, I don’t have a sense of smell, can you tell me if this diaper needs changing?” Would have loved it.

  5. Agreed – there are things I don’t need to smell for sure!! I would never want to give up my sight. My daughter recently made me look at her poop in the toilet and told me it was in the shape of a manatee (and it was)! It was hilarious to hear and see! The scary Lord Voldemort was perfect for this!

  6. I like to cook WAY too much to give up smell but agreed, poop detective years it could have gladly taken a hike.
    I’ve lost roughly 70% of my hearing in the last three years and honestly, that’s fortunately the sense I’d choose to lose. Yes, there are some drawbacks but I’m lucky my little people aren’t so little and work with me a bit.
    I’d miss my nose and be forced to walk around with the glasses with the fake nose and stash. 🙂

  7. It’s funny, but the sense of smell would be about the only one i’d be willing to give up too. And I am the person who used to stalk the same guy all the way from the train to his place of work every single morning because he just smelled so damn good. So if I’m like that with my nose, you can only imagine what I’m like about the rest of my senses.

  8. Voice of Reason here: Unfortunately, the sense of smell and the sense of taste are linked. You would not have much of the latter if you lost the former. I know that was pretty “insense-itive” of me to mention that, but I didn’t want you getting your hopes up!

    • I thought about Grandma and the fact that she couldn’t taste much because she didn’t have her sense of smell. It was a tough prompt because I really don’t want to lose any of my senses!

  9. Man…what a decision. I think as a mom losing your sense of smell wouldn’t be all that bad, I know sometimes kids can smell pretty ripe. Great post as always my friend.

  10. Too funny. I think I would agree on smell. I could do without the pungent odor of the hipsters in Brooklyn when I go over there!

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