Weekly Wrap-Up: The Flushed Muse Edition

Got that?

Got that?

I finally concluded that at some point I must have dropped my muse in the toilet and unknowingly flushed it down.  Friends are churning out great stuff like butter and I can’t put together more than three sentences about much of anything.  And it didn’t get any better as the week went on.  If you read my Secret Subject Swap post on Friday, part of it was missing and the title was screwed up when it published.  Somehow one of my final edits got lost and is floating around in blog cyberspace. How nice.  Just what I needed when I’m already frustrated.  I fixed the spacing in the title and said screw it.

What I Did This Week

Monday The Annual Fried Stuff Experience (Otherwise Known as The Iowa State Fair)  Not laboring away on Labor Day, I guested for my wonderful friend Jenn over at Something Clever 2.0.  I just know she’s going to buy me a pony for helping her out so much, right?

Tuesday Part I: Twisted Mixtape Tuesday: To All The Geeks I’ve Loved Before  The topic was “Best of”.  Best of?  What could I possibly post??? 😉

Tuesday Part II:  She Who Microwaves  I also honed my microwaving abilities at Baking in a Tornado in a rare guest post (for her, not for me, because I seem to be able to write stuff for EVERYONE else).

Wednesday and Thursday  This is when I tried to write stuff and my brain exploded.

Friday September 2013 Secret Subject Swap: Sense-less  The prompt was what sense I would choose to lose… see the picture below for my answer…

smelly catsMy Favorite Things This Week

In case you hadn’t noticed, I’ve been a horrible blogging friend and have read very little.  I’m working on it.  Consequently when you don’t read much you don’t have much that was your favorite(s)…  I hope to get better by next weekend!

The Crappy Family Goes To A County Fair  I’ve soooo been missing this blog.  This is just what I needed this weekend!

Best and Most Disturbing Search Terms

Is the ding dong back?  I didn’t know I went away.

Chandler Bing Chocolates  Do they look like Matthew Perry? 

How to tell if you have superpowers  This made me laugh.  How DO you figure that out?

Cinder Garden Cop  Cops that hang out in the garden by the cinder blocks?

Ambien Polygraph  I cannot tell a lie, I took that Ambien!  Then I fell asleep and did nothing interesting.

Uneaten Laundry  That’s the best kind, right, the kind that hasn’t been eaten?

My wife makes me sit down to pee  Why is your wife telling you how to pee and how did it lead to my blog????


I don’t tell him to sit down to pee… Something that could be said to both me and my husband. Get it? Very punny.

Next Week

Beyond my likely futile attempt to utilize such useful things as Hootsuite and Triberr to help me keep up with the blogging world, I pledge the fifth for this next week.  Have a great rest of your weekend!


11 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-Up: The Flushed Muse Edition

  1. You didn’t flush your muse, I’ll tell you the same thing I told our mutual friend: you’ve been writing like crazy and guest posting all over the place. Your muse if just taking a quick much needed nap. Set the alarm.

  2. The Mathemagician is the cat getting ready to cut one…and I’m the one who’s lost my sense of smell…but I really haven’t. Guys are gross. Why can’t he at least move away from the fan?! :X

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