September 2013 Fly on the Wall: The Frozen Thumb Edition

flyWelcome to this month’s Fly on the Wall group post.  Today 14 bloggers are letting you in to their homes to see what a fly might see…  After you’re done reading my post, check out some of the links below to see what goes on in their houses!


As you can see, he’s conflicted about his big brother status.

Mommy guess what’s on the radio in my room?  It’s Tar-ZAN!”
Me:  “TAR-zan?”
Princess:  “YES!  Tar-ZAN!”


Now that the dog and cat have accepted each other, they play together.  Unfortunately Neo is about 17 times bigger than Tiberius, and although he’s pretty careful he gets carried away.  The words uttered most in our house:  “DO NOT EAT THE CAT!!!!!!!”


The Professor decided to try his luck after not winning any prizes during library club.
“Hey Mom, can I have a prize out of the prize box because I’m your kid?”


Even though I’m getting a paycheck now, the way things line up it’s still easier for me to get our groceries for two weeks instead of one. We’ve had some potlucks and other various events happen lately where we’ve been challenged to make something out of whatever ingredients we have in the house when it gets close to but it’s not quite payday.  For example, two days before grocery day Evil Genius texted me and asked me what we had ingredients for, since he had been invited to a potluck in another department.

I started to text back “Nothing” when it dawned on me that we had the ingredients for No-Bake cookies.  As it turned out though, we didn’t quite have the right ingredients, and he was forced to make some substitutions.  By all rights it should have been awful, but as most Evil Genius concoctions go, they turned out just fine.

So to be sure, as I prepared to go to the store this week I remembered to ask Evil Genius this all important question: “Are there any emergency potlucks I need to prepare for this shopping trip?”


The Princess wanted to help cook the chicken tenders for supper.  I asked her to count me out nine from the bag and arrange them on the sheet for the toaster oven.  I ran up to use the bathroom.  When I came back, she had stacked them into a pyramid shape.
“That’s nice,”  I said “But you need to put them on there so they’re not touching.”
“OK.” She responded, and as she complied she said “They look like thumbs.”


My hair is an enigma.  It’s not as cool as it sounds.


Me to The Princess:  “You need to wear a light jacket to school today.”
The Princess (looking very puzzled):  “Why do I have to wear a life jacket?”


I went in to wake The Princess up the other morning.
“Mommy please get me some socks.”  she said sadly.
Me:  “Why are you acting so sad?”
The Princess:  “My teacher said no fancy shoes on PE days.”
Yup, it’s rough being a kindergartener…

The black shoes from Target.  Sigh... I bought them on sale so she could have something to wear with dresses, but she doesn't EVER want to take them off!

The black shoes from Target. Sigh… I bought them on sale so she could have something to wear with dresses, but she doesn’t EVER want to take them off!

The Princess:  “I need you to send Grandma an email.”
Me:  “Why?”
The Princess:  “Remember you told me that Grandma used to make you things for your dolls when you were a little girl like me?”
Me:  “Yes.”
The Princess:  “Well, I need a salon.”


Evil Genius was watching football.  I just happened to glance up and I SWEAR that one of the teams was called Unicorns.  If only, wouldn’t that be the most awesome team ever?  They could have big pointy horns on their helmets.  Sadly, it was only UConn…


Since I have two children, we have fights in our household.  Oh my do we have fights!  A couple of examples:

The Princess is singing the song “BINGO”.  The Professor almost can’t take it.  We’re playing BINGO at the library this week and he feels that she should know the truth about it.
The Professor:  “That’s not the right BINGO. BINGO is actually a game played with numbers and…”
The Princess: “Mommy!  Make him stop!  Make him stop telling me about the BINGO! I just want to SING!”

The Princess came running out of her brother’s bedroom, crying.
Me:  “What’s wrong?  Are you hurt?”
The Princess:  “Noooooooooo!  The Professor called me a Hawkeye fan!”
(For those of you not from or living in Iowa, the Hawkeyes and our team, the Cyclones, are rivals.  In our house that’s a major insult!)

Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na BATBRELLA!!!!!!

Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na BATBRELLA!!!!!!

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33 thoughts on “September 2013 Fly on the Wall: The Frozen Thumb Edition

  1. TOO FUNNY!!!! We have the team insults here, too… The worst thing, IMO, is to be called a Michigan fan and my boys all know that.
    We are always running out of stuff a few days before payday. It has made for some interesting supper choices. But one that I came up with that everyone loves. LOL Desperation Rice. Hamburger, rice and salsa. 😉

  2. I would love to have a football team called the Unicorns. One day girl, one day.
    BTW, I love your little girl’s shoes. I want a pair for myself!
    When someone comes up with chicken nugget pyramid meals, you’ll have to call them thieves. Your kids are so fun. Excuse me now, while I go yell at Stacy for making fun of Michigan. Ugh 🙂

  3. I LOVE the picture at the top!!!
    That is such an awesome capture!
    The cat appreciates that frequent phrase and I might need to book an appointment when the Princess gets that salon. 🙂
    “Make him stop telling me about the BINGO! I just want to SING!”- best words ever! I LOVE her!

  4. “DO NOT EAT THE CAT”, “life jacket” and UNICORNS!!!!! OMG my favorite lines. As soon as you said how awesome it would be if the football helmets had horns of them, I couldn’t stop laughing!!!

  5. I LOVE the way you’ve arranged this, little snippets of your reality “my hair is an enigma, not as cool as it sounds” – awesome! Loved the little family moments served the way only you can. Loved the cat/dog looming friendship. Oh, and by the way, Four Year Old says Tar-ZAN too! I thought it was a Ben thing!

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    • I’m surprised that she hasn’t become a Hawkeye fan to be difficult. But she loves her daddy and his Iowa State Cyclones. They gave him a degree, so I guess we should keep rooting for them.

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  8. The kitchen improv made me smile and nod. We live quite away from town and when I don’t plan well (or when our appetites exceed the budgeted allotment of food) we do a lot of that! It’s amazing what you can create out of nothing, isn’t it?

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