If It Wasn’t For Her I’d Be That Chick With That Blog

autumn-leavesMy guest blogger today is an example of just how cool being an online blogger can be.  You meet people that are amazing.  Jen and I are cut from the same cloth.  We get each other, so much so that sometimes it’s kind of creepy (I mean that in the nicest possible way)!

Jen is the mastermind behind both the Twisted Mixtape Tuesday segment on her personal blog My Skewed View , as well as the creator of Raised on the Radio, a new blog dedicated to the days when you couldn’t just find the song you wanted by clicking a few keys on a computer.  She also homeschools her son, who has one of the most infectious smiles I have ever seen!  So you can say she’s a little busy. Yet she took the time to guest for me today and I think that is swell.

I was told I was not allowed to edit this…  Here is her guest post:

I remember the first time I ever read this blog, Sarah’s blog. She was anonymous then, she was The Sadder But Wiser Girl. I remember the first time I addressed her, I addressed her as Sadder But Wiser. I remember thinking then, she must be really wise because look how many awesome bloggers are guest posting for her! That was this time last year. She took a week off and she had an amazing blogger guest posting everyday.

Fast forward 6 months and we had become real friends by then. Sarah was guest posting for me while I was on vacation and I was trying to think of an intro, and of course, asked for her help. She jokingly suggested I mention how I was stalking her. This is what I told her:

I did start stalking you and blah blah blah. I just said to my sister, “You know that blogger Sarah, The Sadder But Wiser Girl (she stared at me blankly) You know the one I thought was so awesome and totally stalked and then found out she liked me too? (still blank stare) Well she’s guest posting for me tomorrow. (more blank stares) That’s when she does a post for me on my blog because with vacation I am being lame and not posting.” Then she perks up “What about that Friday thing you do?” Dude. I am so misunderstood, but maybe now I have my intro!

Sarah has absolutely no idea how wonderful she is,

and when I was having a serious blog identity crisis, she was the one I went to for help. At midnight on May 10th I lamented to her that I felt I had completely lost my blog identity, I guess I just wanted a little sympathy and maybe a little encouragement. I got way more than I had hoped for. She agreed that my identity had been washed out (not what I was looking for) and then offered to “put our heads together” to find a solution (way more than I was hoping for!)

Sarah Almond named my blog.

Sure we had a lot of back and forth. I couldn’t come up with anything original or worthwhile. I was stuck in a Douglas Adams loop and suggested names like “Life the Universe and Everything,” “Slotty Bartfast,” and “Goodbye and Thanks for all the Fish.” She suggested I might run into some copywrite infringement, but my brain was fried.

Then she started thinking…

I mentioned I felt the humor for my blog was lost so she suggested Pictures from my Life, Scenes from my Life, Jen’s Scene’s from Life…. but still, I said, no humor. And then she said it. My blog’s interim name had been The Way I See It, that was OK but it was the name of my photography blog and I couldn’t get past it. And so…. she said…. Instead of The Way I see It, how about My Skewed Point of View.

Didn’t I tell you? She’s a genius.

But wait, there’s more.

Then she said, ” Then maybe you could have one of the silly pictures of your son. Maybe the one with the dynamite?” Oh, you mean like this one?

My Skewed View by Jen Kehl

Yes folks. Sarah Almond the WISER Girl, created my blog’s new identity.

And then I had another dilemma.

You see a few months later I was going to BlogHer, (and by the way, if you haven’t read Sarah’s post I’m Not Going to BlogHer and I Feel Fine, it’s a must read) as I was reading all of the “what you need to bring to BlogHer” posts, I realized I needed to bring something to BlogHer that I didn’t have. I needed to bring a short description of my blog that I could tell people in under a minute. What?! Impossible. I was at a loss, so who did I turn to? I turned to The Wiser Girl and this is what I said: OK, so you already know I’m freaking out. And since you are my blog crush that I get to know in real life because you are actually normal and pretty much just like me. I am coming to you for advice again. ESPECIALLY because you were SO AWESOME and came up with My Skewed View. I will love you forever just for that. So here’s my current struggle. I need a short way to tell everyone about my blog. Somehow I have to say in a succinct way, that I am a parenting a crazy child with issues, music lover critic fiction/memoir writing blog. How do I say that and not sound like a gypsy?

And this is what she said after thinking for maybe 30 seconds:

IN the third person, because Sarah Almond thinks best that way…

Mom, writer, homeschooler, maven of music, self-proclaimed sensory processing expert, photographer, controller of chaos, John Cusack aficionado and all around interesting person who refuses to put herself into any one category ( because that’s boring). Jen Kehl shares what is important to her in the blog My Skewed View.

Well, you’re reading Sarah’s blog, so that means you may have no idea who I am. But if you make it to my blog and click on “About Jen” or you check around the interwebs, you’ll find that my bio for every guest post I’ve ever done is that paragraph. From Scary Mommy to the book of essays in which I’m about to be published, Sarah succinctly summed up my blog on two sentences.

Sarah Almond, the infinitely gifted Wiser Girl is more than any publicist or agent or blog consultant.

Sarah has a gift. Her gift is not only creativity but it is also the ability to be a true friend. Someone who will put aside a migraine and forget about the kids that are driving her nuts to help you with anything you need. She will never say no, maybe in a minute, but never no. And she will never give you only half of herself, she gives you everything.

I have never met Sarah in real life, but I am fairly certain we would have been best friends had we grown-up together. (she would have gotten the short-end of that stick) And you know what I know for certain? I know Sarah is a real friend.

Now you know how cool she is, check out her blogs… The button for her personal blog is above, here is the link to her brand spanking new blog!

Raised on the Radio

24 thoughts on “If It Wasn’t For Her I’d Be That Chick With That Blog

  1. You are both awesome ladies, and I’m glad you found one another. Sarah, can you sum up my blog in two sentences when you get a moment? Thanks 🙂 Jen, I think you need a theme song too – I’m sure the two of you can come up with a great one!

  2. I totally agree with everything you said here about Sarah! She has done a lot of brain storming sessions with me whenever I have been in a blogger rut and has given me some AWESOME blog post titles. Where she comes up with this crazy stuff I have no idea but she has been a rock for me in the blogosphere. She is also one of the kindest bloggers out there–always giving shout-outs to everyone else, trying to promote them 24/7. Sarah has a great eye for quality blogs, and you, Jen, are quality, so I’m not surprised to see you here guesting on her blog today. This is such a sweet tribute to a kind-hearted, wonderful blogging friend! Great job! XO

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