Weekly Wrap-Up: The Double Extra Special Edition

miss meHi there!  Did I miss anything while I was gone?  I DID?  Crap!

I didn’t have a wrap-up last week because I was off the grid, sort of speak.  So this is a double wrap-up, just in case you missed something the last two weeks!

Monday Extreme Parenting, What the Books Never Prepared Us For  A group post that I participated in along with seven other bloggers.

Tuesday  Twisted Mixtape Tuesday:  Dude You Must Chill!  Music to relax with.

Wednesday  Celebrating #14, The Clean Anniversary  It’s was the ivory anniversary, therefore I guess I was supposed to receive a bar of soap…

Then I had other folks take over my blog, and it was WONDERFUL!!!!!

autumn-leavesThursday  The Squirrel Whisperer by Marcia of Menopausal Mother  Marcia starts off my Week of Guest Bloggers with a, um, chatter? Acorns and peanuts for everyone!

Friday Why You Should Never Scrimp on Salon Services by Dani of Cloudy, With a Chance of Wine  This has been the most popular post on my blog ever!  I guess I know how I need to get high views-have guest bloggers all the time!

Monday  If It Wasn’t For Her, I’d Be That Chick With That Blog by Jen of My Skewed View  I still think she needs her head examined for this post, but I’m glad she loves me so!

Tuesday  If You Fall Through the Cracks… Mom Will Catch You by Karen of Baking in a Tornado  Such a personal post by a wonderful lady!

Wednesday All That is Wrong With Me, I Blame on Catholic School by Terrye of The Adventures of a Misplaced Alaskan  Terrye tells about being bullied and how it changed her perspective on life.

Thursday Cable Makes Me A Better Person by Melissa of Motherhood is an Art  I just got my cable back recently as well.  I’m sure there are ways it makes me a better person too!

Friday  Don’t Be That Tree by Amy of Funny is Family  A post that could quite possibly double as a motivational poster.  You saw it here first!

Don't worry, I don't think Amy is moving in to a van down by the river any time soon.

Don’t worry, I don’t think Amy is moving in to a van down by the river any time soon.

Best and Most Disturbing Search Terms

What should I get my husband for our millionth anniversary?  Wow… you must be really old to be married a million years.

Batman with boobs  Batman hanging out with boobs or batman with breasts?  Interesting…

Laundry mat nudists  Time to get a little more organized for laundry day!

I bleed glitter and fart rainbows  You have a problemYou might want to go see the doctor for that.

funny dogs waiting for texts  How many dogs have cell phones???

Does Dave Grohl like Incubus?  I don’t know, why are you asking me??

What is the mood of the sadder but wiser girl?  Happy but a little tired.  Who looks this stuff up?

I really hate looking up stuff on Google  Then why are you?

Next Week

This evening I will be part of a round-up through Moms Who Write and Blog.  It’s a Halloween special.  I shared my experience from last year’s Halloween party.

Then ironically, due to weird coincidence I’ll be spending time over at OTHER people’s blogs the first part of the week! The first two posts I’m a little vague on when exactly they will be published.  I am on The Epistolarians with my School Supply List From Hell, as well as being featured on Cloudy, With A Chance of Wine‘s Priceless Mom Moments series.

Tuesday’s Twisted Mixtape Tuesday is music from soundtracks.  I’m trying to feature stuff I know and love, but ones that not everyone else in the world will feature.  I’d rather not show the one scene from Pulp Fiction that everyone and their dog has already seen!

On Wednesday I’m on Menopausal Mother wondering what would happen if we actually had a rewards points system for marriage.

Friday is The Secret Subject Swap!  I have a very interesting prompt this month.  I can’t wait to share it with you!

I have so much to do that I’m totally overwhelmed today… maybe I’ll just take a little nap first…  Hope your weekend is fun and maybe somewhat productive as well!

cat nap

Right? I think I’ll pencil mine in this afternoon.

8 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-Up: The Double Extra Special Edition

  1. Is it bad to say that I love your wrap-ups because I live vicariously through your funny search terms? Mine are almost always pretty bland and boring.

    Thanks again for having me as one of your Guests. Looks like you survived the ordeal.

    • It never ceases to amaze me what brings people to my blog… I’m glad you said that about the search terms, because I was thinking about dropping that from my wrap-ups!

      I did survive but I am horribly behind!

  2. OK, it’s not like van down by the river or anything. I promise. That is an ace motivational poster with context, dammit! 🙂

  3. Love the wrap ups in case I missed anything. Hey, sometimes life takes us off the grid. We need our times away from the computer.

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