October 2013 Fly on the Wall: The Big Dork Edition

flyWelcome to this month’s edition of Fly on the Wall! Today 14 bloggers are inviting you to catch a glimpse of what you’d see if you were a fly on the wall in our homes. Come on in and buzz around my house!  When you’re done buzzing and getting into my poop, be sure to check out the posts by other bloggers by clicking on one (or two, or thirteen!) of the links at the bottom.

I want to apologize in advance for the short length of this post.  Ok, it’s short for ME, anyway.  There have been about 5,726 times that funny things have been said lately in or around this house.  Only a handful of times have I had the brains to stop and write it down.  And my memory isn’t so good these days.  As a matter of fact, I had to consult with my Facebook statuses to remember what HAD been said. So I am putting my right hand over my heart and my left hand on my copy of You Have Lipstick on Your Teeth (because I’m not sure where my bible is) and hereby solemnly swearing to do a better job of capturing funniness for next month!

We’re trying on our cold weather gear so I know what we need to keep our eyes out for at the thrift stores.The Princess tries on her pink peace symbol jacket with the fake sherpa lining., which sadly is too small.

“It’s too tight,” she says with a frown, and starts to take it off. “The white stuff on the inside is soooo soft though.”

Me: “Yes, like a sheep, huh?”

The Princess: “No, like cottage cheese, except without all that wet stuff.”


Yerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr OUT!


The Professor came walking in with a notebook.  “This is my new book to sketch in.”  He announces.  He opened and exclaimed “Hey there are coupons in here!”

I cautioned him to not get too excited and check the dates.  “They’re all expired!  These are from 2010!” He exclaimed, obviously disappointed.

“That’s because a lot of those old notebooks are from when your dad was in college.”

There was a pause.  Then The Princess chimed in “DADDY WENT TO COLLEGE????”


And now it is time for a haiku:

there is a hole in
the butt of my yoga pants
sadness fills my day

I know, don’t quit my day job…

Oh...I got new hair.  It looked like that for at least 5 hours too!

Oh…I got new hair. It looked like that for at least 5 hours too!


The Princess: “I think daddy needs to rebuild our basement.”

Me:  “Why?”

“Because it’s creepy and I don’t like it down there.”


I actually remembered to pick up the Sunday paper this weekend. I handed the Fleet Farm Toy Land insert to The Professor, who instantly went crazy. He and his sister spent the evening circling everything they wanted in the catalog.

The Professor: “I hope you don’t mind, but I circled a grenade launcher in here.”

Because every kid needs a grenade launcher, right?

As I perused it later, I see that he also circled the safety goggles to go with it…


The Professor said something to which Evil Genius replied with some sort of sarcastic remark.

“Heyyyyy….” said The Princess, “Is that starcasm?”


The Princess:  “Mommy I will always always always love you.  Even when I’m 29.”


The Professor comes walking out of the bathroom, holding his fingers in the Vulcan greeting position.  “In Vulcan this means live long and prosper.  But in English, it means you’re a great big dork.”


The Professor doing what he loves…

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38 thoughts on “October 2013 Fly on the Wall: The Big Dork Edition

  1. FIrst off, your hair is adorable! Second, the hole in the yoga pants is not only a haiku, it’s a tragedy! Look out William Shakespeare…
    My favorite line, “It’s like cottage cheese without all the wet stuff.” Hahahahahhaah!

  2. Everything your kids say crack me up! Grenade launcher, huh? Don’t show that flyer to my son….he would blow up the house.

  3. Haha, I can only imagine what my daughter would pick out of that catalog. She probably would have opted for the grenade launcher too, but without the safety goggles!

  4. I love quotes from your kids.
    They never fail to make me smile.
    Next time I reach for my fuzzy vest I’ll be thinking about The Princess and cottage cheese. 🙂
    Love the hair!!
    She who has hole in the rear of yoga pant,
    turns them around, wears longer tank top/shirt.
    All is right with the world once more. 😉
    Not that I do that or anything. xo

  5. Starcasm is my favorite language! And I totally agree, creepy basements Should be rebuilt; maybe Evil Genius can do mine after yours….

  6. HAHAH AWESOME awesome awesome. Love them. Want to come to your house for dinner, so badly!
    My favorites:
    I’ll always love you, even when I’m 29
    Your awesome haiku
    Is that starcasm?
    well, and yeah, the rest of them too. ❤

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  9. These kids are freaking adorable, and you, my friend, look absolutely amazing with the new hair.

    Four Year Old had a thing about basements. To him basement and creepy were synonyms because why not. It got awkward when one day I took him to this local gourmet-ish store and the store owner was going downstairs to get something from the basement and my son asked him if he was going to his creepy basement in front of the other shoppers.

  10. I didn’t think it could get any funnier than circling the grenade launcher! Then, you mentioned the safety goggles. Really, too much! Thanks for linking up with the Sunday Parenting Party!

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