Twisted Mixtape Tuesday: Songs From the Big Scare

twisted mixtape tuesdayThis week’s theme for Twisted Mixtape Tuesday is “scary songs”. 

I don’t like scary things.  Ask my husband.  I don’t like anything unexpected.  Don’t sneak up on me, because I’ll just pee my pants and everybody knows that’s not funny…

But I do like Halloween.  As a matter of fact I LOVE Halloween.  Just not the scary part.  Everything else about it is great!

This, like most of my music posts, is just for fun.  No stress, right?  Here’s some “sort of in their own way” scary songs just for you:

blank cassette (2)


I can’t NOT start out this mix without sharing this song…

Somebody’s Watching Me-Rockwell

I’ve never seen this movie.  I want to. I have always wanted to participate in a midnight showing in costume.  I’m probably too old, but by golly it would be fun!

The Time Warp-Rocky Horror Picture Show

This video is disturbing.  So disturbing that it’s scary!

Please Don’t Leave Me-Pink

And this song features one of the scariest band members ever.  Yet since we’ve heard them talk, he’s also the only person in the group posessing a brain?

Stupid Girl-Cold

What’s a scary mix without a song with the word “zombie” in it.  My husband loves this song.  I think it’s scary how it bores into your brain.  In your head, in your head, in your head head head…

Zombie-The Cranberries

What songs would you put in a scary mix?  Would you add songs that are truly scary, or just things that might have something scary about them?  Make up your mix and add to the list at My Skewed View!

32 thoughts on “Twisted Mixtape Tuesday: Songs From the Big Scare

  1. I was wondering how many would pick Rockwell’s tune? lol And, you’ve never seen RHPS? OMG!!!! You’ve got to see it! It’s a farce! It’s hilarious! It’s a classic!! Rent it and watch it after the kids go to bed and laugh your tail off! You gotta do it! When it came out in the 70’s, it was the freakiest thing around. Don’t put it off any longer! lol Good job!

  2. You are so funny. I hate to be scared too. It sucks and Isaiah is continously trying to perfect the art, it is dangerously close to warranting a punishment. But seriously, great choices! My husband loves the Cranberries, me not so much. They fall into the Kate Bush category for me. So there’s that.

  3. I love you for your originality, my friend! I have the first two songs in an actual Halloween mix I did for Four-Year-Old’s Halloween party back when he was one, but just love the other choices, s unexpected!

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