TMT Free For All: Stuff My Husband Makes Me Listen To

twisted mixtape tuesdayToday is another Free for All on Twisted Mixtape Tuesday.  Whatever we want.  That could be truly scary, to be honest. 

Truth be told, the only music I seem to be cranking lately is the ambient music on my laptop waiting for that sweet sleep to come to me late at night.

So my husband has to keep me in the loop with music.  In my gmail inbox nestled in the accepted invitations to my annual exam (not because he’s planning on coming, just so it’s on his calendar) and reminders of boring stuff like flu shots are the occasional YouTube videos.  These remind me that I should really remember to turn on Pandora once in awhile.

Hey, I’m supposed to be the music person in this relationship!  But among the things he can do that I can’t, like quantum physics and reaching the stuff on top of the refrigerator easily, is that he can listen to music AND do other things at the same time.  This simply is not possible for me…

Damn my ADD.  Must.Have.Silence.  Or at least something with no words.  So if there is music, ambient music it is.

Therefore I thought that this would be a GREAT Free For All.  Stuff my husband sends me, or at least comes home and turns on and makes me listen to.

blank cassette (3)This first one, as a matter of fact, came today.  This band is kick butt.  And if you recall, I have an appreciation for acoustic versions of songs.  This works.

The Diary of Jane (Acoustic Version)-Breaking Benjamin

One night he turned this on.  I don’t remember this being from The Social Network, but it’s been on my radar before.

Creep-Scala Choir

Which reminds me, he’s also the one who introduced me to these guys…

Smooth Criminal-2Cellos

And this…

Crystallize-Lindsey Stirling

As much of a Linkin Park fan as I am, I had no idea that Mike Shinoda had other irons in the fire, like this one.

Where’d You Go-Fort Minor

And then for something completely different.  You know the “What Does The Fox Say” guys have done other stuff?  Including this one, not to be confused with the Spinal Tap song, k?


I’d heard the song, but hadn’t seen the video.  It’s a bit weird…

Imagine Dragons-Radioactive

Does your significant other introduce you to new music, or find you versions of things you like that you didn’t know about?  I’m extremely lucky!  Now… back to my ambient music…

21 thoughts on “TMT Free For All: Stuff My Husband Makes Me Listen To

  1. OK this list is pretty spectacular. Give a nod to your husband who obviously does not think we are good enough to participate in our “little” blog thing that gets new strangers all the time because clearly he has good taste and could contribute nicely. How’s that for a run on sentence? Keeping the tab open so I can listen better when the kid is awake 🙂

  2. This is a great idea for a theme. And yes, my husband has introduced me to about half of what I listen to now. I didn’t expand my horizons much in high school (sticking to Boston, REO Speedwagon & Styx–classic rock). So, I feel pretty proud of myself now when I am the one doing the introducing.

    And I laughed at the “not to be confused with the Spinal Tap song” because I certainly would have said something along those same lines had you not. I need to do a list of JUST Spinal Tap songs… hmmm..

    …will have to come back when I can have my volume up (or find a pair of headphones) … I will be back. 🙂

  3. Actually I think I love your hubby more right now as OMG Crystalize is f#cking amazing. I just downloaded it for real. I’m in love. I swayed and closed my eyes and moved and was moved…OMG for real.
    Crap. Actually I’m not sure I’ve gotten past this. It’s still playing and OMG. For real. thank your hubs. And thank you.
    I’m (proud?) to say that I at least knew the Radioactive song…

  4. My husband is a few years older than me, so he feels it is his duty to share the music he grew up with. He likes to quiz me, “Who sings this?” I’m familiar with the songs, but hardly ever remember who the artist is. Still, it’s something fun we do together on long car rides.

  5. Great list! I particularly like when a song is performed in a different genre than the original. I heard a version of Radioactive by a woman with a violin at the Seattle airport this summer that is still haunting my soul.

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