Oh There’s No One Like Mom For The Holidays!

MWWAB holidaysGet ready… It’s time for Mom for the Holidays! My sister moms over at Moms Who Write and Blog are putting together some of the best mom lit and parent humor for the holidays on the Internet! Hosted by the hostesses with the mostesses moi and supermom Lisa Nolan at LisaNolan.com.

Do things get a little crazy for you this time of year? Believe me, you’re not the only one!  So go and take some time out for yourself, because you deserve it! Head over to our group Pinterest board and re pin some great posts to read later (when your family has passed out from too much sugar-plum goodness). You can also hangout with us at our  Facebook Event starting on Wednesday 12/18 at 6 pm! And if you love to read mom blogs, click on our holiday lit and parent humor link and read yourself to sleep, because goodness knows you’re going to need all the sleep you can get!

Will you be there with bells on?  Ho ho ho!  Let’s get our holidays on, Moms!

Getting ready for Christmas

3 thoughts on “Oh There’s No One Like Mom For The Holidays!

  1. Ooooooh the mom club to which I aspire to belong 🙂 also, her little arms and legs were so chubby wubby! Soooo cute! And how cute your son is. They’re making me baby talk now. I need to stop typing. 🙂

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