What I’m Really Still Doing Here Besides Staring At My Laptop

Finish the Sentence Friday

This week’s sentence for Finish the Sentence Friday is “My blogging goals for this year are…”

Goals?  Where we're going we don't need goals...

Goals? Where we’re going we don’t need goals…

Goals?  Perhaps one of them should be to include a Back To The Future reference in EVERY SINGLE POST THIS YEAR!

(Or to not use so many capitals.  And parentheses).

I could aim to use not so many references to bodily functions, but what fun would that be?

Last year I thought I might be on my way to making a living writing.  How’s that working out for me these days?  Not like I had expected.  While it has provided some very unique opportunities for me, now it’s something I do when I can do it.  Which sometimes is nearly impossible with two young kids, a husband, a house to maintain, and oh yes the paying job.  The job which just increased my hours and is about to give me a raise, because I’m almost off of probation, yo!

(That is the probationary period when you start a job, not as in ankle bracelet check in with your parole officer type of probation.  Hey look, more parentheses!)

And to be a “blogger” these days one is expected to maintain all sorts of crazy online presence giving and sharing on various forms of social media.  Some of that like Facebook that would rather show my stuff to one person than the almost 800 people who have signed up to follow it.  Frustrating…

So what the hell am I still doing here?

1)  Connecting  Because the online community is fabulous with a capital “F”.  This past month was definitely evidence that you don’t necessarily need to hang out with someone face to face every day to have a great support network.

2)  Venting  Because I certainly need that.  Even if I have to speak in clever code that no one but me understands.

3)  Creativity However weird it may turn out, I need a way to get that creativity out of me and into something tangible.

4)  Sharing  Because if I can share the weirdness that makes my family unique and make someone laugh in the process, it’s worth it.

So while I don’t have any goals, I think it’s good to have some concrete reasons as to why I keep hanging round these parts when I can.  As long as you are willing to read my crazy randomness occasionally and maybe get a laugh or two out of it, then I guess my job here is done.

IMG_2514This has been a Finish The Sentence Friday post, hosted by the delightful ladies of the FTSF universe-

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35 thoughts on “What I’m Really Still Doing Here Besides Staring At My Laptop

  1. Any reference to Back to the Future is totally worthy in my eyes! But seriously, I know most of the feelings well that you describe above and now know what I am in for with blogging, so I just can’t stay away either. Thanks for joining us this week and seriously love to see how you could connect Back to the Future to other posts now, too 🙂

  2. I definitely agree with the connecting, venting, creativity and sharing! Including a reference to ‘Back to the Future’ really would be a challenge (and a great one at that!) Good luck with your blogging goals this year, Sarah. I really like your blog title by the way 😉

  3. I love that – resins for blogging rather than goals. I think i have gotten so caught up in unrealistic goals (i.e. fame & fortune) that I have lost sight of the reasons I started blogging. Definitely love the connections I have made with others and that is a huge resin to keep going!

  4. Yay to connecting, creativity, parenthesis, all caps, and your totally awesome and unique brand of hilarity. Seems perfect, to me! And congrats on getting your ankle bracelet off, oops, I mean to almost getting your raise at your cool paying job! Whoot!

  5. OK, this is my first time stopping by via the #FTSF, and you have piqued my curiosity. I’ll have to be sure to stop by again later and wander around to see what variety of crazy randomness we’re talking about here. 😉

  6. I totally laughed out loud at the Back to the Future reference and parenthetical asides. (I adore parentheses) (See what I did there?) Anyway, your reasons are totally solid and very relatable. As a semi-disillusioned (read: I actually thought I could make money doing this?!) blogger, I wholeheartedly appreciated your candor here. xo

  7. Your goals are perfect. I can say no more than that.

    And if you get a laugh along the way, SO MUCH THE BETTER 😀

  8. New to serious blogging this year and feeling a lot of the same anxieties and frustrations. I need to just follow my passions and stop following the analytics. Thanks for the reminder.

  9. Just keep blogging on and stay crazy. We like you like that!

    McFly! McFly! Why don’t you make like a tree and get out of here?

  10. I’m down with BTTF references. Completely and utterly. I love those movies. LOVE.

    I wonder if this is a year for subdued blogging…or maybe this is the calm before the storm?

  11. Once again, what a terrific summary of the way I feel about blogging. I had the same fantasies about blogging am similarly disillusioned and pondering the necessity of SO MANY CAPS. I appreciate the clarification re “probationary period”. I remember you’ve spent a night at Twitter jail (which by the way makes you BADASS – the veto on caps only applies to using them in my own posts). I love you for making me laugh every single time. I wish you the same wish I have for myself and all of our wonderful bloggy friends, balance. Hugs.

  12. Love the “Back to the Future” reference! Goals are difficult enough to set let alone keep up with. Knowing why you want to do what you’re doing = worth while. (Visiting from FFTS)

  13. I agree about the online community being fabulous. It can be such a relief to find like-minded bloggers. And if you’re going to reference BTTF in every post this year, I’ll be here everyday!

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