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Finish the Sentence Friday

This is a post participating in Finish The Sentence Friday.  This week we had to finish the following sentence:  I once saw the biggest…

It was summer.  I had spent a hot day walking around with no real destination.  My stomach was rumbling, my mouth was dry, and I was exhausted.

Just when I was losing faith that was when I saw it.  I could see it through the windows of a nearby building.  It was big, it was brown, it was beautiful.  It was beckoning to me, calling me to come closer.  As I entered the room, it smelled wonderful.  Masses of people converged just to have a look at this magnificent sight!

All I wanted was a little taste. I wanted to be part of this like no other.  Just a little satisfaction and I’d be on my way, never to bother about it again… but alas I was denied.  Turned down, rejected…

That’s right, I once saw the biggest piece of chocolate I’ve ever seen in my entire life at the Iowa State Fair, and they wouldn’t let me have any.  😦


Yep, there he is, all that chocolate. Surely there’s someone would split it with me?  Maybe with a big glass of milk…  Oh that’s right, you can have the milk-I’m lactose intolerant.

This was short and sweet. HAHA see what I did there?  Chocolate?  Sweet?

Speaking of big stuff, I now invite you to transport yourself to a magical world.  I’m part of a campaign designed to try to get the dictator for life back into the driver’s seat over at The Adventures of a Misplaced Alaskan.  Terrye has been missing in action in the blogging world for quite some time and it’s time for her to start planning her triumphant return.  I offer up ten reasons why she needs to do so.  Please click HERE  to come over and snoop around.  It’s okay to check the medicine cabinet, but be careful!

Finish the Sentence Friday is hosted by the following princesses of blog land:

Kristi of Finding Ninee

Kate of Can I Get Another Bottle of Whine With My Quiet Time?

Stephanie of Mommy Is For Real

Janine of Janine’s Confessions of a Mommyholic

(A little aside before I go:  this was supposed to go live this morning. Apparently you have to actually hit  an extra button before anything happens on WordPress.  Duh.  You’d think I’d learn that after four or five times.)


34 thoughts on “Big Stuff

    • Ours is supposedly one of the best. And yes I wondered the same thing-what DO they do with that stuff after the fair? You know we have the butter cow too every year. You suppose they make a giant roll and use the cow to butter it? Oh boy… I smell a new post…

  1. Love the chocolate moose! You should watch the movie Butter – about a butter-sculpting contest at state fair. We liked it! I could go for August weather – when they host WI State Fair – right about now!

  2. Now I have this dumb song by the Smothers Brothers in my head- “I felt into a vat of chocolate…” Is that you by the moose? You are adorable!

  3. I once saw a life sized moose made out of duct tape and it weren’t near as cool at that there chocolate moose. I’ll split it with ya! 😀 I hear it goes well with wine. 😉

    And THANK YOU so much for showing up on my blog today, you are cooler than the chocolate moose!

  4. Hey I gave you a pass! AND YOU DISSED ME! Now I had one more post to read LOL, I remember loving all of your state fair pics last summer. I want to go, maybe I’ll meet you next year!

  5. I have never once had a scheduled post work, and have no clue why. I wonder who gets to eat the gigantic moose after the fair? Awesome!

  6. I’m sure I don’t have to ask you if you saw Butter, right? That’s all I know about the Iowa State Fair. I’d dig the butter sculptures but the chocolate ones? Yes. Sign me up. That picture is priceless, by the way. I wish you would work that in to more of your posts. I’m not sure how you could do it, but I think it’s a noble cause to take up.

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