It’s The Best Day of My Life… So Far!

1-The first picture

The first ever picture of The Professor, and one of the only ones during the first few months of his life where he was awake-man that kid could SLEEP!

I’ve been a bit slow to write about it, but believe it or not we have a situation on our hands:

We have a nine year old.

Believe it or not the little baby who always wanted to sleep is now a big nine year old in third grade!

Ezra 2005

His half birthday is July 4th…

The big day started off, well, not so great.

I awoke to a terrible smell.  Something.was.burning.

I raced downstairs to find a black burnt bagel sitting on the table in the living room.  The Professor was standing in the kitchen looking extremely guilty.

He did the thing where he looks at me but not really at me as he stammered “I… I… really wanted a bagel so I cooked one in the microwave.”

“Really… for how long?”

“Only three minutes.”

Oh is that all?  I may never, ever get that smell out of the microwave.  Now for some useful information for everyone: Yes there IS a smell worse than burnt popcorn!

Never fear, the day could only go up from there…

Since it was a Saturday, he got to do what he likes best. On Saturday mornings one of our local channels has the equivalent of the Saturday morning cartoons that we enjoyed as children.  If he gets to watch “Vortex” as it’s called, it’s a great day!

We hit Pizza Ranch for lunch, and then he got to go to a high school football game with his dad that afternoon.  He was in hog heaven.

You know WHY he loves Pizza Ranch so much?  His words: "You can get pizza AND fried chicken AND mashed potatoes all in the SAME MEAL!"

You know WHY he loves Pizza Ranch so much? His words: “You can get pizza AND fried chicken AND mashed potatoes all in the SAME MEAL!”

Part of this particular week had been spent agonizing over his cake.  He knew he wanted a superhero cake for quite some time.  Last year he had his heart set on a Batman cake but this year he was having a hard time making a decision about which superhero he wanted.  (No, mom is NOT going to put every superhero on one cake-he knows this because he asked.)  One thing I would suggest to any parent in their right mind is to NOT invite your child to look at cake ideas online with you.  Naturally he wanted every fancy cake he saw.  Anyone who knows me knows that my cakes are less than fancy, at least in the Pinterest sense.

After vetoing about 50 other cakes that he liked, I convinced him that a Flash cake would be quite nice (as in the superhero, not other things that might come to mind).  It wasn’t perfect-and I think last year’s Batman cake far surpassed this one, but it turned out ok.  The Flash symbol was off center, so I tried writing on it with frosting.  Yes it made it look more centered, but probably because my awful “frost writing” was very distracting!

In the end tt didn’t matter-he loved it.

IMG_2696After chocolate cake and mint ice cream we opened presents-he received five LEGO sets for Christmas, four of which were superhero themed, so it was only natural that he also got a LEGO book for his birthday.

IMG_2676He got some wonderful gifts this year.  Oddly enough, one of his favorite gifts happened to be a Slinky.  He wanted a Slinky in the worst way.  I thought that was neat that in the age of video games that he wanted such a classic toy. That was the best 90 cents I’ve spent in a long time.  He and his sister spent a lot of time playing with it that evening and loved making the Slinky do stuff!


Yes that’s right, it’s fun for a girl and a boy…

I’m glad they got a lot of use out of it, because in less than 24 hours it was tangled up in itself and totally unusable!

Before bed we gave grandma a quick call.  He told her all about his day and announced “This is the best day of my life… so far.”

That’s good-I like it that he’s expecting bigger and better things as life goes on.  Maybe his momma needs to take a cue from that!

And now that The Professor’s birthday is over and done for this year, we now get to hear every day from now until May just what The Princess expects for her birthday…

29 thoughts on “It’s The Best Day of My Life… So Far!

  1. Male’s should not cook…period. We are not meant to be in the kitchen, and no I’m not trying to be sexiest here, I’m just saying we suck at cooking and make poor culinary decisions.

    Putting superheroes on your kids birthday cakes…you are frigging awesome!

    As always my friend, awesome post.

  2. Slinkys have been around FOREVER and they ALWAYs get messed up within the first ten minutes of playing with them! Sarah, I love all these pics—I’ve always said that not only are your children ultra smart, they are BEAUTIFUL! Looks like the birthday went over well…better gear up for the next one hahaha!

  3. Kids are like honey badgers…they don’t give a shit if the cake was red blue 10 feet tall, or with a water fountain. What they care about is that their mom tailored the party for them…that you thought about what was important to them.
    Happy birthday little man. Enjoy that Lego book. My kid would beg to borrow it!

  4. We received a slinky for Christmas. My son turned it into a belt and now the slinky is dead. I hope your Slinky lasts longer. I do love that toy.

  5. I just discovered Pizza Ranch this year when visiting the in-laws. I remember those days when I could eat all those things in one meal and not feel like death afterwards. Glad the Professor had such a great day. 🙂

  6. Those Legos have legs, man. We have given away or stored most everything related to little-boyhood, but the Legos stay. Even our 18 year old exchange student loves Legos. I hope it portends something important, like a career in engineering or architecture

  7. Isn’t it lovely that kids are the same, whichever the generation?! My kids also played with their Lego sets and then played with the cardboard box that came with it!!

    • We’ve had that too! As a matter of fact, I have a hard time throwing away any of the inserts that hold the things in place in their boxes because they make “cool” things for characters or art pieces!

  8. Happy, happy birthday to your adorable little boy! Time flies, huh? I love that it was the best day of his life so far and you did an awesome job on the cake (it makes me an awful mama but I buy my son’s cakes). Five Lego sets is awesome. Unless you’re me, today, on day two of cancelled school and there are 1,000 misc pieces littering the floor. Can’t blame him for wanting pizza, fried chicken and mashed potatoes all in one meal. mmm….

  9. Just lovely. All of it. From the first picture to the words to the last picture. I mean, a slinky? How sweet. And then with his little sis! Don’t you just want to bottle it? I know that I do!

    • While they do get on each other’s nerves more often than I’d like, I think that for a brother and sister they get along very well! Now if I can just get her to stop tattling on him every 20 seconds…

  10. I love looking at pictures of the Professor. He’s got the most adorable, genuinely curious childish look that melts my heart every time. Also, thanks for looking out for your fellow moms.I see how picking a cake with your kid online would be a bad idea, thanks for the heads up and happy birthday!

  11. I got Isaiah a slinky last year, it lasted 2 hours.
    What’s the deal with that? Are they made worse now or are kids worse now.
    Don’t answer that.
    You are an awesome mom. I stopped baking cakes a long time ago!

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