Twisted Mixtape Tuesday: You Can Dance If You Want To…

twisted mixtape tuesdayThe theme for Twisted Mixtape Tuesday this week is favorite dance or club songs. 

Do you know why I’m guffawing right now?  I’m laughing because I haven’t set foot in a club or a bar where there is actual dancing in… let’s just say it’s been a long time.  A very long time.  Do you want to know what was playing when I still went to clubs?

I know what you're thinking... No it wasn't in the stone age...

I know what you’re thinking… No it wasn’t in the stone ages…

To be fair, I only frequented one place, and it was the place that I eventually met my husband.  There were two levels, the one downstairs played more of the current music and the upstairs played more classic stuff.  I probably spent more time upstairs because it was quieter and a little more laid back, sometimes… here was what I would have heard on a typical night:

Who doesn’t want to dance when they hear this song?

Ballroom Blitz-Sweet

And you thought that Tori Amos video I shared awhile back was weird?  This one is too, but dude that song is catchy…  I do wish I had been in the conceptual meeting for this video where someone said “Hey, let’s put arms and legs with no bodies in it!”

Wild Wild West-Escape Club

Remember when Mark Wahlberg rapped?  He probably wishes that people would just forget.  But come on, who can forget this song?  I dare you not to start bopping along to this, or putting your best rapper moves on.

Good Vibrations-Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch

Are you pissing the night away?  Some people there probably were…


Because I haven’t quite shared it enough on here… I shared the REAL video this time, not anything from Night at the Roxbury!

What Is Love?-Haddaway

I know what you’re thinking-where the hell did you hang out?  But it’s true, they played this and it NEVER freaking gets old!

The Time Warp-Rocky Horror Picture Show

Now get in your time machine and come back to the present, almost 15 years and two kids later.  I’m not a big fan of popular dance music, but there are some I listen to occasionally.  You’ll have to come back another time to hear just what those songs are….

Be sure to dance over to My Skewed View to see what other people are dancing to.  I bet they don’t have The Time Warp on their lists!  😀

PS:  Your bonus track, because it’s in the title…

The Safety Dance-Men Without Hats


28 thoughts on “Twisted Mixtape Tuesday: You Can Dance If You Want To…

  1. I’m not leaving my friends behind, because I know they’re dancing with me! Wild Wild West is now one of my favorite Just Dance songs, one day we were listening to Stevie Wonder and the boy said, isn’t that the song from Just Dance? I said, well… yes…it kind of is? How to explain to the boy that there is nothing new under the sun.
    Love that you met your husband at a club/bar, hmmm… new thoughts on the Sarah I knew.
    And I have no desire to forget about Marky Mark, he was a hottie!

    • Before you start thinking of all kinds of wild stories, I must point out that:
      1) I rarely drank at bars
      2) I went to dance with my friends
      3) Meeting Evil Genius there was a nice bonus, since most of the guys I met there were ewwwwwwww….

  2. I listen to a lot of music for a little piggy. I know some of those songs and I love them. My favorite song right now is “I’ll tumble for ya” and “Karma Chameleon”. How could you not be happy listening to those? XOXO – Bacon

  3. I used the Wild Wild West song in my very first Twisted Mixed Tape post. Oh the nostalgia! And agreed – I’d love to know the thought process behind that video. It’s just odd.

    Love everything on this list actually! I use to request Time Warp at my university bar with enough frequency that the DJ finally politely pointed out that I wasn’t at a wedding….

  4. Great list! I seem to remember similar clubs with different music rooms. I went to a bar with some dear mom friends (yeah I got picked up in mini van), and it was hilarious to see a group with a friend who just turned 21! We would dance to “oldies” from our college or high school days – they even played “Baby Got Back.” And the young ones would dance and scream to the new songs. It feels good to be in my 30’s!!

  5. You know what I love MOST about these mixes this week, they are taking me back to childhood, which is where I remember my brother most…and where I grew up. Those memories and these songs are comforting.

    All of your choices are Fantastic! With each one I was nodding, “Yes! that one!” or “I completely forgot about how much I loved THAT one!”…this walk down memory lane was more of a skip and stomp and swing my hips kind of stroll.

    thank you!!

    • You’re welcome! That is what makes these mixtape posts so much fun-you never know what you’re going to come across each week with each blogger putting in their own interpretation of the theme!

  6. FAB-U-LOUS list! I didn’t think I knew the Marky Mark song, but then once I clicked on it and realized that I was familiar with it. And Ballroom Blitz…that song takes me back to riding to/from sporting events on the bus. Whoever was in charge of the boombox (oh yes, I went there) played it all.the.time! I got so sick of it!

    Great list! Love it!

  7. OH these are SO GREAT! I love Ballroom Blitz! I have the Misfits version, but any and ALL versions are great, it’s just a fantastic song! My girls & I are having an impromptu dance party to these songs, so they are clearly perfect DANCE songs! Nicely done.

    • The Misfits, like from Jem?

      I’m so glad you and your girls are enjoying the choices so much. I thought it would be more fun to play the songs I actually used to dance to when I went out than ones I’ve heard on the radio and not really danced to!

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