Who Am I Wearing?: Clothes By Comfortable, Lack of Selfie Skills By Me

I'd like to thank the little people... the little person that made me the crown, that is...

I’d like to thank the little people… the little person that made me the crown, that is…

Yay!  It’s awards season!  I’m so excited because I can finally share my sexy wardrobe off to the whole world!  Let me tell you, my everyday fashion is about as hot as you can get.  Tie-dyed or purple, yoga pants or sweatpants, I’m pulled together like nobody’s business!

Now I must point out that while my fashion skills are impeccable, my selfie skills are only subpar.  I rarely take pictures of myself because I have this great talent of blinding myself with the flash.

IMG_0138-MIX (2)

I can assure you this whole outfit cost me less than $2. It’s a pity you can’t see my really cool brown sweatpants.

Sooner or later, as in the image below, I just give up and have my kids take my picture… technically not a “selfie” per se, but my “self” IS in the photo.

I like to call this one "Don't laugh at me or I will slap you with my freakishly big hand!"

I affectionately refer to this photo as “Don’t laugh at me or I will slap you with my freakishly big hand!”

Did I mention that I’m as graceful as an elephant?  Here I’m wearing an icepack by 3M.  (I’d suffered an unfortunate run-in with a paper cutter at work that very day….)

Even at work I'm a fashion plate.  I'm thinking that the no lipgloss of any kind look is going to be the in thing any day now.

See?  Even at work I’m a fashion plate. I’m thinking that the no lipgloss of any kind look is going to be the in thing any day now.

So to heck with glamour.  As you can see, I have none.  What are YOU wearing?  (And I don’t mean in a creepy and/or Jake from State Farm kind of way.)

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who-are-you-wearing-2Ahem, as I was saying-tell us who and/or what you’re wearing this awards season.  “We really want to know, #WhoAreYOUWearingMom ? Tweet it, share it on Instagram, or, if you’re a blogger, link up your own post by following the linky below – feel free to copy the graphic above. The linkup will be open until Sunday night. This Award Season, let’s celebrate real mom fashion!”  And don’t forget to see who everyone else is wearing by visiting them too!

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64 thoughts on “Who Am I Wearing?: Clothes By Comfortable, Lack of Selfie Skills By Me

  1. I like Cheesy Sarah, she looks really happy and nice. Not scary or anything. Really really nice. Can I have the tie dye you are wearing in the first picture first?

  2. Sarah you crack me up!! Love all the selfies. I’m currently wearing an old nightgown from Avon with a torn-out hem that my pugs tugged on while I was playing with them. I should throw it out but it’s so comfortable….

    • Ah, the ever popular dog hair pants-I do believe I have a few of those too, but mine are German Shepherd/Norwegian Dunkerhound. Hey you should play along too! 🙂 Thanks for coming by to check this all out!

  3. It totally counts if you make your children take your picture. I spent a lot of time setting the self timer on the camera and then running to stand in the right spot. I don’t even try to take my glasses off now to take a picture- they’re always blurry Cause, obviously. This was a wonderful project to do with you!

  4. You are one of the few people who can make me LOL! The caption on that first photo of you in the crown! I’ve made my way through the linky, and so I feel like a broken record at this point, but I am really glad we did this. I am finding it to be really powerful. You are beautiful. We all are beautiful. Yay, us!

    • YEAH Girlpower! *Beats chest and does the Tarzan thing*

      Oh wait, that’s not really a girl thing now is it?

      I’m so glad I can make you LOL. And the crown is totally snazzy, though she was really mad at me because I wouldn’t wear it grocery shopping!

  5. Say Cheesy!!! That’s so awesome!!! You’re beautiful, selfie or mini-selfie (that’s a kid reference, because my kids are mini-mes). You crack me up. Always.

  6. My sweatpants have a for-real hole in the crotch. Like for real for real. It’d be embarrassing if it were larger. ANd HAHAHAH you did this post perfectly perfect!!! I was uber worried that it mattered that I didn’t “get” the awards but I guess not!! xoxoxoxo

    • *In my best sing songy voice* Come on Jessica… you know you want to share your pictures…

      I am a pro at finding tie-dyed shirts. Just set me loose in a thrift store and I’ve located them by smell in under a minute!

  7. Oh, this is priceless! Loved all the pictures! I had one really bad experience with tie-dying and I haven’t worn anything creatively dyed since. But I do love it! Maybe it’s time to get back on the horse . . .

  8. Love your fashion statement and your selfies! Your post had me ROFL! Right now I’m rocking out as I blog in a pair of dark blue flannel pants with a penguin print, and an oversized black and very old sweatshirt with a red down-to-my-knees t-shirt underneath … oh and fuzzy pink slippers. 😀 Found you on the Hump Day Hook Up and so glad I did. We fashionistas need to stick together! 🙂

    • Penguins! You can’t beat penguins! They are by far the best arctic animal. Sounds comfy and warm! I’m glad the reminder for the Hump Day Hookup came across my FB feed so I could link up. Most days I don’t even know what day it is anymore! LOL!

  9. Bwahaha, dying at your “freakishly big hand.” And also, I’ve heard that brown sweatpants are the new grey sweatpants. Way to stay on top of the trends! 😀 I am loving these selfies- I should have thought to share the awkward versions of mine that didn’t make the cut- ha!

  10. I love those rare moments when I feel good in my own skin … you contributed to those moments with this one! I am loving seeing all these Moms put the real back in reality. I think your beautiful and tie dye will never go out of fashion as far as I am concerned!

    p.s. I suck at selfies too!!! I try to avoid them at all cost.

  11. *snorks with laughter* I LOVE your flash-face selfies. The first time I ever took a selfie on a smartphone I DIDN’T KNOW it had a flash, and COMPLETELY spooked myself and got an utterly ridiculous photo out of it.

    Hope your head’s better now 😀

    • I saw spots for quite some time afterwards. As a matter of fact I was getting a little worried that I’d permanently damaged my eyes!

      And the head… better? That’s a matter of perspective, my dear Lizzi!

      • Better from the attack by the ninja-office-supplies :p

        (I flash people in the eyes for a living…I can pretty much guarantee you’re fine)

    • Yes-there was no cutting. But I still have a red mark by my eye! I checked it today-where the safety thingie is supposed to be there is very obviously a piece missing. I guess not something we should be lending out to the general public, eh?

    • I was wearing tie-dye long before it was cool. Or maybe that was after it was cool the first time and before it was cool the second time! Aw thanks… you can thank Google Plus for that. Apparently it will make little collages of your photos if you take a lot that are similar. SO I downloaded it. Might as well do something with all of the not so good selfies!

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  14. Love the tye-dye and the freakishly big hand. Those paper cutters have a mean left hook. I am actually dressed today. GAH the selfie. I finally gave up, snapped the stupid thing and threw it out into the world.

  15. I always have a freakish amount of extra chins in my selfies. Or my daughter is licking my face. One or the other. Love the post.

  16. Ahhhhh, nothing like a good selfie pic! The freakishly big hand is the best! Nobody can beat you at thumb wrestling!

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