Hello 2014: Faking It In The New Year


Aw, that’s right Phil…

2013 has come and gone, and here it is a new year.

I don’t make resolutions.  I feel like I let myself down enough-let’s not set myself up for failure right off the bat!  I do however have the utmost respect for people that do make resolutions AND keep them!

However as 2013 left us I saw some things I that made me smile…  This one made me LOL.

common new years resolutionsLOL!  And of course any meme that includes Star Trek in it is great.

make it soAnd this, good for a writer…

write good bookAnd this just plain made me smile.

be awesomeIf I DID make resolutions I would have to make ones that I could actually meet. No failing in 2014.  So I made some fake resolutions.  If I don’t meet them, well there’s nothing to really feel bad about, right?

1.  Eat as much chocolate as possible.  (This one is very important.)
2.  Waste at least two hours a day on Facebook.
3.  Be sure that my husband plays lots of video games.
4.  Let the dishes pile up.
5.  Not get published in a book.
6. Gain three new followers.
7.  Pee at least three times a day.  Intentionally.
8. Shower occasionally.
9.  Change clothes daily.
10.  Drink plenty of caffeine.
11.  Be ADD.  Be very ADD.

Take pictures of adorable children.  This is The Princess and her new toy, she named it Bob.

12.  Take pictures of quirky yet adorable children. For example, this is The Princess and her new toy, she named it Bob.

Set the bar low, that’s the key!  😉

Do you make New Year’s resolutions?  I’d love to hear if you did, or if you don’t!  Here’s to 2014!

Oh that's true...

Oh that’s true…