Twisted Mixtape Tuesday: A Colorful Mix!

twisted mixtape tuesdayWelcome to another Twisted Mixtape Tuesday.  It’s another week where we can share whatever we damn well please. Do you know how exciting that is to me?  Do you?  DO YOU??????

Now comes the hard part-whatever shall I choose?  There must be a theme, for I am random about everything except my music.   How about colors?  Everybody likes colors!  How about songs with a color in the title, or bands with color names.  Yes, let’s do that.

First a short little something for the kids…

Three Primary Colors-Ok Go

This next is an amazing video.  Interesting fact: Garth Brooks almost froze to death filming this.  Sorry about the subtitles, it’s the only version I could find.

The Red Strokes-Garth Brooks

What rhymes with orange?  Nothing.

Orange Crush-REM

Really I just wanted to share a bunch of Coldplay songs, but this was more fun to share color songs, so that’s what I did.


How about a song by a group with the color in it?  Don’t mind if I do…

Good Riddance-Green Day

And we must have a twangy country song.  There are so many country songs with the word blue in them… I lost count.


Hey remember the 90s?  I had to get indigo in here somehow…

Closer to Fine-Indigo Girls

I promise, no more Coldplay songs today, at least after this one.

Violet Hill-Coldplay

You can’t help but like P!NK.  If you don’t, she’ll beat you up.

(Pssssst-I’m doing you a favor by putting a P!NK song in here instead of Pink Floyd, because I want you to stay awake until the end of this post).

So What?-P!NK

Strange video, good song.

Black Hole Sun-Soundgarden

What’s a color countdown without a little Billy Idol in it?

White Wedding-Billy Idol

Still one of the best Cyndi Lauper songs.

True Colors-Cyndi Lauper

What are your favorite songs with color titles in them?  Or bands with color names?  I’d love to see your picks in the comments!  Got some tuneage you’re dying to share?  Make a mix and link it up to

Speaking of tuneage, if you missed my misheard song lyric post from awhile back, you can catch it HERE.  Come see how silly I really am… I hear stuff wrong!


11 thoughts on “Twisted Mixtape Tuesday: A Colorful Mix!

  1. It’s Not Easy Being Green–Kermit The Frog…..Black and White–Three Dog Night….Ebony and Ivory–Wonder/McCartney…Am I Blue?–Ethel Watters…Black or White–Michael Jackson…99 Red Balloons–Nena…Follow the Yellow Brick Road–Judy Garland…Yellow Submarine–Beatles……..I could go on and on. I’m older and have more songs crammed into my head!

  2. Blue Monday – New Order; Paint it Black – Stones; Black Celebration – Depeche Mode. It’s late, that’s all I got given how many you already covered 🙂

  3. Two Black Cadillacs-Carrie Underwood; The Zac Brown Band; Red Shoes-Elvis Costello; Color Me Bad; Black Veil Brides; Back in Black-AC/DC; Black Sabbath; Black Velvet-Alannah Myles; Play that Funky Music White Boy-Wild Cherry; Fade to Black-metallica; Indigo Girls; Nights in White Satin-Moody Blues (two-fer!); Purple Haze-Jimi Hendrix; The White Stripes; Red Hot Chili Peppers; Purple Rain-Prince; White Snake: Blue Notes; Black Keyes; Deep Purple; King Crimson and The Black Eyed Peas.

    I love this theme!

  4. They can’t penetrate my rainbow wall of happiness either! And unicorns!
    This is awesome, you are a very creative gal you know. Also… LOVED PRIMARY COLORS! I have not heard that before, although there is that other song from OK Go with colors in it that I love so I’m not surprised!
    I bow to your awesomeness.

  5. I think Pink is hot! Great in concert.

    I have also seen Cyndi Lauper and she is amazing in concert.

    White Wedding. Blast from the past with Billy’s sneer.

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