Twisted Mixtape Tuesday: Guilty As Charged

twisted mixtape tuesdayThis week’s theme came from my own little brain:  Guilty Pleasures:  Songs or Bands You Hate To Admit You Listen To.  It was inspired by my husband, who is well known for blasting some stuff that gets some pretty weird looks.  

I admit I have some things that I’m not proud of.

Like the fact that if I have ice cream I have to get something salty to go with it, like french fries or saltine crackers.

Or that I not only have to match my bra and underwear, they must also be in the same color family as the clothing I’m wearing.

Then there’s some of my music.  You know what I’m talking about-there are certain songs that are like musical skeletons in our closets.  Those groups or songs that you listen to and enjoy, but don’t want anyone else to know about.

So today I’m coming out of the musical closet and revealing to you some of my very own guilty pleasures… these are all actual songs and/or groups that I have in my music collection this very minute that I even listen to!

So go hide in your room and watch some of these videos…

I dislike Kanye West.  However, there are a couple of his songs that I will admit to owning if torture is involved.  This particular example has to do more with the amazing video than anything else…

Love Lockdown-Kanye West

And what better to follow a Kanye West song with than a Taylor Swift song?  Make fun of her all you want, we own all of her cds.  *AHEM* The males in the house own all of her cds.  I just steal from them.

I really, really like this particular song.

Mean-Taylor Swift

What’s so embarrassing about the Backstreet Boys?  Nothing, unless you’ve spent a lifetime trying to reject all boy bands.  I didn’t like them when they were popular, I do now.  Sick sick sick…  This is one of SEVEN songs that I have SPENT MONEY ON, and listen to regularly when I work out.

I Want It That Way-Backstreet Boys

And *gag* I also own two Spice Girls songs.  I bet you can’t guess what the other one is.  Really, don’t try, k?

When Two Become One-Spice Girls

I am guilty of owning not one but three Mariah Carey CDs. I know, shameful.  But on the other hand, it’s pretty awesome to belt one of her tunes out while you’re alone in your car.

One Sweet Day-Mariah Carey featuring Boys II Men

This last one I am so ashamed of having downloaded in the last month that I almost didn’t put it on here.  But hey it’s catchy… and if that video with the light up private parts I’ve share previously didn’t offend you then this one just might.

Blurred Lines-Robin Thicke featuring T.I. and Pharrell

Come on, you’ve got some guilty pleasures too, I know you do!  Feel free to share in the comments.  Better yet, link up your post to My Skewed View, and tell her how pretty her blog looks when you’re there!

11 thoughts on “Twisted Mixtape Tuesday: Guilty As Charged

  1. Ok I was totally laughing while I was reading this. I always knew there was another side to you! Not all Linkin Park and stuff. And I like that Backstreet Boys song too, shhh… don’t tell anyone. I had an ex that loved it and I loved to make fun of him for it. Then years later I realized I liked it to. He’ll never know…
    And your Taylor secret is safe with me…

  2. OK I can NEVER like the stupid Spice Girls but only because that ugly anorexic psycho is married to DB and he’s beyond hot. I do love me that song by Kanye West though. It’s just GOOD. But well, I might not admit it, either.

  3. I had to force myself to listen to the Kanye song…I am so not a fan of his. In part for what he did to my girl Taylor, who I love. I pretty much have to love her because with an 11 year old daughter, I’m not left with much choice. No spice girls for me…they freak me out a little. I love that BSB song, it’s always been a fave and Blurred Lines is growing on me. I just have to get the Miley twerk thing out of my head….I still haven’t fully recovered.

  4. Your introduction was so funny–ice cream with French fries? Who knows–maybe I’d like it. I like Blurred Lines, even though I didn’t want to after that Miley thing.

  5. Ok, I will admit that I have a bunch of guilty pleasures, but none of them listed here. I think many of us wish Kanye would just disappear already.

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