Twisted Mixtape Tuesday: Under the Covers

twisted mixtape tuesdayIt’s time to get twisted!  Twisted as in Twisted Mixtape Tuesday.  This week’s musical topic is Cover Songs. 

Here I was all set to go and simply link up an old post and be done with it.

Then as I dug that old post out and set it out to look at it I realized that this was in my TMT infancy.  In other words, I was such a novice at it that I had no idea how to put video in my posts.  I’ve come so far…  So with a little tweaking, here is the post with fresh new life!

Let’s kick it off with the woman responsible for getting my parent’s alley paved.  True story.  She was coming to town to give a concert across the street, and they paved the alley.  And at the time I thought “Who is Sara Evans, other than obviously someone with a fabulous first name?”  This is hands down my favorite cover of the song “I Could Not Ask For More”.

I Could Not Ask for More-Sara Evans

Remember the 80s?  Why is it that I can’t remember what I ate for breakfast but I can remember every word to almost every 80s song ever written?  This song is no exception to that rule. The original version of this song is pretty dang good, but I’m partial to this particular cover.  The quality of this is not great.  As a matter of fact, it was the only one I could find that the person sat really still while taping the song off the TV using their phone.  Apparently that takes some serious skills!

The Boys of Summer-The Ataris


I’m not a big Marilyn Manson fan, but this particular cover is one of my favorites.  Creepy?  Yes.  Cool.  YES.  I couldn’t find a decent, um, clean version of the video, so you have to deal with lyrics.  Want to see the real video?  Google it.  There are boobs in it, among other things…

Tainted Love-Marilyn Manson

And now for something completely different.  How could any version of this song be better than the original?  Make it acoustic-I’m a sucker for that…  Hey look, a video that is actually a video!!!

Listen To Your Heart-DHT featuring Edmee

This cover of Nine Inch Nails “Hurt” could also be used on a mix entitled “Songs that make me want to shoot myself”.

Hurt-Johnny Cash

Garth Brooks makes it very difficult to share his music.  I’m not stealing, I just wanna share the love!  I apologize for the crappy sound, but take heart in the fact that you can try to win a staring contest with Garth Brooks while the music plays.  “Shameless” is in fact a Billy Joel song.  I like his version too, I just love me some Garth.

Shameless-Garth Brooks

Now it’s your turn.  Are there covers of songs that you love a little more or a lot more than the original?  Share that goodness!  Leave me your list in the comments, or better yet share it with Jen and all the cool kids by hooking at My Skewed View!

24 thoughts on “Twisted Mixtape Tuesday: Under the Covers

  1. Oh, if only I knew how to “link up” I would! I’m an obsessed Tori Amos fan and she does a haunting cover of Hurt, although I love Johnny Cash’s version as well. I also love The Sundays’ Wild Horses cover….maybe someday I’ll learn how to link up with others and be able to share more music:(

    • Yes I like that version of Wild Horses too-it took me a long time to find that particular one to download. I didn’t about that song as a cover or it probably would have been on my list.

  2. I love almost all of these covers and while I’m not a big Garth Brooks fan, I’ll admit, he did a much better job of the song that Billy Joel. I actually saw Garth live at the June Jam in the early 90’s and he did another cover of a Billy Joel song, “You May Be Right” and completely tore the stage up with it. Not only was his vocal performance of it fantastic, but he was climbing and swinging from the lighting gantries…while still singing.

  3. Sometimes I’m totally like, right on! with you. Other times I’m like….hmmm….maybe we could only do a road trip if there were certain music rules. Like no sad women songs. K?
    Other than that we’ll do just fine!

  4. A stellar lineup, Sarah. My favorite cover at the moment is Ingrid Michaelson’s version of “Can’t Help Falling in Love With You.” It’s tough to top the king, but when Ingrid sings it? It feels like she’s singing it to me.

  5. That Johnny Cash cover is heart-wrenching. My husband introduced it to me a few years ago. The video is amazing, too. I love it when the cover artist is from a completely different genre and time. It makes the sentiment so much more meaningful. (What’s with my short, choppy sentences?)
    I love Tainted Love. Such nostalgia. But I think I’d stick with the original.

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