Fly on the Wall March 2014: The Cheesecake of Doom Edition

Fly on the WallHave you ever wanted to be a fly?  I’m not talking about buzzing around in people’s ears and annoying them, though I do admit that would be kind of fun if it was someone you didn’t like!  I mean getting the opportunity to sneak into people’s houses and get a little glimpse into their lives. Today, you get just that opportunity.  You can take a little sneak into my household by reading the post below.

Unfortunately my life is dreadfully boring these days.  I’m on month three of terrible writer’s block, unless you count the fiction I’m writing that no one else will probably ever read (or want to).  However, you can read these little bits of funny from my life and then go visit the other bloggers on the block who are more interesting than me.  All you have to do is visit the links at the bottom of the post and it will take you out of here lickety split.  Get ready, get set, GO!

Evil Genius:  “Why am I yelling?  I’m making cheesecake, I should be happy, dammit!”

Evil Genius: “Hey, anyone want to eat the frosting out of all of these oreos?”
To clarify, he was making a chocolate cheesecake.  And yes, the frosting was removed with a knife, not a tongue.

He should have been happy, Evil Genius's Cheesecake of Doom was rich AND delicious.

Evil Genius’s Chocolate Cheesecake of Doom was rich AND delicious.

You know when you are a parent when you have this conversation:
Evil Genius “I need a towel to clean this up.”
I hand him a towel.
Evil Genius:  Where did this towel come from? Isn’t this one of the crappy towels?”
Me:  “We don’t have any non crappy towels.”
Evil Genius: “We don’t have any nice towels?”
Me:  “No, unless you count the Penguins of Madagascar one.”

Add this to the evidence that will prevent me from getting that coveted Mom of the Year Award: Apparently there IS a thing as a Kindergarten Snack Emergency. Because Mommy, sending treats for Valentine’s Day apparently does NOT COUNT as the monthly treat. Duh. One mad dash to town and back later I at least could keep myself in the running for The Kind of Mediocre Forgetful Mom Award.

The Dukes of Hazzard was on TV.
Me:  “This was one of my favorite shows when I was a kid.”
The Professor:  “Oh, so you watched it in the 1800s?”

We finally made it to the LEGO movie.  Lesson learned:  This is NOT the next size up from the large bag of popcorn. And yes, they ate the whole thing!

We finally made it to the LEGO movie.
Lesson learned: This is NOT the next size up from the large bag of popcorn.
And yes, they ate the whole thing!
PS-Movie cops-I took this before the movie started.

Evil Genius:  “Are you ready to help me cook supper?”
The Princess:  “Yes!  Let the experimentation begin!”

On the way back from town the other day, we got behind an Infiniti.  The license plate read “N BEYOND”.
I so want to be this person’s friend.

One extremely cold morning, instead of his usual sweatshirt and athletic pants, The Professor donned a white t-shirt and a pair of jeans.
Me:  “Aren’t you COLD?”
The Professor: “MOM, I’m supposed to be dressed like a Backstreet Boy!”
(Because apparently Backstreet Boys don’t dress appropriately in cold weather?)

Evil Genius: “My bachelor party sucked.”
Me: “Yes honey, but you don’t have to make it your life’s mission to make sure that everyone else’s doesn’t.”
That would be one weird superhero:  Bachelor Party Man!

Note to self:  Do NOT let your child take his tooth to school so he can get a tooth chest.

Note to self: No matter how much he cries, no matter how much he begs, do NOT let your child take his tooth to school.

The Princess:  “Mommy, my brother poured my cereal for me this morning!”
The Professor, looking very proud “I can pour ANY kind of cereal!”

I picked my NCAA Tournament bracket this week. As I do every year, I utilize a highly scientific system based upon coolness of team names and mascots.
Yep, according to my calculations the Lumberjacks are going to win purely based upon Monty Python song references and flannel wearing opportunities.


Ok MOM, I’ll pose so you can take a picture of my dress but I WON’T put down the DS!

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25 thoughts on “Fly on the Wall March 2014: The Cheesecake of Doom Edition

  1. I let my husband pick my bracket, otherwise, it would make no sense and there would be several made up teams.

    What? There’s not a Vanderbiltra Dame?!

    You’re family is too cute.

  2. Hey, I pick brackets by the color of Uniforms, sometimes 🙂 Eeny meeny miney moe has gotten me all the way to the sweet 16 before! (not really)
    Every time I make a cheesecake, I’m going to be smiling and saying, “I should be happy, dammit!”

    • YESSSSSS! And ironically I discovered that the Lumberjacks uniforms are PURPLE! I really hope they win, because that would make me very, very happy. 🙂


  3. Sarah, just for the record, I bought nice towels. White fluffy motel-type towels. Every guest who stayed here complained that they didn’t want to use them. They were too nice. So we used them every day. We must have a lot of clay here, because dirt does NOT come off our bodies in the shower unless you scrub with a brillo pad, Needless to say, we have all crappy towels now. Pffft.

  4. Dinner experimentation? That sounds ominous, hope you filled up on the oreo frosting just in case!
    I have to admit that I think your way of picking teams has just as much of a chance as everyone else’s does!

  5. Evil Genius Cheesecake of Doom looks divine!
    Come to think of it… the only non- crappy towels I own has a Barbie on one and Super Mario on the other. Good thing no one loves us for the thread count in the linen closet. 😉

  6. I love when kids comment on things that parents liked when they were kids – 1800’s!! 🙂 I was asked if I was alive when there were dinosaurs! ha!

    Yeah, I don’t put too much thought into picking NCAA teams either. My final four consists of teams that have names starting with a W (Wisconsin, obviously) and V’s. Good luck!

  7. You had me at Cheesecake of Doom.

    The Big Guy and I were talking bracketology this morning before he headed to work. Two major upsets already? I’m glad I didn’t make any picks… we’d have been screwed.

    If you ever find out who owns that Infiniti, I want to be their friend, too!

  8. I have no interest in a bracket or college ball. just boring to me. I saw the Lego movie too. Ate so much popcorn had a stomach ache.

    Everything is awesome!

  9. HAHA to how you choose your bracket. My method is to call my husband and make him tell me what to pick. He was great at it a few years ago. Not so much now so I think the mascot choosing is wisest. I too watched the Duke’s of Hazard in the 1800’s. Too cute – and hey guess what? We saw the Lego Movie yesterday finally too! And had the same popcorn!

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