I Survived Spring Break (And I Didn’t Even Get A T-Shirt)

SPRING (2)Ah Spring Break.  Tropical destinations.  Big parties.  Trips to Disneyworld.

Ha ha ha ha.  What? YOU got to do that kind of stuff?  Sorry, couldn’t hear you over my laughter.  Really, good for you!  I’m glad you got to do the stuff that dreams are made of.

Me, not so much.  I can’t even say that I got to do a staycation.  Instead I got the pleasure of getting to take my children to work with me.  Isn’t that fun?

No, it’s really, really not.

Really, they’re good kids, there’s just so much they can take.  Mommy works at a library.  A place where you’re supposed to be quiet.  And well behaved.

Ironically, my son reads constantly.  Except when we are at the library.  Why choose to read when you are surrounded by thousands of books to peruse however long you want?

Kids at the library these days.  Sheesh...

Kids at the library these days. Sheesh… If you look very closely you can see The Professor’s head at the computer.

Our weather wasn’t really all that “springey” either.  Except when I was working, naturally.  My big plans of trying to fit in some walking with the kids royally fizzled out.

Because of my husband’s hours, my hours, and the weather, I didn’t get out for the 3-5 mile walks that I’ve been taking except for the one night I practically ran out the door when my husband came home.  Consequently, my tolerance for pretty much everything went from decent to zero in no time.  Isn’t it funny how a little something like being able to get out and exercise can make a difference?

Because it was Spring Break and I was around my children constantly, there were some things that really, really bothered me.  I think if I were to keep track of just how many times I heard the words poop, butt, pee, fart, and throwing up sounds accompanied by hysterical laughter and giggling that it would be into the thousands.

So by Wednesday, I was literally foaming at the mouth.

Our weather has been so crappy here in the Midwest that I finally go to see my mom for the first time since right before Christmas.  It had been three months.  She had Christmas presents for us, that’s how long it has been.  Every weekend it has snowed.  EVERY STINKING WEEKEND.  Except for the weekend we were all throwing up.  Then yeah, there was that.

Thanks to my Mom coming up and staying over a couple of days from Thursday to Saturday, I got some long overdue visiting in and bit of relief from all of the bodily function words.  She also watched the kids for a night and I got to go to my husband’s company meeting, then to Texas Roadhouse for some supper.

And then I got to go here…


If you’re ever in Ames, Iowa and you love you some wine, check out Della Viti! For more information here is their website: http://dellaviti.com/

What is this?  It’s a wine bar.  Yes you read that right, a wine bar!  Kind of like an AutoMat for wine enthusiasts.  It’s very cool-you load the amount you think you want to spend on to a debit type card and stick that in to the machine.  You can then choose whichever type of wine you want and the amount.  Since I’d already had a margarita at Texas Roadhouse, I chose the “taste” amounts.  There’s also beer and different cheese, because what goes better with wine than cheese?

Then Evil Genius went to a bachelor party and I killed him.

(Not really, but it makes a good story, huh?)

So while it ended well, if it weren’t for that I would have surely been committed to the Looney Bin.  Which brings up another terrifying thought:

Summer Vacation is only two months away, and that is almost THREE MONTHS LONG.


Did you get to do anything over Spring Break?  Did you stay home and tear your hair out?  I’d love to hear your story!

15 thoughts on “I Survived Spring Break (And I Didn’t Even Get A T-Shirt)

  1. Oh my God, I am never so grateful for Mondays as I am on Mondays like these. The sight of that yellow school bus driving away fills my heart with joy. Taking the day off to make sure we’re all signed up for summer camp.

  2. When schools let kids out for an extended period of time, they should also give the parents a supply of Xanax, one that equates to the number of days off.

  3. I was only home with an 18 yr. old but since you just read my latest blog post, you already know how well THAT went over. Hey, that wine bar is awesome—I have never seen anything like that. I need to come to Iowa. Soon.

  4. OMG, this sounds so much like my staycation including the weather, the endless poop references and minus the cough and library (mine had cough, yours had library) only much funnier. You are SUCH a gifted humour writer, my friend. I am proud to be part of your bloggy circle. Oh and the not reading in the library? Classical. Love it.

  5. Our spring break isn’t for another couple of weeks but I’ll be home, tearing my hair out except when I pay a sitter too much to come and allow me the luxury of going into my office where it matters whether I’ve showered. Glad you got to see your mom though!!

  6. We didn’t do spring break. Frankly it’s easier to just keep homeschooling then to let him run amuck for a week.
    Meanwhile, LOVE that wine bar! As I said. So jealous, it might be reason enough to visit! Well no, you’d be the reason, it would be the bonus 🙂

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