Fabulous 5Ks With Kids and Other Far-Fetched Fiction

Once upon a time I had a notion that I would simply let my children come with me while I ran a 5K.

It will be fun.  We will be active AND spend time together.  After all, I’ve seen the pictures of smiling, happy families exercising together.


At this point everyone was still smiling.

Guess what?  As it turns out, my family is NOT one of those families!

I should have seen the signs.  After all, getting my kids to venture outdoors is something I liken to having teeth pulled.  Getting outdoors AND doing something active is even worse.  A prime example:  I forcibly signed my children up for soccer this Spring.  I bribed the younger one with pink shin guards, the older one with shin guards that you can insert different colors into.  Hopefully the shin guards will provide wonderful attitudes too!  Right?

For the last few years our little town has held a 5K in March.  It literally starts two blocks from our house and goes past our house.  How convenient.  We only had to walk out the front door to participate.

Evil Genius is training for a marathon.  Since he is actually one who runs the whole way, he decided to run the race as training.  I also wanted to do the race, since I am doing one in July and need the experience.  Therefore this meant I got to walk with the kids.  We used up our babysitter points the weekend before (remember the wine bar?)

There were serious runners too, like Evil Genius.

There were serious runners too, like Evil Genius.

So no big deal, right?  HA!

To help you envision what exactly my race was like, I have painstakingly prepared this little visual for you so you can see just what happened where!  As you can see, I have very advanced skills when it comes to this stuff.  Go ahead, offer me a job…


As you can see, once dad took the kids it was a breeze…

Afterwards we met up for pancakes.  They were delicious.

She has her pancakes.  Mission accomplished.

She has her pancakes. She is now happy.  Mission accomplished.

And there was sausage too.  Now happiness abounded.

To the victors go the spoils, and in this case, the sausage.

To the victors go the spoils, and in this case, the sausage.

Great… huh?  Below I model my cool free t-shirt.  Sexy, huh?


The Princess took this picture for me. Her horrified reaction after she took it and saw it on my computer: “Mommy, where are your FEET????”

So yes, I did a 5K.  So I didn’t run it the whole time but I did make it to the the end.  I beat nine people.  I think there should be a handicap for bringing two children with you during a race!

Have you ever run a 5K?  Walked a 5K?  Dragged one or two or more children along with you?

9 thoughts on “Fabulous 5Ks With Kids and Other Far-Fetched Fiction

  1. In November, we moved into a housing development that offers mail rooms instead of allowing us to have a mailbox. I decided to walk the half mile to the mail room with my son and dog. Seemed like such a good idea at the time.
    Never, ever, ever again.
    I can’t imagine attempting a 5k!

  2. I’m supposed to run a 5K in October with my friend Heather. I’m kind of afraid, even though she says I don’t have to run the whole time. But, hey, if you completed it with 2 kids, I can complete it all by my lonesome. 🙂

  3. I ran a 5k last fall. I didn’t run the whole time. I would do it again if I had a group to run with. I would only bring my kids if they were on the sideline cheering me on. I don’t know…I think a kid running 3 miles is tough. Unless they asked to run, I wouldn’t bring them.

    • Right! I knew they wouldn’t last the whole way, that’s why we decided to walk it for fun. My husband ran the whole thing really fast and then came back to get them so I could at least run at the end! My son actually wanted to run at least part of it, but the little sister would have NONE of that nonsense!

  4. LOL, where’s the far-fetched fiction?? Sounds like a pretty solid non-fiction story to me. I am impressed you even tried. I could tell you, without ever thinking about it, that the boy would NEVER even start walking. So you win. All the way. And also, so congratulations!!!!

    • I think The Professor would have done just fine if I had let him just run on his own, but we DID have The Princess to worry about! I don’t think it’s anything I will attempt again any time soon with both of them, that’s for sure!

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