Fly on the Wall April 2014: The Lame Edition

Fly on the WallBuzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….

What’s that infernal racket?  Oh, that is the sound you’d be making if you were a fly on a wall in my house.  At least that’s what the flies sound like that are currently here.  Maybe YOU would be extra quiet.

Why am I talking about flies? Don’t they just fly around and buzz in your ear and get in your garbage?  Au contraire-flies could very well be little spies, hanging around on your wall and getting an earful of your biznizz.

Fly on the Wall is a monthly good time, the brainchild of the lovely and very wise guardian of the baked goods Karen from Baking in a Tornado.  We participants are all posting at the same time, ensuring that you will get the pleasure of seeing what goes on at not just one, but MANY houses each time.  After you’re done reading my post, please click on some of the links to see what is going on in other houses around the blogosphere.

I have entitled this one “The Lame Edition”, because this last month stands to be the lamest one yet as far as fly content!  Where is the funny?  Where is the cuteness?  What is wrong with us?

But hey flies-you’ll be loving my house this month.  Thanks to an extended winter season and the destruction of our garbage receptacle by the D-O-G we have plenty of delightful things to offer our larval and adult fly population alike in our yard this month.  Get your kicks in now, because by next week we should have all the trash outta here and taken to the curb.  Sorry doggie, NO TRASH FOR YOU!

He's in my spot.

He’s in my spot.

I’ve been spending an inordinate amount of time taking those silly quizzes on Facebook.  Let me give you a quick rundown of what I have learned about myself:  I’m Katherine Janeway, Captain of Voyager.  I’m Bill Hader.  I should join the X-Men.  I’m Captain America.  I’m Rainbow Brite.  I’m Bambi.  I’m a Lawful Neutral type person.  And I should be a lifeguard at a nude beach.

Did we mention the part where I really just need to get a life?  Where’s that quiz?

Oh myyyy... so young to be so grumpy so often...

Oh myyyy… so young to be so grumpy so often…

I’m a terrible, horrible parent.The Professor was conflict manager at recess recently and apparently was royally p.o.’d that there was no conflict. He announced that recess “sucked” because of that fact. I get why he was in trouble for it, and we talked about it, but I still found it funny. I at least waited until he was out of earshot to snicker.

Isn’t that kind of like the morale officer being mad because everyone is already happy?

Look out world, the real Sheldon Cooper is coming.


It’s a good weekend to be the Evil Genius.  His birthday is Saturday.  He has Good Friday off.  And had part of the day before as well.  And what did we spend the evening doing?  Watching beer commercials on the internet.  Be jealous, be very jealous of my exciting life.

She had her first official music concert this month.  It was a farm theme.  I think we pulled it off rather nicely!

She had her first official music concert this month. It was a farm theme. I think we pulled it off rather nicely!

I bought my first superhero shirt this week, the first one I’ve owned as an adult.  I think the last one I owned was a pair of Underoos back in the 1980s.  I’m finally publicly embracing my inner geek.  It has the Captain America shield on it and it is AWESOME!  (And if you want to embrace YOUR inner geek, I highly recommend going to see The Winter Soldier.)


The Professor:  “It almost blew up my whole house! But it created some beautiful scenery!”  

Ah yes, Minecraft.  Everyone in my house is addicted to this game but me.  Am I mental?  I just do not see what’s so great about building stuff with blocks.  Maybe we need to just GET SOME BLOCKS?

No, not really.

No, not really.  Maybe she REALLY likes cheese?  My friend Teri at Snarkfest gets the finder’s fee for this one.

Where have I been these days?  I’ve been writing fiction.  Fiction that as of yet no one else has seen.  And may never.  What is so cool about fiction? The fact that you can totally control the storyline.  People never grow old and never die.  Oh wait, that’s the tagline for the movie Cocoon.  While I love my family dearly, now that my daughter is in school all day and I am working, and they’re all playing Minecraft, the funniness does not flow like I would like it to!

The OTHER reason why I'm not blogging so much...

The OTHER reason why I’m not blogging so much… Hi.

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29 thoughts on “Fly on the Wall April 2014: The Lame Edition

  1. Conflict manager at recess, huh?
    Your daughter looks fancy, love her outfit! What concert was it?
    I took a couple of those quizzes as well. I am Taylor Swift, and my aura is red.
    Happy Easter, Sarah!

    • Yes I believe they have two older children pull that duty each day.
      The concert was a farm theme, they did songs like “Grandpa’s Farm” and “Chickory Chick”. It was very cute!
      I need to take more quizzes to find out more about myself…

      • Yes, take more quizzes – the result will make for a whole other blog post! I forgot to mention that I should live in Paris, and if I was a flower I’d be a carnation. Wasn’t much in favor of that…

  2. It must be something in the air this month – we’re all digging deep for humorous tidbits this month! Tell those kids they can’t play Minecraft until they say something funny. That ought to do it. I loved the bit about the conflict manager. It’s funny that a school would assign that position, but funnier yet that he felt like he got gypped. 😀

  3. You couldn’t be a bad parent if you tried. Nor could you ever be described as lame.
    I think you better edit this post, you forgot the pic of you in your new superhero shirt, Ms. Nude-Beach-Lifeguard!
    Happy Birthday to Evil Genius!

  4. It’s even lamer at our place. School for me, work for him and me often stewing in my corner of the office because I can’t think of anything fun and interesting to share on my blog. Too pissed off about something. *sigh* I’m working on that. I need to find the funny instead of things to be mad at on a daily basis.

    • That’s how I feel too-I want to write but the funny ain’t coming! I need something new to inspire me-some sort of funny challenge. I’ll let you know if I find anything. 😀

  5. Dang it woman, I NEED to pose in front of some cheese!
    I completely understand the need to mediate when you’ve practiced conflict-resolution!
    Your daughter’s outfit is adorable!
    Just to let you know, your “LAME” life is still hilarious. I love reading your work. (I usually get it in my e-mail)
    Happy Weekend to you!

  6. You have a Minecraft household, too? If it’s not the game, then they are watching YouTube videos of other people playing the game. It’s riddikulus.

    If you are feeling nerd enough, you’ll have to come back and check on the blog next week. I’m doing a post (or series of posts) on our adventures at ComicCon! I really want to see the Winter Soldier… no spoilers! 😉

  7. A kid gets to be conflict manager? Never heard of this before but his reaction was funny. Your daughter was adorable and yes you nailed it.
    I have never owned a super hero shirt but they are all the rage, guess I need to get one. LOL

  8. It all sounds like real life, within a real family to me Sarah – although I’d fancy the lifeguard on the nudist beach job (except for the sad fact that I’m not a strong swimmer!).

  9. People pose in front of cheese? I love cheese, and I’ve never posed. No wonder my life feels empty. Happy birthday to the Evil Genius and I LOVE your daughter’s outfit!! Also, saw Captain America on Friday. It was good. Not as good as you as Captain America, I’m sure, but good!

  10. I think she misunderstood that you say cheese for a picture, not pose in front of it.

    BTW–Evil Genius and I have the same bday. Yay? LOL!

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