Truths of My Household: Random Observations of a Tired Mom

Because I have been lousy, lousy, LOUSY at blogging lately due to life circumstances beyond my control-I thought I would attempt to reblog something Mom related for Mother’s Day. I’m sure some of you can relate. Happy Mother’s Day!

The Sadder But Wiser Girl

I find the following in my life to be true at the moment:

If a woman gets up at the crack of dawn to do any sort of exercise without distraction, the preschooler in the house knows it and will get up too.

There is no surface in the state of Iowa that my seven year old has not licked.

The state of my house is rapidly deteriorating.  I think there is a mathematical formula in there about the age of your children being inversely proportional to the cleanliness of the house.

If I would take the time to clean out my car, there would no longer be any starving children in China.  I believe there is enough uneaten food in the backseat to solve that problem.

The more I sleep, the more tired I am.  The less I sleep, well…

My children watch too much TV.  My seven year…

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4 thoughts on “Truths of My Household: Random Observations of a Tired Mom

  1. Union and onion do sound sort of similar. hahahahaha
    And I think it’s cool you’ve got Iron um lady waiting for you after school. 🙂

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