Lego My Sanity: A Bit of a Rant

Use Your WordsWelcome to this month’s Use Your Words Challenge!  Bloggers participating in this challenge literally get to swap words to use in their posts, and the resulting masterpieces are all published at the same time for the world to read! 

The words I was given this month are: White ~ Table ~ Legos ~ Hair Brush ~ Tube

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They get it honest.  Honest.

They get it honest. Honest.  I’m constantly reminded just how mean I am because I did not permit him to purchase this $400 set.

In case you haven’t figured out by reading some of my older posts, we are a lego family.

I love legos, because they encourage creativity and problem solving and all of that jazz for two children who would rather be parked in front of a television most of the time.  My kids would be content to play with legos all day long some days.  That’s cool, because it keeps them well entertained.

I also hate legos, because my children never pick them up.

Apparently legos are so much fun that we can never be done playing with them completely.  “But I’m not finished yet!” are the words of protest met most often when we have to quit building to do silly things like eat your supper, go brush your hair with a hair brush so you don’t look like an orphan child when we leave the house, or get ready for bed.

They were delighted when the Easter Bunny delivered these guys.

They were delighted when the Easter Bunny delivered these guys.

We tried establishing a specific area in the room adjacent to our living room where the legos could congregate.  There is a table set up specifically for building with legos, but instead it functions more as another place to put legos that are not being used.  The legos that are “being used” are all over the floor.

A perfect example of what really grinds my gears when the legos are out:  The Princess must only use white legos to construct her house of awesomeness.  That means that approximately 90% of the other legos must be thrown aside as she searches for those particular bricks.  On the floor.  Where they can be stepped on.

Imagine my chagrin when my husband gave in to the children’s request to bring the BIG container of legos in from storage.  So instead of just two somewhat large containers we bought at Christmas time, we also have one giant rubbermaid tub that has been sitting in the living room for quite some time.  It’s currently off limits.  Because Mom is tired of stepping on legos.  And Mom is mean.

Whoever put this up must be a parent with at least two young children.

Whoever put this up must be a parent with at least two young children.

Yep that’s right.  Currently I play the role of the bad guy because I’m constantly threatening to donate the legos lying about in the play room to a child who will take care of them and because I won’t run out and buy them a copy of The LEGO Movie.

Why haven’t I bought the LEGO movie?  Do I really want to hear “Everything is Awesome” 12000 times a day?  It’s already bad enough that I hear “Where’s my pants?” constantly.  I’m sure I’ll break down eventually-maybe when school has started and we aren’t together 24/7.

My solution to the LEGO problem naturally  would be  a big vacuum  tube.  Simply put it in the center of the room and all the bricks would be sucked up, kind of like that thing on the sand crawler on Star Wars.  You know, the one that sucks up R2D2?  Wouldn’t that horrible?  Not permanently, of course, just sucked back into their big old container.  Or to just take all the legos and make one big long road with them.  Instead of telling people to follow the yellow brick road, it would be to follow the lego brick road!  Sorry kids, you can’t use those bricks, it’s part of my road so people can find stuff.

Thank you for joining me for my little rant.  Now I want to hear from you.  Do your children possess a toy that you both love and hate? Is there something that your kids simply will not pick up no matter what you threaten?  I’d love to know that I’m not alone.                                Baking In A Tornado                          Spatulas on Parade                      Stacy Sews and Schools                              Sparkly Poetic Weirdo         Confessions of a part-time working mom                        Dates 2 Diapers 2                  The Bergham’s Life Chronicles                                    The Momisodes                   Someone Else’s Genius                 Follow me home . . .             Crumpets and Bollocks

13 thoughts on “Lego My Sanity: A Bit of a Rant

  1. Love the rant; mostly because I understand completely. The LEGO walk of fire? It’s called my whole house. I do love the idea of the vacuum though. Unfortunately, I’m the only one who would use it.
    The Death Star; I have three boys dreaming of it now…

  2. You just made me smile the smile of a Mom who got past the lego years. I’m sorry to say that you probably won’t ever get past the lego years in your house. Better work on developing that vacuum.

  3. My kids have each had random jumbles of Legos on the floors of their rooms for years. It certainly doesn’t look like anything is being made of them from my perspective, but God forbid anyone pick anything up around here. I feel your pain.

  4. It’s funny how your child can begin to lose interest in something when they have to buy it with their own money. When my son finally saved up for a Lego set then he decided to save his money for something else. Oh and I have permanently sucked up some stray legos with the vacuum.

  5. I LOVE that you got my words!!! I can completely and totally empathize with you. That’s how I came up with those words! LOL
    We HAD a table just for the Legos but they never stayed there. ARGH!! There’s nothing worse than stepping on a Lego with bare feet!!

  6. Legos are tiny demons of pain. We bought the movie (yeah, I know) and as soon as that song was over, I immediately put a ban on it. It’s not allowed to be verbalized or hummed or ANYTHING in this house. I would rather listen to Let It Go.

  7. Hahaha, follow the lego brick road!

    I do love LEGO, especially the fact that every generation is getting hooked on playing with LEGO. My uncle keeps telling me that year after year when he gave presents to my brother and me, the first thing we would do was shake the package. If there was this familiar sound we would smile and quickly rip it open.

    EVERYTHING is on the floor at our house. It must be the best place to play.

  8. I don’t have any kids but I do have a husband…who is probably sick and tired of me leaving my wet towels on the bed.

    I’ve gotten better I swear…but when I’m in a hurry they sometimes don’t make it to the hamper.

    I only have to deal with legos or toys when I volunteer and that’s only once a week now….but I can totally get your rant.

    Stay strong and hate the legos.

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