2013: A Year in Posts

Get it?  Posts?  I slay me...

Get it? Posts? I slay me…

Hey look, it’s December 31st!

Now that I’m finally fully recovered from intestinal fortitude I’m facing the reality of having two kids here for another week all day long… Oh Calgon, take me away, PLEASE!

Thank goodness it’s almost a new year.  2013 was an interesting year for me.  It wasn’t the best year but not the worst either.  Here’s my year by looking back at a sampling of the stuff I wrote.  I also added pictures that may or may not have something to do with the posts themselves.

But first, get yourself some tuneage to listen to as you read.  Head to My Skewed View and check out what people have shared as their very favorite Twisted Mixtape Tuesday of 2013!


Not too bad.  I was even complimented on my use of sprinkles by said local celebrity.

Not too bad. I was even complimented on my use of sprinkles by said local celebrity.

I made a cake that actually turned out ok for my son’s birthday. My husband told me as I began to plan for this year’s cake that the reason we don’t buy cakes is because it’s much less interesting to blog about.  True…
The ADD Kitchen Chapter 3: Why Duff Goldman Will Never Hire Me

I went back to work subbing at the place I used to work before I had two kids.  How cool is that?  Things didn’t start out so smoothly, but it got better.
My Life of Crime:  Subliminal Criminal

Sorry ladies, he is all mine...

Sorry ladies, he is all mine…

Oh yes, my husband also grew a pornstache.
A Man, A Plan, and a Stache


Oh she's cute, but it was a challenge having her in the same classroom sometimes!March was the beginning of my grand experiment.  I put out a call for help and people responded enthusiastically.  What resulted was my first week of guest bloggers as I attempted to survive spring break in a college town.
I Want You (But Not In A Weird, Gross Way)
Weekly Wrap-Up: All Good Things Must Come To An End



Easter cuteness 2013.

I was the victim of entrapment.
Help, HELP!  I’m Trapped at Target!

The Princess turned five.


WOW! Two cakes that turned out in one year…

I wrote a review of the book I Just Want To Pee Alone, and one of the times that maybe I should have been thinking a little more clearly before I allowed my daughter to photograph me became the picture seen round the world.  It’s also probably as close to famous as I’m ever going to get so I guess I’ll take it.
I Review Famous Toilets, Or At Least A Book With A Toilet On It


IMG_0460I celebrated a milestone.  My little blog was one, and of course I wrote about it.
What To Expect When You’re Blogging, The Toddler Years



I couldn’t go to BlogHer, but I could go for some ice cream. Yes I look twelve here.

I couldn’t go to BlogHer, and I was ok.  At least I think I was…  This was followed up with how I was ok after not going to BlogHer.
I’m Not Going to BlogHer (And I Feel Fine)
I Didn’t Go To BlogHer and Get Free Lubricant, But I Did Go To Jail


Oh yes, we got a kitten.

I went from full time blogger to part time when I could blogger as I once again joined the world of the employed.


First day of school.

My kids went to school.  I now have a third grader AND a kindergartener.
The Truth About Kindergarten: Mommy Won’t Be Driving the School Bus
Also, this piece of work about what a piece of work I am originally appeared on my friend MJ’s blog.  I shared it again in August and gosh darn it, people like me.
Confessions of a Geek


Dark Lord of the Grill.

Dark Lord of the Grill.

I took some real time off from everything because I was celebrating being married and stuff and had other people once again do the work for me.  Talk about some great posts!  I was blown away from the response I got from the week of guest bloggers.
Weekly Wrap-Up: The Double Extra Special Edition

Somehow I was permitted to review another book!  I still think it needs action figures…


The kids on Halloween in front of the tree that would eventually flood our basement. Damn tree.

I also looked at Halloween this year and wrote down some things my kids have taught me.
Seven Things My Kids Have Taught Me About Halloween

Was the beginning of my plunge into the pit of despair, with very little written and published.  Silly me.


Oh look, the card that only two people actually received...

Oh look, the card that only two people actually received…

The paying job kept me plenty busy, but I did manage to turn out a few posts…

Let it Snow, The Blogging Conference that Really Should Have Happened in a Snowstorm
Flaming Pillow Pets and Other Christmas List Nos

Hopefully 2014 will be the year for us… and hopefully I’ll have plenty of brainpower to tell you all about it.  Happy New Year!

This is really what I should use when I am cooking anything,

Twisted Mixtape Tuesday: The COLD mix

twisted mixtape tuesdayI’m spending a Monday that was supposed to be spent going to the gym, picking up Christmas pictures, and doing some Christmas shopping sitting on my couch waiting for Roto-Rooter.  Boo!  This isn’t what anyone wants for Christmas-sewage in their basement!

So with lots of time on my hands and little ambition, I can focus my (lack of) energy on Twisted Mixtape Tuesday.  This week is Dealer’s Choice, which means I can share anything my little heart wants. In the past I’ve done such things as all acoustic songs

This week I’m COLD.  I don’t like being cold.  I figured it was either share songs about cold or songs about poop and sewage.  I’m thinking my choices are much more limited if I did the latter, so I’m going to stick with songs that have to do with cold.  And ice.  And December.  BECAUSE I CAN!

angry bbq

Sadly, it’s not even really winter yet!

So Cold-Breaking Benjamin

First up is this little ditty by Breaking Benjamin.  I’ve shared other songs by these guys.  I love love love this group.  I don’t even know why.  I just do.


I Am A Rock-Simon and Garfunkel

A song I listened to quite frequently in my college days.  While not my favorite, when I’m in a mood this is one I like to blast.


Hazy Shade of Winter-The Bangles

See what I did there?  This song was originally by Simon and Garfunkel, but this is my favorite version.  I know I’m breaking my own rule here of never sharing the same song twice.  Oh well, you have to agree it ROCKS, and it’s my all time favorite song by The Bangle.


Ice Ice Baby-Jim Carrey

This version is much better than the original… I’m going for comic relief.  Vanilla Ice flips houses now. Do you suppose he sings this when turns on the icemaker?


Silver and Cold-AFI

Another group that I’m surprised I like, but they do some really catchy stuff.  And I think they really like cold weather.


Love Like Winter-AFI

More catchy than the last, and more cold…



I had forgotten about this song.  It’s off my favorite album by Madonna, Ray of Light.


Cold-Hearted-Paula Abdul

Remember this song?  I believe it was my anthem a few times when I was a teen and then young adult.


November Rain-Guns N Roses

What?  A playlist of songs about cold without November Rain is like peas without carrots.  Or something like that…


December-Collective Soul

An interesting fact about this song-it’s great to walk to.


Cry-Faith Hill

So they talk about cold in the lyrics, k?  And this song is great to belt out when you’re having a bad day.


snow pie chartBetcha can’t wait to see what people are putting together for this week’s choice.  Do you feel like putting a playlist out there?  DO IT!  Then link up at either My Skewed View or Finding Ninee

Might As Well Face It, I’m No Robert Palmer

twisted mixtape tuesday

This week’s theme is, well, see below…

Good things to be addicted to:
Working out
Health Food

Bad Things to be addicted to:
Diet Sunkist Lemonade

Things that I do not know whether it is good or not good to be addicted to:

Yeah, as you may gather I struggled with this.  The original theme this week was I don’t just love you, I’m addicted to you. Great theme, right?  Right!

But was it right for me?  Not so much.  Don’t worry, it’s me, not you.  Two songs, TWO songs were all I could come up with.  One has dancing lady clones as the band and the other is a song by Chicago.  I’m sure it’s not hard for you to guess which ones they might be, especially easy if you simply click the words in bold.

Jen, being the really awesome person she is, permitted me to tweak this to instead being  songs about addiction.  My husband, being an addictive personality, had NO problem whatsoever putting his two cents in for that particular take on the theme.  He stole (um, borrowed?) a few songs I wanted to use. No really, he had no idea what songs I wanted to use, it just worked out that way and I don’t like to have the same list as everyone else.  So I wound up with a lineup that kept coming back to songs by The Muppets and Weird Al.  Lame.

I’m not sure what made this so hard for me.  It’s not that I don’t have any vices.  Though I will say that of the ones I have, glitter, peeing, and streaking are not among them.

So songs about addiction?  Here are some I surmise may have their roots in such a thing.

Ice Cream-Sarah McLachlan

Must be some really, really good love.  Better than ice cream?  Better than chocolate?  Notice that caffeine is not mentioned.  I didn’t find any songs about being addicted to caffeine, chocolate, OR ice cream.  So I guess this will do…

Oh wait a minute…

I Love Rocky Road-Weird Al Yankovic

Best accordion solo ever?  Perhaps.

It’s Been Awhile-Staind

All right, let’s be more serious now.  Yeah, this song fits the bill.  I don’t know what it is about this group, but I love everything they’ve done.  Yeah, kind of depressing, but then again, Aaron Lewis did eventually go into country…

Pain-Jimmy Eat World

I can’t quite figure out what this song is really about, but I definitely think it fits the addiction criteria.  Either way, it’s going to be stuck in my head for awhile, so we might as well add it.

Oh!  Then I remembered this song:

Bad Medicine-Bon Jovi

Dude, I totally rocked the Bon Jovi hair in high school.  Really!  And now the Pain song is no longer in my head, and probably yours either.  You’re welcome.

Comfortably Numb-Pink Floyd

What would a list with addiction in it be without a Pink Floyd song with an equally weird Pink Floyd video to boot?  According to them, this song isn’t about drugs.  Uh-huh.  Ok.

If you were to make a list having to do with addiction, what kinds of songs would be on your list?  Would your list be stranger than mine?  Tell me what would be on your list in the comments.  Or better yet, write your own list on your own blog and LINK IT UP over at Jen’s website.  And be sure to see what other people are listening to while you’re there! 

Christmas, Christmas, CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

twisted mixtape tuesdayI’m still here.  At some point I’ll go through the long story of why I’ve been absent.  But for now I’m just here for the music.

This week’s Twisted Mixtape Tuesday theme is CHRISTMAS!  I like Christmas a lot.  As a matter of fact, I wrote a post about what Christmas music I love and what I hate last year.  At the risk of sounding a bit repetitive I’m going to name some of those favorites again… because IT’S CHRISTMAS!!!!!

TMTchristmasFirst let’s have some fun.

I Wish It Was Christmas Today-Horatio Sanz, Jimmy Fallon, Chris Kattan, Tracy Morgan

I can’t pinpoint exactly what makes me crack up every time I see this.  There’s so much to laugh at.  But it’s fun, and that’s what counts.  BECAUSE It’s Christmas!!!!

Now let’s get nostalgic…

Christmastime is Here-Vince Guaraldi Trio

Raise your hand if you grew up awaiting the Charlie Brown Christmas special every year!  I knew it was Christmas time when I heard this song.  A Charlie Brown Christmas remains one of my all time favorite Christmas cartoons!

Speaking of knowing when it’s Christmastime, this next song is the first one on my Christmas playlist.

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas-Bing Crosby

While I’m not a huge Bing Crosby fan there are several of his that I do love like this one.

O Holy Night-Josh Groban

The voice makes me swoon.  The guy isn’t bad to look at either.  I love this version of O Holy Night so much!

Christmas Eve/Sarajevo-Trans-Siberian Orchestra

The first time I heard this I thought I’d died and gone to heaven.  Orchestra and electric guitar meets Christmas tradition.  It ROCKS.

O Come, O Come, Emmanuel-Enya

Now let’s go in a completely different direction and play some relaxing tunes.  I am a huge fan of Enya, as well as of this particular Christmas carol.  This song is so beautiful.

I’ll Be Home For Christmas-Rascal Flatts

I resisted liking this group for so long, but this is the song that got me to start really listening to them.  This beautiful acappela rendition is wonderful.

All I Want for Christmas Is You-Mariah Carey

My husband’s ears are probably bleeding.  I don’t know why I like this song.  It’s an earworm that burrows into my head and won’t go away, and I just keep singing it.

A Soalin-Peter, Paul, and Mary

I stuck this in here because I performed it once in college.  I think it’s neat.

Mary Did You Know-Kenny Rogers/Wynonna Judd

My son loves this song so much that he still wants to listen to it whether it is Christmas or not when we go to my parents house.

Silent Night/7 O’clock News-Simon and Garfunkel

Of course I had to stick Simon and Garfunkel in here somewhere!

Sleigh Ride-The Boston Pops

I have to tell you a story.  This song was something that our high school orchestra played every single year.  It was tradition.  One year our orchestra director decided to try to do something different.  It didn’t go over so well.  As a matter of fact, it was mutiny.  The sheet music to the song that he wanted to do was hidden and everyone’s music was replaced with sleigh ride.  It’s a classic.  Don’t mess with classics, especially if there are whips in the song.

I’m sure that you have opinions. What Christmas songs do you love?  Which ones do you hate?  I’m anxious to hear what you think! Make you own list and then get your behind over to Jen Kehl’s blog and hook it up!  Come on, it’s CHRISTMAS!

Twisted Mixtape Tuesday: Tell Me A Story!

twisted mixtape tuesdayHere it is almost Tuesday again and time for another Twisted Mixtape Tuesday post full o’ fun.  The theme this week is one that I kind of sort of maybe suggested and got used:  Songs That Tell A Story.

So if it was my grand idea, why am I having such a hard time coming up with songs?

While I sat around and thought, my husband beat me to the punch this week and was not only the first one linked up this week for TMT, it was also his first ever blog post.  Sadly, this debut post got more reads and comments than mine in my first three months of blogging combined.  Sad?

But seriously, I was the one that suggested this theme so I’ve got to play.  My list that I had in the beginning was sadly unoriginal. Come on, EVERYBODY thinks of American Pie  when they think of songs that tell a story.  But does everybody think of the Weird Al lyrics like I do?  No?  Just me???

blank cassette (4)But I digress…  After some thought and a little digging around in my Itunes I came up with a few songs that really do tell a story.  We have to start this list with Simon and Garfunkel, because it wouldn’t be right to start off this theme without my friends Paul and Art.

The Boxer-Simon and Garfunkel

We couldn’t have songs that tell stories without a little Manilow.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m not a fan.  But I do love this song…

Copacabana-Barry Manilow

Country songs kept coming up and I kept a lot of them from this list, because you could have a list a mile long of country songs. This one by Kenny Chesney is on of my favorites.  And moms and dads of little girls-I dare you to not shed a tear when you listen to the last verse…

There Goes My Life-Kenny Chesney

Back in the 80s, in the early days of MTV, I heard this song 3 billion times.  It tells a story and I can tell you every word of it because it’s imbedded in my memory.

Come Dancing-The Kinks

Why is it that Paula Cole is more remembered for her lack of shaving than for her actual music?  I hear this song, I think of her armpits, it’s just that simple.  But I assure you there is a story here that has nothing whatsoever to do with underarms or unshaven pits.

I Don’t Want To Wait-Paula Cole

Here’s something a lot more recent and with much less armpit hair but just as much storyline.  Most of Carrie Underwood’s songs tell tales, this one is no exception.

Blown Away-Carrie Underwood

What songs do you think tell a great (or maybe not so great) story?  Share your songs in the comments or make your own mix to link up!  See what stories others have to tell (and maybe add your own!) by clicking on the Twisted Mixtape Tuesday button at the top!

Weekly Wrap-Up: The I Totally Forgot To Do A Wrap-Up Last Week Edition

always-forgetful-or-just-too-many-thoughts-to-rememberHey guess WHAT???? With the Halloween fallout last weekend I totally forgot to do one of these little wrap-ups!  And then this week I had a sick kid with an ear infection and all kinds of other things to keep me away from the internets.  So you get double the fun this week, not that there was that much to read but hey, humor me…

Two weeks ago we found our heroine preparing for Halloween…

Tuesday  Twisted Mixtape Tuesday:  Songs From The Big Scare  Because it was Halloween week, the theme was scary songs.  I don’t like to be scared, so this is the next best thing.

Wednesday Halloween Whine With Lots of (Cheap) Cheese  Like you still need costume ideas…  maybe you are going to a Thanksgiving costume party.  Right???

Thursday  Seven Things My Kids Have Taught Me About  Halloween  It’s not all about the things you can pin…

Just one of the things I learned this year...

Just one of the things I learned this year…

This past week there was sickness and badness and workiness and some other stuff…

Tuesday TMT Free For All: Stuff My Husband Makes Me Listen To  I’m supposed to be the music person in this relationship!!!  And yet he’s the one expanding my mind.

Friday Revelations of a Weenie:  What Scared Me The Most (But I Lived and Got Over It)  My prompt was all about what scares me the most.  Read on…

I'd say they were worth the scariness...

I’d say they were worth the scariness…

Stuff I Really Loved This Week

I really didn’t do much reading, AGAIN.  But a few things caught my eye that I of course had to read (really quickly.)

15 Things That My Friends Without Kids are Thinking When They Visit My House-Divine Secrets of a Domestic Diva  I was thinking about this AGAIN as I was scrubbing toothpaste off of every surface in my bathroom and the poop smear off the toilet.  Yeah…

Jedi Names-Parenting, Illustrated With Crappy Pictures  LOL.  That is all…

Best and Most Disturbing Search Terms

And just think, you get TWO weeks worth of these.  You may or may not find it funny that people used these very terms to find my blog!

Darth Vader sitting on couch


This made me curious, so I tried to find a picture of Darth sitting on a couch. This was as close as I could come… Hey, Vader’s gotta relax too!

I made myself incontinent

Uncontrollable hairs

big hair senior pictures

no tp

pooping ice cream grown-ups

evil murder pumpkins

is ziggy cheaper than lowes or home depot  Who is ziggy????

Hey I'll sell you those home improvement parts for really cheap!

Hey I’ll sell you those home improvement parts for really cheap!

Next Week

Twisted Mixtape Tuesday will feature songs that tell a story.  it was my idea, so I had better share some excellent tuneage, right?  I’ll also share the story of how I am almost trendy when it comes to fashion, almost.  Otherwise, I’ll be discovering a new element and making some significant contributions to the world of scientific research.  Not really, but it sounds good, right?  Have a most excellent rest of your weekend!

They're supposedly doing a new Bill and Ted, so only appropriate to add to the "excellent" end of my post...

Excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (They’re supposedly doing a new Bill and Ted, so only appropriate to add to the “excellent” end of my post…)

TMT Free For All: Stuff My Husband Makes Me Listen To

twisted mixtape tuesdayToday is another Free for All on Twisted Mixtape Tuesday.  Whatever we want.  That could be truly scary, to be honest. 

Truth be told, the only music I seem to be cranking lately is the ambient music on my laptop waiting for that sweet sleep to come to me late at night.

So my husband has to keep me in the loop with music.  In my gmail inbox nestled in the accepted invitations to my annual exam (not because he’s planning on coming, just so it’s on his calendar) and reminders of boring stuff like flu shots are the occasional YouTube videos.  These remind me that I should really remember to turn on Pandora once in awhile.

Hey, I’m supposed to be the music person in this relationship!  But among the things he can do that I can’t, like quantum physics and reaching the stuff on top of the refrigerator easily, is that he can listen to music AND do other things at the same time.  This simply is not possible for me…

Damn my ADD.  Must.Have.Silence.  Or at least something with no words.  So if there is music, ambient music it is.

Therefore I thought that this would be a GREAT Free For All.  Stuff my husband sends me, or at least comes home and turns on and makes me listen to.

blank cassette (3)This first one, as a matter of fact, came today.  This band is kick butt.  And if you recall, I have an appreciation for acoustic versions of songs.  This works.

The Diary of Jane (Acoustic Version)-Breaking Benjamin

One night he turned this on.  I don’t remember this being from The Social Network, but it’s been on my radar before.

Creep-Scala Choir

Which reminds me, he’s also the one who introduced me to these guys…

Smooth Criminal-2Cellos

And this…

Crystallize-Lindsey Stirling

As much of a Linkin Park fan as I am, I had no idea that Mike Shinoda had other irons in the fire, like this one.

Where’d You Go-Fort Minor

And then for something completely different.  You know the “What Does The Fox Say” guys have done other stuff?  Including this one, not to be confused with the Spinal Tap song, k?


I’d heard the song, but hadn’t seen the video.  It’s a bit weird…

Imagine Dragons-Radioactive

Does your significant other introduce you to new music, or find you versions of things you like that you didn’t know about?  I’m extremely lucky!  Now… back to my ambient music…

Twisted Mixtape Tuesday: Songs From the Big Scare

twisted mixtape tuesdayThis week’s theme for Twisted Mixtape Tuesday is “scary songs”. 

I don’t like scary things.  Ask my husband.  I don’t like anything unexpected.  Don’t sneak up on me, because I’ll just pee my pants and everybody knows that’s not funny…

But I do like Halloween.  As a matter of fact I LOVE Halloween.  Just not the scary part.  Everything else about it is great!

This, like most of my music posts, is just for fun.  No stress, right?  Here’s some “sort of in their own way” scary songs just for you:

blank cassette (2)


I can’t NOT start out this mix without sharing this song…

Somebody’s Watching Me-Rockwell

I’ve never seen this movie.  I want to. I have always wanted to participate in a midnight showing in costume.  I’m probably too old, but by golly it would be fun!

The Time Warp-Rocky Horror Picture Show

This video is disturbing.  So disturbing that it’s scary!

Please Don’t Leave Me-Pink

And this song features one of the scariest band members ever.  Yet since we’ve heard them talk, he’s also the only person in the group posessing a brain?

Stupid Girl-Cold

What’s a scary mix without a song with the word “zombie” in it.  My husband loves this song.  I think it’s scary how it bores into your brain.  In your head, in your head, in your head head head…

Zombie-The Cranberries

What songs would you put in a scary mix?  Would you add songs that are truly scary, or just things that might have something scary about them?  Make up your mix and add to the list at My Skewed View!

Twisted Mixtape Tuesday: We Got Spirit Yes We Do

My Skewed View

This week’s Twisted Mixtape Tuesday theme:  Spiritual Songs.

Jen could use some spirit, but I’m not sure if she needs some prayer or more of the cheerleading type due to the horrible blog issues she’s had to endure as of late.  This week she’s in a temporary (blog) location, hopefully things will be resolved by next week. I changed the address in the button at the top so you should go to the right place when you click on it.

I wonder why she chose that theme?  Could it be because she has her very own performer at home who is now famous on YouTube with his rendition of The Devil Went Down To Georgia?  I think so…

(By the way Jen, I totally want his autograph.)

I felt really bad for not playing along last week.  I wasn’t really feeling the them, and what it brought to mind.  Do you REALLY want to hear how I feel about Handel’s Messiah?  Maybe in a few weeks…

That’s neither here nor there, anyway.

After much thought I think I put together something that in a really, roundabout, bizarre way is kind of spiritual.  So I used my very scientific method of adding whatever comes to mind.  You’re off the hook from hearing songs such as “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life“, because I just used it.  Annnnnnnyway…

spirittmtWhenever I think of anything that is spiritual, I think of this, everything single time.

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot-Johnny Cash 

It IS a “spiritual”, after all.

I love love love love love this next song by Josh Turner and that voice of his!  He’s not bad to look at either…

Long Black Train-Josh Turner

I’ve always liked this song, I’m particularly fond of this version.  I’m not sure how religious it really is, but it has the word hallelujah in it… so it counts, right?

Hallelujah-Rufus Wainwright

Another song I adore, sung by a friend that I adore.  Rascal Flatts has nothing on this guy!  I apologize for the fact that this link doesn’t work like the other ones.

God Bless the Broken Road-Marcus Collins (of The Texas Tenors)


And what would a music compilation about songs having to do with spirtiuality be without this song:

Faith-George Michael

There you have it, that’s as spiritual as I’m going to get this week.  Now next week, that’s the one I’m waiting for.  SCARY SONGS!  Woo-hoo!  Don’t forget to follow the link at the top to listen to what other bloggers shared!

meaning of life

Going Back, Radio Style

If you haven’t seen the new blog Raised on the Radio, today is a great day to check it out!  I’m on there today with a post I originally wrote for Jen Kehl’s My Skewed View a few months ago.  If you didn’t catch it the first time, you may want to come over and check it out.  And come on, doesn’t this picture just make you want to take a peek?  Click on the image below to go read the post.

crazy girl0001What is Raised on the Radio?  It’s a blog that came about due to the days before you could simply look up a song on the internet or download a song instantly.  If you wanted that song forever you had to buy the record, or sit in front of your stereo for hours waiting for that one song to come on so that you could record it on your cassette player!  I hope even if you have already read the post that you come over to read some other things on the blog.  What are you waiting for???

Raised on the Radio