Is Anyone Listening???

ear horn

I’d like to order one of these for every member of my family please.

Can you hear me now? How bout now?  Now?  Hello?  Does anyone hear me?????

Ranty McRanterson is back for a few minutes…

I had a little breakdown the other day and spent part of the morning sitting on the back porch, folding laundry with tears running down my face.  Despite the fact that I’m not allowed in the bathroom by myself, I’m wondering if anyone knows I’m here.This is because no one seems to hear any of the words coming out of my mouth.

For example, I am trying really really really hard to keep my house semi clean.  This as in acceptably clean in case someone comes over, not as clean as an eighteen wheeler.  I realize that part of my duties as a housewife is to clean the house on a regular basis, not just sit around and drink diet pop and play on the internet as many people think I do.  I have two children, a husband, a dog, and a cat.  This can prove difficult.  I don’t have unrealistic expectations, as proven by my children’s rooms that you must have all shots up to date before you enter.   All that I ask is that IF YOU GET SOMETHING OUT PUT IT AWAY.

The Princess enters the room with a container of legos.
I tell her “Be sure that you put those back when you’re done.”
Three minutes later she has an art project spread all over the place.
“I thought I told you to pick up those legos!”
The Princess: “I’m not done playing with them yet.”
“You’re not playing with them if you’re doing art.”
“But I’m making a picture for yooooooou!”
“You need to pick them up when you’re done playing with them.”
By the evening, we’re knee deep in everything she owns.

Me to The Professor:  “What do you want for breakfast?”
Professor:  *Stares at the tv*
I repeat this question multiple times before I finally give up.
The Professor:  “Aren’t you going to get me breakfast?”
I simply get him something for breakfast.
The Professor:  “I didn’t want that.”
Keep in mind that they may or may not actually be something on the screen…

Both kids are extremely distracted when it comes to things like opening a door.  Our dog has escaped more times than I can count this month.  Most of the time this is due to a child opening a door, and then just standing there.  I’m sure he or she is pondering the meaning of life.  “I open the door, therefore I am?”  Repeated reminders to close the door go unheard.  The Professor will even walk in the house after school and be asked sixteen times to please close the door behind him.  This often necessitates me physically going over to him, spinning him around, and asking him what he has forgotten to do.  Even then, it takes a few minutes and me telling him for the seventeenth time to CLOSE THE DOOR.

Not_ListeningEven my husband seems to have fallen victim to this.  I know that he has been around me for going on fifteen years and has perfected the art of ignoring me.  But often he just plain isn’t listening or even hearing me.

Part of it is The Sims.  Have you ever played The Sims?  It’s a video game where you create people and tell them what to do.  He doesn’t get why I don’t play.  Um, because I’ve already created people and am trying to tell them what to do?  Why make myself doubly frustrated by having two sets of people that don’t listen to me?  He likes it, and playing helps him relax and try to get his mind off of working (because he’s always thinking, ALWAYS!).  But I don’t really get it…

When he’s got the headphones in, and his Sims aren’t listening (because often they don’t and do things like running through a sprinkler in the dead of winter), he sure as heck isn’t listening to what I’m saying either.  Or answering questions that I’m asking.  He misses important things like “Are you out of shampoo?” “Supper is ready.” “I’m running off with Elliot Sadler.”

*Disclaimer:  I’ve never actually threatened to run off with Elliot Sadler.  He’s married and so am I.  But today is his birthday and he’s the first good looking famous guy that came to mind…

Don’t get me wrong, he doesn’t do it on purpose.  And he still interacts with me, there are some times where I just don’t think he’s listening.

Me:  “I’d love to go insert random activity here!”
Evil Genius:  “Why don’t you put Avengers in the blu-ray player.  I don’t think I have the movie completely memorized.”

Disclaimer:  I’ve never actually heard him say he’s trying to memorize the Avengers.  He has watched it about 400 times, and I’ve watched it right along with him.

People, moms and wives are people too.  We like to be heard, listened to, and occasionally acknowledged.  Do you fall victim to not hearing/not listening/not caring from the little or big people in your house?  Do you run from the house screaming, sit and cry, or go do some retail therapy?  I’m ready for a night out and/or some retail therapy.  Anyone want to treat me?

Disclaimer:  I love my family to pieces.  I wouldn’t trade them for all the chocolate in the world.  I do get frustrated though and therefore vent by joking about it… so nobody take offense, okay?  Yeah, I worry too much…

Before you dash out, run over to Jen Kehl’s blog and check out Twisted Mixtape Tuesday where she finds some great music to stalk people by.  That’s right…


Doggone Weekly Wrap-Up


I’m calling this the “Doggone Weekly Wrap-Up” because my dog has been gone this week more than he has been here.  He bolts every chance he gets, and he WILL NOT come to us until he is wet, miserable, and hungry.  He got out so much that on Thursday he had to hang out overnight in the puppy clinker.  When I went to retrieve him, I put the words “Bail for the Escape Artist” on the check.  Hopefully he’ll figure it out that it’s not cool to run away all the time from the place where he has shelter, food, and lots of love.  Yeah, right, I won’t hold my breath.

But I digress…other stuff happened this week too.

Monday EXTREME GREEN!  My efforts at trying to be more healthy…

Tuesday  This Mom’s Birthday List  I have a birthday coming up, so for fun I made a list.  This is one that’s a bit more realistic than my Christmas list was. At least I hope so.

I also dumped out my purse over on the Kelley’s Breakroom Facebook page.  It’s ok, I really needed to clean it out anyway!

whats in her bag

Wednesday Wordless Wednesday: Just Chillin’ (And A Link To My Guest Post)  I thought it would be fun to do both the picture as well as plug my guest post over at When Crazy Meets Exhaustion.  So I did.  Be sure to stick around and show some love to Stephanie’s blog when you’re done!

Thursday  Theme Thursday: Do-Overs  What would you do over if you had the chance?  My answers may or may not surprise people.  Complete with scenes from Star Trek IV, because I cover all the bases.

Friday  Help, HELP!  I’m Trapped At Target!  A tale for Finish the Sentence Friday for all to behold and laugh at my expense.

Cool Stuff That I Know About That I’m Not Sure That You Know About But Should And Favorite Stuff I Found This Week And This Is A Run On Sentence And I Don’t Care

Twisted Mixtape Tuesday-Here’s some fun every Tuesday that you can come over and put your two cents in.  Jen Kehl  spends some time each week making lists of songs according to whatever theme they have in mind.  This week’s list was breakup songs.  Who else breaks out into Paul Anka when they think of breaking up?

When Crazy Meets Exhaustion-Trouble Making Me-I was here this week guest blogging, and this is one of her posts that shows the awesomeness that is Stephanie.

Living on the Spectrum:The Connor Chronicles-POOP This has nothing to do with what you think it has to do with. It has everything to do with a real mom’s version of Gwyneth Paltrow’s website “GOOP”

vader no tp

Best and Most Disturbing Search Terms

Withdrawal  Who’s withdrawing what??? 

Moose yodeling  A moose that can yodel?  Or people yodeling for mooses?  Here moosey moosey moose yoh-deh-lay-hee-hooooo.

Exercise machine won’t make eye contact Do you really want your exercise machine to stare at you?  That’s weird man.

I don’t get the funny waldo post  You should because it was freaking AWESOME!  Missed it last month?  Read Where’s Waldo?  Answer: Creepytown here.

Renaissance fair cleavage  I defer this one to Menopausal Mother.  Missed this post too?  What is wrong with you people?  Read Cleavage and Kilts here.


My lovely friend Marcia The Menopausal Mother at Renfest.

Next week

Our trip to the eye doctor, my review of I Just Want to Pee Alone (for reals this time, I promise!), a special birthday Wordless Wednesday, unusual parenting for Theme Thursday, and what I want on a desert island for FTSF (this is gonna be fun…)

Oh, and just one more thing…

I did this thing, y’all.  I’m terrible at self promotion and at asking for votes.  I submitted two of my posts to the BlogHer Voices of the Year.  If you’re a member of BlogHer and want to help little old me out, please follow the linky-dinks and vote for the posts.  I don’t know if it makes a difference, but it would be nice to be recognized!

Here are the links if you are interested in voting:

Have a great rest of your weekend and a FABULOUS week this next week!

How Antisocial kitty reacted to the dog running away (a reenactment of course).

How Antisocial kitty reacted to the dog running away (a reenactment of course).

I’ve Gone Visiting: Come on Over and See Me!

She helped me, now I'm helping her.

She helped me, now I’m helping her.

I’ve met some interesting and fun people while doing this whole blogging thing.  Recently I put out the call for help-I needed people to step in as guest bloggers for me while I endured a week of insanity.  Ginger from The Wild and Wonderful World of Gingerssnaps rose to the occasion and wrote a blast from the past about her high school prom.  Today I’m returning the favor and am hanging out over on her blog.  My guest post is called The ADD Housewife of Rural Iowa  just click on the title and it will take you to Ginger’s blog.  So please pretty pretty please come over and read my piece about being a SAHM?  Did you know that I had no idea what that acronym meant for a long time??



FTSF: A Day in My So-Called Life

This is my first attempt to do Finish the Sentence Friday.  I always want to join in, but I end up being either already involved with something else or am just a day late and a dollar short.  Not this time.  I decided it was about time I got my act together and just DID IT!

Today’s sentence was “A Typical Day in my House looks like”:

There are not enough words to accurately describe what a normal day looks like in the Wiser-Genius household.  So instead let me take you on a pictoral journey of sorts…


Watch your feet. Every day is lego armageddon here.

I love this picture and I want to use it everywhere...

There is dress up, but not in the way you’re thinking…

Yes, he built it himself, because that's what he does.

Superhero suits are being developed and built.  Yes, he built it himself, because that’s what he does.

The Professor showing me some of the cool stuff in the "Lego Star Wars Visual Dictionary".

Books are read.  Many, many books.

We cook, usually healthier fare than this but I don't always take good pictures.

We cook, usually healthier fare than this but I don’t always take good pictures.


There is always a need to extricate the dog from something at some point during the day.

Occasionally we have some ideas.

Occasionally we even have some ideas.

Elaborate crafts are created (this is a homemade zamboni.)

Elaborate crafts are created (this is a homemade zamboni.)

We have fun just hanging out.

We have fun just hanging out.

There is a lot of love.

And there is always a lot of love.

My family may seem a little unusual compared to others, but the basic elements of a good family are all there.  And that is what matters most.  I hope you enjoyed the tour through a typical day at my house.  Don’t be scared, please come back!

Now don’t walk, RUN to Can I Get A Bottle of Whine With My Morning Quiet Time? and/or Janine’s Confessions of a Mommyholic and/or Dawn’s Disaster  and/or Mommy for Real (isn’t it great to have choices?) to read all of the other posts about days in blogger’s lives!

Also, since you’re running anyway, go on over to Baking in a Tornado and see what the swappers have come up with for the April Secret Subject Swap Take 1.  It all goes live at 9 am Eastern time.  I’ll be in on the swap next week!

Confessions of a So-So Easter Bunny


This is from a couple of years ago, but isn’t she an adorable bunny?  She’s not the so-so one, that’s me…

I hope you all had a Happy Easter.  I think that the PPs would be laughing hysterically at me.  After all, I didn’t even do anything remotely pinnable for Pinterest this year.  Not even much in years past.  The last couple of years I have done well if I get my container of plastic Easter eggs out and let my kids play with them.  While this blog post is probably a couple of days later than it should be, I DID post something on Easter featuring some VERY funny Easter related things I found on the internets.

But now I have a few Easter confessions…

1)  We didn’t go to church.  I wholeheartedly acknowledge the reason behind WHY we have Easter, and it has nothing to do with bunnies or eggs.  Yet Easter, like Christmas, is one of those holidays that people who don’t go to church any other time show up.  I’m not judging, we all know that I miss church way more than I probably should because one of us is sick or hasn’t slept in eight days straight.  I’m still a Christian, unless you want to take away my Church card for that.

2)  We didn’t color eggs.  This is because no one really seemed to care.  Things were so busy leading up to the holiday that there was little time and not one little person became excited when we spoke of it.  I wanted to do the all natural dying thing where you use things like turmeric, beet juice, etc, but had a hard time finding some of what I needed.  Maybe next year!

Photo from Frontier Natural Product Co-Op

Photo from Frontier Natural Product Co-Op

The picture above is what I wanted to do this year.  Here is the link to the Frontier  website.  I have since filed it away in my brain for future reference.  Don’t laugh, I really do have a functioning brain somewhere in this head of mine.

3)  I delayed my children’s instant gratification.  Easter morning Princess Gimme got up waaaaaaay before anyone else and begged me to come downstairs.  “There are eggs all around” she announced.  I had to burst her bubble.  “We’re not looking for them until your brother gets up.”  This did not sit well with her, seeing as her brother could sleep all day every day if he wanted.  I let him sleep in a little bit longer, and of course she did not die.

4)  Our own mini Easter egg hunt really sucked.  This was because the Easter Bunny didn’t plan ahead this year.  There were not lots of little things to put in eggs like in years past, and this bunny WAS NOT going to give the kids loads of candy.  However, the bunny did pick out some awesome lego sets for the kids.  These sets were so awesome that I didn’t think the kids were going to put them down long enough to eat breakfast, and they also made it hard for The Professor to want to leave for our Easter brunch.

Honestly, we’ve never had a great Easter egg hunt.  Our yard is basically mud this time every year, and getting my children to go outside is always interesting anyway.  And speaking of Easter egg hunts, does anyone ever think of Gilmore Girls whenever it comes to Easter?  You know, the episode where Kirk hides all of the eggs for the egg hunt?  Raw, uncooked eggs… While I did not find what I was looking for, I DID find a clip of his speech.

5) I recycle.  In other words, I have reused the same Easter baskets every year.  No one has noticed.

6)  We went to a truckstop for Easter dinner.  No seriously, we planned this.  We all, as in my parents, my sister and her family, and me, live a bit of a ways from each other.  We started trying to meet up somewhere in the middle a couple of years ago.  It works out pretty well.

7)  Evil Genius spent Easter afternoon tormenting various members of his family.  I should have taken video, but then there would have been evidence.  The icing on the cake was when he put Princess Gimme up on top of a shelf…

8)  Our Easter supper came from a drive through.  This was because it was after 7 pm and we still weren’t home yet.  At least I had a salad.

9)  I was tired.  I spent the next day recovering from our time off, because that’s how that stuff works, apparently.

10)  And the BIG confession:  This Easter was especially hard for me to get inspired.  It took me awhile to figure out why, other than just being busy.  Then it dawned on me, and I feel silly for not realizing it sooner. Last year Easter Sunday was a terrible day for my family.  I woke up early to get things ready for the kids for Easter, only to come downstairs and find that my beloved kitty had passed away.  There was no warning.  Even though he was an old kitty, up until that moment seemed to be in good health.  He had simply expired under the table in the kitchen.  I had to wake Evil Genius up to bury him in the backyard before the kids woke up.  This began a long sad time for me without my loving kitty cat that could never get enough love from us.  I cried for what seemed like months.  Since then we have talked and talked and talked about about getting another cat, but for every cat that we have liked there has been some reason that it would not work out.  Either the cat had health problems, was only available with another cat as a buddy, we don’t have the money to cover the fees, or the cat doesn’t like dogs.  This particular cat we had was the gentlest most kind cat on the face of the earth that put up with everything, including being laid upon by children and picked on by our antisocial kitty.  It’s hard to find a combination of personality traits like he had.

Isn’t it funny how we get so attached to animals?  This one was very special, and he provided a lot of comic relief to our family.

I still get a little sad when I see pictures of our kitty, he was such a sweet cat.  This is a typical picture of him, getting his 23 hours a day of sleep.

I still get a little sad when I see pictures of our kitty, he was such a sweet cat. This is a typical picture of him, getting his 23 hours a day of sleep.

So forgive me, oh gods of parenting, if I did not produce the perfect Easter for my kids.  I’ll try harder next year.  Maybe.

From Preschool to Kindergarten Cop: What I Got Out of Subbing

funny teacher gift

I don’t get gifts because I’m the sub.  Yet there are days when I would have said this. (Though I DO think a monogram out of crayons would be cool.)

I’m winding down my sub job this week-two more days and I’m a free woman again.  It’s been good for me, but I must admit I’m ready for some time back home.  You know, being a horrible manager of my time, bored and broke again…

This whole job thing was much more challenging than I thought it would have been.  This didn’t necessarily have anything to do with the job itself.  This is because some other things happened.  First of all, about a month in, Evil Genius embarked upon a project at work that will probably last at least 4 more weeks and makes him work 500 hour weeks.  I know there aren’t 500 hours in a week, but to him (and me) it really feels like it.  He leaves long before most humans even think about getting up to go pee, and returns home at night with enough time to eat supper and go to bed. Naturally, my reaction to all of this is to tell him I’ll write a song about it, make him coffee when I remember, and kill him with kindness when he is in SUCH a good mood (I love you honey…)

Then the poor girl I was working with had a family tragedy and had to take some much needed time off.  With both of the regular classroom teachers having to be gone, I had to step up quickly and do stuff that I’m well capable of but just wasn’t expecting to have to do.  It made things very interesting, to say the least!  On the other hand, I think it worked out pretty well that I had been the one that was there instead of several people trying to fill in the hours.

Other things happened too, I’ll get to those in a minute…

Anyway, as I was working these last two months I definitely had some moments and I learned some things too:

Anyone who says that they are going to quit drinking diet pop upon returning to work are setting themselves up for epic failure.

Never hesitate to ask for help from your fellow bloggers.  They will RUN to your aid!

Don’t ask your husband to do anything non work related because you can’t.  He won’t remember.

Having your own child in your classroom means you are basically working two full-time jobs, teacher AND Mommy.

Oh she's cute, but it was a challenge having her in the same classroom sometimes!

Oh she’s cute, but it was a challenge having her in the same classroom sometimes!

Upon deciding to work a job in another town, you are guaranteeing there will be at least one winter storm per week, and one to two snow days per pay period.

Anyone who says they are going to quit eating sugar when they go back to work are setting themselves up for epic failure.  Especially when Valentines and Easter are in that time frame.

Guest bloggers are the way to go when you need to be busy doing something, or are tired, or just don’t want to blog.  I just wish I had done that sooner!

When things change, your ADD son will miss getting off the bus at the right place at least once.

No matter how good your dog seems, when he’s left to his own devices for days on end, he will poop on your floor.  AND tear stuff up.  AND be a general pain in your rear.  It’s a good thing he’s cute.

This didn't happen-but other messes were made.

This didn’t actually happen-but other messes were made.

Anyone who says they are going to quit taking Ambien to help them sleep when they go back to work are setting themselves up for epic failure.

Apple Jacks are never a good idea for breakfast when you have to last from 5:30 am until lunch.

If glasses are to be broken with no hope of repair, it will be the expensive ones, not the free ones.

No matter how nice the weather is, if you choose to leave your dog outside all day (because he poops on the floor and tears stuff up) the temperature will drop to negative numbers and there will be a blizzard.

Never in my life have I wanted to quote Kindergarten Cop so much.  You don’t know how many times I wanted to yell “There is no BATHROOM!”  I can even think of a couple of Arnold moments that I had.  But what happens in preschool stays in preschool.



Certain little girls who hold in their poop will find new ways to keep it in.  No matter how much fiber you give her.  Add to the fact that you don’t really know when the last time she actually went was, it’s kind of a “poop roulette”.

It’s nice to have an excuse to be on Pinterest-I have to find art ideas for work!

Never ever make plans when you are a substitute teacher.

Things usually work out-you just have to give them time.  This has nothing to do with the noncompliant pooper, it has everything to do with life in general.

Sleep.  I knew it well once.  And I’m an insomniac-that’s not saying much.

I’ll be back with actual posts hopefully later this week.  In the meantime… tomorrow:  toodle on over to Go Cheap or Go Home to visit me.  I’m posting an oldie but a goodie-the poor girl wanted some time off! 

I really won't be a pah-ty poop-ah.  I will be baaaack!

I really won’t be a pah-ty poop-ah. I will be baaaack!

Wordless Wednesday: The Real World


It’s a perfect picture of life in our house.  The kids reading books, the dog hogging up the couch, the cat pretending that she was not seen socializing with the rest of the family.  The window shade is all askew, papers everywhere, and we have furniture that is secondhand, old, stained, and covered with pet hair.  Better Homes and Gardens need not come out for a photo shoot-this is a picture of a real home.

They Don’t Know That We Know They Know We Know About The Sadder But Wiser Girl

...or an eight year old.

…or an eight year old.

I spend a lot of my time answering questions.  My daughter is right at that age where she is starting to ask about everything and anything.  My son asks questions too, probably a lot more than my daughter, but I can’t usually answer his questions because they tend to be very complicated because they are about science and math.

So naturally I felt obligated to answer a bunch of questions when I was tagged by Menopausal Mother in a post this past week.  It asked a bunch of questions that I had to answer.  How this came about piqued my interest, and I had to travel back in time to the person who had tagged her and then the person that had tagged the person who tagged her and so forth and looked at the original posts.  Marcia made it easy-she pared it down to a mere 25 questions.  The original was 45 questions, and was supposedly some thing they did on Facebook long ago when it was still relatively new!  I joined Facebook because my mom was insistent.  I get aggravated with it sometimes but I’m glad I did it.

For some reason, it made me think of this scene from Friends.  Don’t ask me why…

So without further ado, here are the questions I answered.

Not in a mental institution, as some may believe.  I was actually born in a small town in Maine.

Not that I know of, though my mom did have a good friend named Sarah.

Two, sometimes it feels like ten.

Two.  Sometimes it feels like ten.  Oh, did I say this already?

It’s a toss up between my whacky post childbirth pelvic misalignment and the time I got my hand slammed and broken in a car door.  Both sucked, and both have affected me for a large part of my life.

Not really, after all I am the least interesting person I know.  If you count the ability to sing well, then I guess that would be counted as one-but if you heard me sing lately most likely you would disagree.

Banana bread.  I’d say cookies but that has nothing to do with the baking process itself.  It has everything to do with eating the cookie dough.

baking kitty

I hate fast food.  I really do, which is bad because I’m married to a fast food fanatic.  So my favorite “fast” food is Bruegger’s Bagels.  I’m serious!  I love their Roesmary Olive Oil bagels with Garden Veggie Cream Cheese.  When we’re a little more flush in the money department, I take advantage of their baker’s dozen specials they have and throw a bunch in the freezer.

NO! Speed and heights don’t exactly appeal to me.  I’m not a big adrenaline person.

What people?  There are people?  HA HA!  Their personality and whether they have a good sense of humor.

When I was fretting about taking this substitute position.  As it turns out it is just what I needed-I’m getting out of the house, making a little dough, and getting my mind off of stuff.

You name it, I’m worrying about it.  I’m a professional worrier.  I just wish they’d pay me to do it.

Diet Sunkist Lemonade, Coke Zero, and Sutter Home White Zinfandel.  Not together, of course.  That would be gross.

The Princess Bride by William Goldman.  You thought the movie was funny?  READ THE BOOK.

inigo montoya

When I was a kid, I loved a spoof of The Pirates of Penzance called The Pirate Movie.  If I could be a pirate like that, well, yeah.

Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, Lavender

Why do YOU blog?  I blog to have  a place to put the stuff in my head.

Either 4’33” by John Cage, or Mozart’s Requiem.

At the moment?  My whole body.  But I’m working on it.

Scrapbooking.  Don’t turn me loose in a scrapbooking store, you may never see me again.

A great sense of humor.

Be unemployed, though I guess I’m temporarily employed now.

Take in a good movie, take a long walk when the weather is nice.

When people ask me what my pet peeves are.  Seriously though, I can’t answer this because I’m blogging about it on Theme Thursday this week.  You’ll have to come back and read all about it on Thursday.

My daughter.  I didn’t realize that she had put together her very own costume for the preschool Mardi Gras parade.  She certainly was the most unique one there!

She's always on, that's for sure.

She’s always on, that’s for sure.

And now I get to tag folks-I think Mom’s World can do a fab job with this, but she’s already in the middle of a challenge where she is answering questions, so she may want to decline?  I’d also like to see what Amy at Funny is Family can come up with.  Just A Little Nutty would be a really fun one to read.  Black Sheep Mom is relatively new to my blogsphere-I’d love to see what she says.  The Mommy Ref could put a great spin on this.  If you ladies are feeling like this would be fun, do whatever you want with this-use the questions I have here or take a look at the older posts and see what they did with it!  (And it’s certainly ok to say “NO!” and run away very fast too!)

Here are the links to the other posts that I carefully researched:
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I was also given two awards this past week by wonderful fellow bloggers.  I’m working on that post as well, and I HOPE it will be up sometime later this week.

FINALLY-only a couple more days of the silly contest.  Please keep voting to keep me in the  Top 100!

Helloooooo February! Week In Review

Help me Obi Wan Groundhog, you're my only hope!

Help me Obi Wan Groundhog, you’re my only hope!

The groundhog didn’t see his shadow this past weekend.  This is good news to me, though I still wonder why our country seems so dependent on a rodent to forecast the weather…  I understand folks on the East Coast are really hoping he’s correct.  I think they found Nemo, or Nemo found them.

Stuff I did this week, besides taking on a long term sub job:

Monday  This is Your Body on Stress:  Insane in the Brain  My body lashes out and tries to kill me.

Tuesday  My Life of Crime: Subliminal Criminal  Instead of getting to jump right into work like I wanted to I had to wait-my background check revealed I might be a criminal.  Too bad I didn’t know this, I could have been shoplifting this whole time.

Wednesday  Almost Wordless Wednesday:  BRAT  Some dogs are just not very smart.  MY pooch is one of them.

Thursday  Theme Thursday:  SHOW ME THE CANDY!  Valentine’s Day-my kids already know what it’s all about.
I also had my first post featured on The Epistolarians.  I’m very excited to be a part of this group of women!

Friday  February Secret Subject Swap Take 2:  Public Humiliation-I Pee Therefore I Am  Because pee happens.  Sometimes bad things happen when you pee, and I’m not talking about itching and burning.

And for those of you that were wondering about my criminal past:

I AM NOT A CROOK!  As it turns out, there must have been some glitch.  The fax came and there was no record found.  Too bad the paperwork sat on a desk for almost a week.

I AM NOT A CROOK! As it turns out, there must have been some glitch. The fax came and there was no record found. Too bad the paperwork sat on a desk for almost a week.

Favorite Posts by Other Blogs:

I am seriously behind on all of my reading for obvious reasons, but I did read some great stuff this week!

Mommy, How Did I Get Out of Your Tummy? The Bearded Iris  This conversation could have totally taken place in my house…

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Work is going pretty well now that I am exonerated.  This blog?  Unfortunately it’s losing views due to the fact that I can’t post updates during the day, or something.  Please check in on me and keep reading.  And you can still vote in the Circle of Moms contest up through 4 pm Wednesday-the last time I looked I was up to #99.  I never cared about getting into the Top 25, but I did want to get in the Top 100.  Thanks to everyone who has voted for me!

I’ve got some awards and a funny sort of q and a thing that I need to share coming up, and Friday is the next round of Fly on the Wall.  Hope to see you all next week!


Almost Wordless Wednesday: BRAT


Riddle me this-why is it that dogs wrap themselves around every fricking thing in the yard?  He has wrapped his tie out around everything from the table on the deck to a little bitty baby tree. Is it a superpower?  It’s certainly annoying.

This one took the cake.  Upon tearing apart the garbage, he found a small string of burned out lights.  This resulted in the above picture.  He looks quite proud of himself.  Sigh…