Look Out World, She’s Five Years Old


Me and The Princess on her first day home.

Five years ago today I had been having contractions for weeks and was finally released from my misery.  My OB took pity on me at my visit the week before-she said that if I had not gone into actual labor by my due date that they would go ahead and induce.

At 9 am on May 6th, they broke my water.  The Princess was not pleased with this, and decided that she was going to come out and tell us about it.  She came into the world just a few hours later, and she had an opinion.  She has never stopped having an opinion since.  She also has not wanted to leave my side since she came into this world!

When The Princess was this teeny thing I was a champion staircrawler, that's because it's the only way I could get up there. Damn pelvis.

A few days old.  She wasn’t screaming here, which was unusual…

The little girl that can’t bear to leave her Mommy’s side is turning five today.  She has requested that we have veggie pasta with cheese and tomatoes for dinner, which is so typical of her!  And of course we’ll be having cake, ice cream, and presents tonight to celebrate.

Needless to say, I’ll be scarce around the internets today-she is going to be keeping me very busy!


Her last day as a four year old, wearing a lovely outfit…

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