Five Christmas Wishes

You're been tagged!

She tagged me.  I stole her picture.

I was tagged in a post this weekend by Rachel from over at the awesome blog Tao of Poop.  What a fun idea!   Not only am I excited about this, I am happy to have some excellent ideas for posts this week.  We are having our family Christmas at my parents this next weekend, and I have to devote quite a bit of time making most of my gifts!

Back to what I’m supposed to be doing:  Write five Christmas wishes, and tag five fun people to do their Christmas thang!  I picked friends that I thought would get a big kick out of doing this.  😀 Here is who I chose:  Atlantamomofthree, momtimes4-(I’m hoping we’ll get a great illustration to go along with this!), Motherhood Is An Art, Mom’s World and  Grass Oil By Molly Field.

My five Christmas wishes not only are simple but they all start with “H”.  How cool is that????  I am awesome.

1)  Hope-I want this for my family, and all of the other people who are going through crappy stuff right now to feel this.  To know that this too shall pass, and that there are wonderful things to come.


There is hope…

2)  Humor-The ability to look at all things with a fabulous sense of humor-the good, the bad, and the really awful!  Just remember, if you can somehow work a cat into something, chances are it’s funny.  Because cats are funny.


3)  Happiness-I wish for the ability to appreciate the present and just be happy.  That’s a toughie.


4)  Health-I wish for good health this year.  No cat scans, please.


5)  Harmony-It seems like our country just can’t get along.  We need to start.


So those are my wishes.  What are you wishing for this holiday season?

Here’s one more funny picture (this is why we have never had our cat have her picture taken with Santa: