Homemade Awesomeness: Costumes of Halloweens Past

I must admit I feel a pretty big twinge of guilt when I do the whole store bought costume thing for my kids.

My Mom is one of the most talented ladies I know.  She sews!  Now while I am capable of sewing, I don’t have the patience or the attention span to take on anything very big.  I have ambitions-I have actually bought patterns for things that I would like to sew.  I think maybe if I had a real area devoted to such a thing, I might take it on.  At least if I had that then I could leave things spread out and not have to put them away each time.  Yeah, I’ll keep thinking that.

All of our costumes when we were kids were homemade and of the reusable variety.  They were usually designed to be pjs later.  The masks were usually the more complicated part-they were almost works of art.  Each year we would come up with the idea and Mom would do the rest.  I have some pictures of some of my costumes from my childhood, and from when I was a little older too.  There are some other pictures that I would like to find, and maybe share later on, like the year I was a three eyed alien.  Remember, I’m a GEEK.  Another year I was Mighty Mouse-what may seem like something that would be easy to find wasn’t so much.  Another homemade mask of sorts-a Mickey Mouse mask turned into a Mighty Mouse mask.

Now that I’m an adult, I approach Halloween costumes with the idea that they can either be reused later as pjs or dressup.  No costume has ever just been worn once!

What were some of your best homemade costumes from when you were a kid?  I’d love to know what you came up with!

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