When Moms Attempt to Exercise

The attitude in my house towards exercise, from furry and nonfurry residents alike.

If you’ve ever read my other blog, Aluminum Girl, then you know I’m trying to make a serious attempt at being healthy.  You know, exercising and eating right and all that good stuff.  Even after the brownies.

And you know from reading this blog I have all kinds of things that keep me from exercising, or try to help me exercise-mainly two children, a dog, and a cat.  Oh the drama!  Their terrible Mommy making them do things, like WALK, or go outside, or any kind of physical activity!  SHAME ON ME!  🙂

Today was no different from any other, except that it was one of those days where I actually got on the strength/resistance training early enough to get it done.  I had a dog and a child laying on me.  Whenever I bent over to do something, the dog would lick my hair.  He would lick my feet.  He would lay on the mat every time I got up for a minute.  The cat probably would have been in on it too, but we put the fleece blanket on the bed this week.  We will not see her until Spring.

I did get the exercising done, eventually.  I also took some pictures because I thought they were sort of entertaining…