They Don’t Know That We Know They Know We Know About The Sadder But Wiser Girl

...or an eight year old.

…or an eight year old.

I spend a lot of my time answering questions.  My daughter is right at that age where she is starting to ask about everything and anything.  My son asks questions too, probably a lot more than my daughter, but I can’t usually answer his questions because they tend to be very complicated because they are about science and math.

So naturally I felt obligated to answer a bunch of questions when I was tagged by Menopausal Mother in a post this past week.  It asked a bunch of questions that I had to answer.  How this came about piqued my interest, and I had to travel back in time to the person who had tagged her and then the person that had tagged the person who tagged her and so forth and looked at the original posts.  Marcia made it easy-she pared it down to a mere 25 questions.  The original was 45 questions, and was supposedly some thing they did on Facebook long ago when it was still relatively new!  I joined Facebook because my mom was insistent.  I get aggravated with it sometimes but I’m glad I did it.

For some reason, it made me think of this scene from Friends.  Don’t ask me why…

So without further ado, here are the questions I answered.

Not in a mental institution, as some may believe.  I was actually born in a small town in Maine.

Not that I know of, though my mom did have a good friend named Sarah.

Two, sometimes it feels like ten.

Two.  Sometimes it feels like ten.  Oh, did I say this already?

It’s a toss up between my whacky post childbirth pelvic misalignment and the time I got my hand slammed and broken in a car door.  Both sucked, and both have affected me for a large part of my life.

Not really, after all I am the least interesting person I know.  If you count the ability to sing well, then I guess that would be counted as one-but if you heard me sing lately most likely you would disagree.

Banana bread.  I’d say cookies but that has nothing to do with the baking process itself.  It has everything to do with eating the cookie dough.

baking kitty

I hate fast food.  I really do, which is bad because I’m married to a fast food fanatic.  So my favorite “fast” food is Bruegger’s Bagels.  I’m serious!  I love their Roesmary Olive Oil bagels with Garden Veggie Cream Cheese.  When we’re a little more flush in the money department, I take advantage of their baker’s dozen specials they have and throw a bunch in the freezer.

NO! Speed and heights don’t exactly appeal to me.  I’m not a big adrenaline person.

What people?  There are people?  HA HA!  Their personality and whether they have a good sense of humor.

When I was fretting about taking this substitute position.  As it turns out it is just what I needed-I’m getting out of the house, making a little dough, and getting my mind off of stuff.

You name it, I’m worrying about it.  I’m a professional worrier.  I just wish they’d pay me to do it.

Diet Sunkist Lemonade, Coke Zero, and Sutter Home White Zinfandel.  Not together, of course.  That would be gross.

The Princess Bride by William Goldman.  You thought the movie was funny?  READ THE BOOK.

inigo montoya

When I was a kid, I loved a spoof of The Pirates of Penzance called The Pirate Movie.  If I could be a pirate like that, well, yeah.

Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, Lavender

Why do YOU blog?  I blog to have  a place to put the stuff in my head.

Either 4’33” by John Cage, or Mozart’s Requiem.

At the moment?  My whole body.  But I’m working on it.

Scrapbooking.  Don’t turn me loose in a scrapbooking store, you may never see me again.

A great sense of humor.

Be unemployed, though I guess I’m temporarily employed now.

Take in a good movie, take a long walk when the weather is nice.

When people ask me what my pet peeves are.  Seriously though, I can’t answer this because I’m blogging about it on Theme Thursday this week.  You’ll have to come back and read all about it on Thursday.

My daughter.  I didn’t realize that she had put together her very own costume for the preschool Mardi Gras parade.  She certainly was the most unique one there!

She's always on, that's for sure.

She’s always on, that’s for sure.

And now I get to tag folks-I think Mom’s World can do a fab job with this, but she’s already in the middle of a challenge where she is answering questions, so she may want to decline?  I’d also like to see what Amy at Funny is Family can come up with.  Just A Little Nutty would be a really fun one to read.  Black Sheep Mom is relatively new to my blogsphere-I’d love to see what she says.  The Mommy Ref could put a great spin on this.  If you ladies are feeling like this would be fun, do whatever you want with this-use the questions I have here or take a look at the older posts and see what they did with it!  (And it’s certainly ok to say “NO!” and run away very fast too!)

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I was also given two awards this past week by wonderful fellow bloggers.  I’m working on that post as well, and I HOPE it will be up sometime later this week.

FINALLY-only a couple more days of the silly contest.  Please keep voting to keep me in the  Top 100!

My Life This Week: Not Very Interesting

So far, has anyone messed up and written ’12 instead of ’13 on their checks?  Does anyone still write checks?  I was actually told it was cheaper to write a check to pay a bill yesterday.  So I wrote one, and sent it snail mail.  Weird-I thought they were moving away from paper and ink!

Anyhoo, here is the life I led this week:



MONDAY-I just plain ran out of time and ambition to finish my post.  It was New Years’ Eve after all.  I did celebrate New Years Eve like a boss though.  Well, that is if celebrating like a boss involves making homemade pizza rolls and watching Mystery Science Theater…

TUESDAY2012 Is Done: The Year In Review So We Can Just Move On  My year and how it went, up and down…

mostly dead

He’s mostly dead, all thanks to Google.

WEDNESDAYMy Glands, My Glands, My Lovely Swollen Glands  What happens when you use Google to figure out what’s wrong with you.  Hint:  Never, ever google your symptoms.  Ever. You WILL think you are mostly dead.  Also, Wordless Wednesday: Coffee  Self explanatory.

THURSDAYWintertime Where The Sleddin Is Easy (If You Have Hills)  I participate in my second Theme Thursday on Something Clever 2.0.  The theme was Winter.  It was probably the easiest post I’ve written in awhile!

FRIDAYSheldon Cooper Lives At My House, And Today He Turns Eight  My oldest had a birthday, and tried to convince us that we were supposed to throw him a surprise party.

The only thing I will ever have in common with Rachel Green is that I am also trained for nothing.

The only thing I will ever have in common with Rachel Green is that I am also trained for nothing.

SATURDAYREBLOG:  What I Think Prospective Employers Are REALLY Saying About Me  I started applying for jobs again after a couple of week hiatus and this still rings true.  What the heck are they looking for out there?  Am I really like Rachel on Friends, and trained for nothing?

This next week:  we’ll revisit the ADD Kitchen for a new chapter, cats versus dogs, and the latest in Baking In A Tornado’s brainchild-The Secret Subject Swap, among other things!

Anxiety and Finicky Appliances Don’t Mix: Why Refrigerator College Isn’t for Me

Yup, I’ll never be as cool as Frank Jr.   He gets go to Refrigerator College.

We can put that career choice right up there along with being a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model and financial advisor.  Not gonna happen.  I will never be an appliance repair person.

Every time I turned on the washer last week, I got an error message.  It would only flash for a few seconds and then disappear.  I was really driving myself nuts.  Why would it do that?  What is wrong with my nearly new washer?  Did Best Buy do something to it to make us regret not buying the extended warranty?  Is it in cahoots with the dormant dishwasher and the humming garbage disposal?  I got out the manual, but of course nowhere did it list the error code I was seeing.  Oh crap!  Oh crap!  Curse you appliance gods!

The error kind of looked like it had a “c” and an “l” in it.  Maybe it’s the filter?  So I tried cleaning the filter. I followed the instructions to the letter.  I opened the little door, I undid the little hose thingie, I had a rubbermaid container ready to catch all of the water out of the little hose.  No water came out of the hose.  However, all kinds of water came out of the filter chamber when I loosened the end.  It went everywhere.  Two towels later I finally got the filter out-it was clean, although it was slightly stinky in there.  I put everything back and turned on the washer.  Same error code.  Next I tried to clean out the gasket-there was quite a bit of hair stuck in there.  I turned it on again-there was still an error code.  Arrrrrrrrrgh!

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to try the next recommended step, which was to dial the LG service number on my phone, and let the “washer” talk to the phone.  Does this make anyone else think of when they ask droids in the Star Wars movies to talk to ships?  No that’s just me?  I was looking around for R2-D2 and C-3PO-though I bet this wouldn’t be one of the six million forms of communication that 3PO was supposedly fluent in.

After deciding that I didn’t feel comfortable letting my washer talk in robot language right in front of me (who knows what it might say about us), I opened my laptop and found a website that explains all of the error codes.  I felt pretty stupid-it turns out the washer was just telling me that the child lock was on.  As soon as I saw it on there, the code made sense.  Of course!  Duh!

Hey wait a minute, if I COULD find an R2 Unit, would it talk to the garbage disposal and fix it?

But wait, there’s more…

The next morning was the first day of the weather deciding that, oh yeah, it’s FALL!  I anticipated this happening.  I made sure I turned the heat back on before I went to bed last night.  It’s been warm and humid, which has made it feel even warmer.  This morning was the WAKE-UP call!  It was cold enough that the dog climbed in bed with me after my husband left for work.  I have the heat set at 60 at night because my husband is the reverse Princess and the Pea with 8 or so blankets on the bed.  At a little before 7 am, I have the thermostat set to go up to 66 degrees.

The reverse princess and the pea…  It’s sort of like this, but with blankets.

When the alarm went off, I went into the bathroom to hear a HORRIBLE noise coming from somewhere.  I thought it was the humidity control thing in there, but as I fiddled with that I realized that it was coming from the FURNACE.  Nooooooooo!  I went downstairs, turned off the heat, went to get my son out of bed, and then went down to the basement to fight with the furnace.  I finally pulled the door off the front and it wouldn’t even stop running.  It sounded like it had swallowed a train or something.  There was a wheel thingie turning on there, and I had no idea what it was or why it wouldn’t stop.  When it finally stopped running 10 minutes later, it started to get very cold in the house.  I texted my husband that it wasn’t working right and making a horrible noise.  Since he was there at work the day after his horrible accident, he had only gone in to wrap a few things up and could come home (apparently you really shouldn’t report to work after almost having your toe amputated by rogue metal).  Meanwhile I was still coming up with ways we would have to heat our house alternatively since we couldn’t afford a repairman.  What could we burn?  Where could we burn it?  Could we chop down our tree?  Our neighbor has a chainsaw. I bet if we mowed our lawn she’d lend it to us.

He came home, and he got it to work.  He just TURNED IT ON.  That’s all.  There was no noise, it was putting out hot air.  It was like he had a magic touch.  When I asked him how he did it, his first response was that a magician never reveals his secrets.  Then he said that he unwrapped his foot and showed it to the furnace and scared it into working.  Ha ha.  Thanks furnace.  This is the thanks I get for vacuuming you out, changing the furnace filters,  and removing the dead mouse with two wooden dowels as giant makeshift salad tongs?  Make a liar out of me?  I see how you are!

See?  Anxiety and Appliances that don’t behave are not a good mix.  No furnace school for me.  No refrigerator college.  Not even coffee pot repair classes.  The appliances don’t like me.  It’s a conspiracy!

Oh humble large appliances and important things in our home, please please please stop the conspiracy and live together in working harmony!

There’s A Toe In My Kitchen

“It’s just a flesh wound!” I’m sure I’ll hear this quote sooner or later…

All right, there is not actually a toe in my kitchen.  Or around my kitchen.  Or even in  my house.  But there could have been.  Sort of.  There were toes involved.  Got your attention, didn’t it?

Today was my job interview.  My Mom decided to come up and watch the kids so my husband didn’t have to leave work early.  The kids were thrilled, I was ecstatic-we don’t exactly get visitors or family up very often.

As I was getting ready to make lunch, I receive a text from my husband, asking if my mom was indeed coming.  I texted back and said yes.

“I’m headed to the hospital.  Dropped metal on my foot.  Probably stitches.”

Huh?  Oh, he’s pulling my leg.  He has to be joking.  Is he kidding?

I text back, “Seriously?”  I wait for him to text me saying something like it almost happened or it’s a serious exaggeration.

No.  Two minutes later he texts back, “Seriously.”

I SERIOUSLY start freaking out-OMG!  Visions of staggeringly huge medical bills, thinking that this is the straw to break the camel’s back…. then I remember that it happened at work.  Oh, worker’s comp?  Please?  Remember, I have an anxiety disorder and ADD-which means I have really random thoughts when I worry excessively.

The next text I receive:  “I’ll be fine, want pictures?”

“Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!  Ew!”  I’m a bit squeamish.  This is ironic, considering I taught first aid classes as my job.  Ask me sometime what the rules of thumb for needing stitches are.

“They said they can take video if that is better,” was his reply.

“No!  Brat!”

A few minutes later:  “I got pictures, for the kids.”  That’s ok, because I certainly won’t be looking at them.

So later on, I’m getting ready for my interview and realize that I haven’t heard anything for quite awhile.  So I texted him to ask what was going on.  “Do you get to come home early?  Did they have to cut your boot off? Did you get a sucker?”

My phone rings, it’s my husband. “Hi!  Just wanted you to know that I’m on my way home.  They had to amputate my toe because there was too much nerve damage.”

“WHAAAAT?  Which toe?” I shriek into the phone.

“The little one.  On my right foot.”

At this point I am just stunned.  Finally he lets me off the hook.  “NO they didn’t amputate.  But I DID get stitches.”

As it turns out, he was minding his own business and was attacked by a piece of metal that lunged at him and went through his boot, just above the steel toe.  He’s ok and they took very good care of him.  Eight stitches later, they sent him home.  Apparently his pain tolerance is quite amazing.  Who’d have thought that engineering was dangerous business?

The whole time this was going on, my panicked mind flashed to the episode of Friends in which a teenage Monica tries to seduce Chandler.  She accidentally severs one of his toes when she drops a knife and it goes right through his shoe.  Thinking quickly, she brings what she thinks is the toe to the emergency room so they can reattach it.  As it turns out, she didn’t grab the toe, she grabbed a very small piece of  carrot.

Her mother looks almost ill, “Oh my God!  There’s a toe in my kitchen.”

And there it goes…the knife that cuts off Chandler’s toe.

I DID get to go to my interview.  That’s stuff for another day.

I’ve Been Married 4745 Days: How Did We Do That?

TV relationship most like ours. But my husband is much smarter than Tim Taylor.

“Gravitation cannot be held responsible for people falling in love.” -Albert Einstein

We’ve been together awhile.  Every so often I want my husband to know that I still like him.  I actually wrote him an appreciation letter the other day.  It wasn’t a love letter, though I did tell him I loved him a few times in it.  It was just more me letting him know how much I appreciate him.

Evil Genius and I will be married for thirteen years today.  As I’ve said before, according to tradition it’s the lace anniversary.  Whatever.  I don’t need doilies.  We’re still happily married.  I’m not saying it’s been easy.  The last few years have been particularly challenging for us due to all kinds of weird work situations, his return to school and subsequent graduation, and difficult children.  Lately he has become an excellent zombie due to working long hours, two hours a day on the road for work in addition to those long hours, and a brain full of information and ideas that he can’t ignore.  Meanwhile, I am climbing the walls because I’m home all day and sleep until 7 am.  Nonetheless, I still love him to pieces.  Supposedly he loves me, but it’s hard to show it when you are too tired to move or disseminate information.

How will we be celebrating our anniversary?  We went out for a bit the other night.  Just the two of us without any children.  He’s working today, tonight we’ll probably cook something for dinner and hang out.  And hopefully he’ll be able to stay conscious.

Just in a show of appreciation for us, I think the dog tried to chew a red rubbermaid lid in the shape of a heart.  I’m going with that and ignoring the 17 other things he chewed up.

I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to write today.  In honor of our anniversary, here’s some random thoughts about our relationship:

You really CAN meet someone at a bar.  Believe me, I tried other venues.

If we didn’t have each other, I’d never know where I’d seen an actor/actress before and he would never know what their name is.

We’re both ADD, but man does it manifest itself in very different ways.

We’re an interesting couple. Here’s another one of our favorite TV couples. Who doesn’t love Monica and Chandler. They’re dysfunctional like us, I think that’s why I like them.

We both think the same things when we see something, but he usually says it first, and better than I thought it.  I tell him to stop.

Opposites can attract, but you have to some similar interests and values.  Our personalities are quite different, but we both have an outrageous sense of humor, love movies and music, and appreciate good food.  We don’t always want to watch the same movies, or eat the same kind of food, but we try to be flexible.

We’re not perfect.  Noooooooooooooo….  I wish he would not be so distracted and he wishes I would relax a little.  Ok, a lot.

He reacts to emotional moments in movies.  I’m dead inside when it comes to that, but I cry easily at real life…

“You are my sun, my moon, my starlit sky, without you, I dwell in darkness…” Are you puking yet? Don’t worry, our relationship is NOT like that.

I wish football would go on strike.  He wishes it was year round.

We both think chocolate is one of the food groups.

He thinks pain is weakness leaving the body, I am a complete and total wuss.  Once he had to hold me down and pull a giant splinter out of me because I was too weenieish to take it out myself.

I guess I’m still a romantic at heart. I love watching these two in the Iron Man movies. It works for them, probably because these two people are so full of themselves in real life…

So Happy Anniversary to my husband.  I hope he keeps me around for another one.

“All you need is love.  But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” -Charles M Schulz

Ready for Fall

I’m ready for fall.  I’m ready for leaves changing color, weather cool enough to wear sweatshirts, and being able to put away the tank tops and shorts for a while.  But what I’m really getting antsy for is Fall TV.  Does that mean I need to get a life?

This has nothing to do with fall TV, but when I think of TV I think of this…

We don’t watch a lot of “new” TV in our house that isn’t sports or PBS.  My husband and I have a few shows that we regularly watch.  In his current mostly unconscious state, my husband doesn’t view a lot of TV shows anyway.

Let me state right now that we shun almost all things that are even remotely reality TV. If you want to quit reading my blog forever right this moment, I understand.  A couple of exceptions have occurred to this rule.  We watched “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” when it was first on, mainly because it reminded me of college (hey I was a music major, you figure it out.)  I watched one season of “America’s Got Talent”, simply for the fact that one of my good friends from school made the finals.  Then I lost interest in it after that.  We also viewed quite a bit of “Iron Chef America” when it was on at dinnertime, but it’s never been something we make it a point to watch regularly.  We have several episodes of “Restaurant Impossible” on our DVR.  Not sure if we’re ever going to watch them, at least not together.

I like comedies.  I really don’t watch anything else, except for a few older few sci-fi shows.  Maybe I’m just too ADD for dramas.  I like to laugh.  And by golly I’m ready for some new episodes of my favorites.  I’ve checked out a couple of the new shows that have already premiered.  I don’t know what to think.  They’re ok, I guess.  I know you can’t really judge a show by its pilot episode, but so far I’m not really sure if I’ll keep watching or not.

My husband’s and my favorite show on TV right now is “The Big Bang Theory”, in case you haven’t figured that out from reading this blog.  We understand a lot of stuff they reference on the show because we’re geeks.  It really adds to it when my husband will pause the show to read the formula written on some board, and he is able to explain it to me (he took Quantum Physics for fun you know).   My other favorite is “Modern Family”, but last season I didn’t enjoy it as much as I had.  I guess it really depended on the episode.  I adore Cam-I had some friends who are just like him.  We both really enjoy “The Middle”, because it’s very much like our family.  My husband is a geek version of Mike Heck, and our son is very much like Brick.  We are middle class people barely making it, much like the people on the show.  It’s mean sometimes but oh it’s FUNNY!

Some shows just have to ruin it for their fans.  We used to love “Bones”.  It is funny and witty and well written.  The characters are great, we are big fans of Hodgins- who else do you know who gets excited about fecal matter?  However, when Emily Deschanel became pregnant in real life they decided to write it into the show, but they went about it all wrong.  They had her get together with her partner.  Nooooo!  There goes all the will they or won’t they fun!  That very rarely works on a show.  We still watch, but it’s just not as enjoyable.

The only show that started last season that we really liked was “Whitney”.  She is one of Evil Genius’s favorite comedians.  The show is like a really warped version of “Friends”.  It’s very different from other shows-I know a lot of people DON’T like it, but I am very happy it’s coming back.  We tried to like “The New Girl”, because we love Zooey.  Some of it is very funny-the Thanksgiving episode was hilarious and we still refer to it.  But we finally came to the conclusion that somebody just decided to turn Zooey loose and let her get as crazy as she wanted.  As much as we wanted to like it, we quit watching it.

“Family Guy” is truly unique.  It really takes a certain type of humor to like that show.  My husband loves it.  I really like it, but there are some things that just plain go too far-which is exactly Seth McFarlane’s intent.  There are some episodes that I love to pieces, and some that are more disturbing than they should be.  We don’t watch it like we watch the other shows, but we do catch it when it’s on.  On that note, I must admit to laughing hysterically at “Robot Chicken”, but that show is so disturbing… yet some of it is sooooo funny.

The one show that I keep forgetting about that is really funny is “Raising Hope”.  I forget it’s on.  I even have the DVR set up to tape it, and I forget to watch it.  Then I’ll have a night with nothing to do and will watch every episode and laugh my butt off.

I have mentioned quite often that we are both geeks, as referenced in Embracing Geekdom.  We both love Sci-Fi, and are big fans of Star Trek.  There isn’t really a show on that is that genre that we watch at the moment.  We have watched “Being Human” (the American version).  Our interest in that show comes and goes.  We really like the characters, we just don’t always like where it’s going.  I’m not a huge fan of the really dark gloom and doom shows that tend to be on.  I watched the new “V” series for quite a while, then it just got depressing.  I wasn’t really surprised they cancelled it.  “Heroes” was good enough to keep my interest for quite awhile, but when Evil Genius got bored of it, I just quit watching.  It was just too dark and depressing.  I like to laugh!  Maybe those dark and gloomy shows tap into my anxieties a bit too much.  I like to look forward to what is going to happen.

I secretly view “Parenthood” each week on nights my husband is gone or in bed.  I get a little irritated at some of the stuff on it, like why does Lauren Graham play the same character in every show she’s in? But I genuinely like it.  The reason I view this alone is this:  if Evil Genius sees I’m going to watch it, he’ll watch it too.  And then he’ll make fun of it, because there might be some warm and human stuff going on.  We can’t have that in our house.  Or he’ll ask 5,000 questions about who is who, what has happened, why that happened, and THEN make fun of it.  No, I don’t go there any more.  I’ll save it for when I can watch it sans mockery.  It’s as close as I get to a soap opera, and I hate soap operas.

Our favorite shows in the whole wide world besides the ones I’ve mentioned are “Friends” and “MASH”.  If there is an episode on, chances are we’ve seen it.  Most episodes of Friends we can recite.  Is that sad?  I don’t think a day has gone by in our house that we don’t quote an episode of that show, unless we are sick.  We own seasons 1-7 of it.  Someday I hope to own them all.

Do you watch much TV?  Good for you if you don’t, you’re more strict than I am.  What shows are you looking forward to this fall?

Have Fun Storming the Castle!

It’s often like this show at our house. Except we have more hair.

We quote a lot of stuff at our house.  A LOT of stuff.  Mostly movies, and TV shows, among other things.  I wouldn’t be surprised if my husband and I have had a whole conversation in movie quotes.  Hey, that would be a really neat game.  “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” used to do games where you spoke only in song titles.  I’ve always wanted to try that.

But I digress…  which reminds me of digest.  But this is not a rhyming game.  But…”Rhyming is fun.”

We don’t quote stuff that other people quote, mostly more obscure stuff.  What brought this whole post on?  Today my husband took both kids and the dog to drive to his sister’s house to pick up some stuff she’d done for him, as well as stop in and see the folks.  I packed them each a drink and snacks, and as they went out the door I yelled “Have fun storming the castle!”  The neighbors probably think I’m really weird.  I can’t help it.  It’s verbal diarrhea, it just comes out and I can’t stop it.  Especially stuff like that, from “The Princess Bride”, only one of the best and most quotable movies ever.  It’s a good book, too.  One of the best and funniest ever written.

I get it honest, my Mom does it too.  Every time we go somewhere and park, of course she quotes Star Trek IV, the scene where they leave the cloaked Klingon Bird of Prey in the park.  “Everybody remember where we parked.”  That’s another very funny and very quotable movie.  What other movie do you get to hear Mr Spock cuss?  “Perhaps now is a good time for a colorful metaphor?”

Weird weird stuff makes us quote stuff.  Don’t ever talk about rueing the day.  Because that really opens up a can of worms at our house.  “Rue the day, who talks like that?” (Real Genius).  “I rued the day once.” (Friends)  Seeing a large amount of cups in one place often leads to these quotes, starting with “They will rue the day they put in me in charge of cups!” (Friends, again).  Someone uses the word “youth” “Da two yutes.”  “What is a yute?”  “The two YOUTHS.”  (My Cousin Vinny)  Anytime we come across anyone called Newt “She turned me into a newt… I got better”.  (Monty Python and the Holy Grail)

We actually quote Monty Python almost to the point of absurdity…  “We already got one.  It’s verrah nice.”  “I fart in your general direction!” “I’m FRENCH!  Where do you think I got this OUT-RAGEOUS ACK-SENT!”

Speaking of french, anything that has the word french in it results in this:  “Fronch fries, Fronch toast, Fronch dressing, and for dessert, Peru.” It costs two dollars?  It results in one of us yelling “TWO DOLLARS!  TWO DOLLARS!” (Better Off Dead).   And of course when anyone has strange symptoms of any kind in our house, “Maybe it’s a tumor.”  “It’s NOT A TOO-MAH!”  Gotta go to the bathroom?  “There is no BAWTHROOM!” (Kindergarten Cop).  And to round out the 80s movies, who DOESN’T say “AUTOMOBEEEEEL?” when they see the word automobile written down somewhere?  (Sixteen Candles)

Some things we can’t even say right anymore because it makes us think of something else.  Anything that’s navy blue isn’t “navy” blue, it’s “nah-vee blue” (You know, Fronk from Father of the Bride, oh you DON’T know?).  Or we make something similar to a quote in a movie.  Me with my coffee:  “I love coffee.  Coffee, coffee, coffee.”  (Substitute Scotch for coffee, Anchorman).  In addition to this we’ve also stolen many ideas that we work into our every day conversation.  Like needing an “epiphany toilet”.  Betcha can’t guess where that one came from…

And don’t forget the commercials.  You know when you get things that go together, I have to say “Unicorns and glitter!”  (I love Flo)  My daughter has caught on to that, she can’t hear the word smooth without reciting “He’s smooth, like Keith Stone”.  I’m not sure whether to be proud or horrified at that.  We really watch too much TV.

Oh, and before I forget, “Rhyming is fun” comes from Scrubs.  Yet another awesome TV show.  Anytime we have to guess how much something costs, “I’m going to guess…seven dollars.”  Also from Scrubs.  I could go on and on…

Perhaps it’s all related to the recessive gene we all have in my family that causes us to burst out into song at the mention of something that reminds of a line in a song.  It has to at least be in the same general area of the brain.  Thank goodness I met Evil Genius, because he understands all of this.  See, there’s someone out there for everybody!  He’s actually there to correct me, because I never get the quotes exactly right.  I understand that he and his boss talk in movie quotes all the time at work.  So there are more of us, maybe even some who won’t admit that things make them quote other things.  We must find them, and assimilate them.  “Resistance is Futile” (Star Trek:TNG)

When I was younger, much like with my interests, I tried to repress my quoting urges.  Guess what, I was…

You have to do it to the tune of a clock chiming. Think about it.

I WAS wrong.  It’s a good thing I decided to accept my geekdom.  And by the way this above picture’s quote would count as both a song AND a quote.  “See what I did there?”

Wish I knew what THAT was from, since I use it all the time…