Not So Deep Thoughts By Me

Random, like this post.

Random, like this post.

I’ve been trying to piece together an actual blog post.  However I’m having some sort of severe anxiety attack tonight so I guess it’s not going to happen.  I’ve been trying to finish an award post and can’t.  Two other posts I would like to finish are sitting with random sentences.  The words are not flowing and the ideas are not forming the way I would like them.  On the other hand, my Fly on the Wall post for next month is already written.  Is that sad?  So instead of a regular post I present you with some random thoughts I have had recently.  And signs, because they’re funny:

I bought Secret deodorant.  Today I noticed that it was an “Invisible Solid”.  If it’s invisible then why can I see it?

Who made the decision that some of the boxes of Valentines should have only 16 cards in them?  How did they arrive at the number 16?  Or 32 for that matter?  I’d like to see the mathematical formula they used to come up with that.

Recently someone called The Opinionated Man started following my blog.  I had to check to make sure it wasn’t my husband.  It wasn’t.


I learned the hard way:  never, ever, ever try to save money by buying the basic Venus razor cartridges instead of the Venus Divine.  My legs feel like someone rubbed sandpaper all over them.

Who gets zits on their neck?  Apparently I do.

Am I really immature for laughing hysterically at Superhero Movie?  What’s worse is that I will never be able to attend a funeral now…

It’s very hard to feel sexy when you’re wearing a Hello Kitty band-aid on your finger.

The check engine light is on in my car.  Ok, there’s nothing funny about that…

funny sign 2

Have a great start to your week!  I hope to be writing actual posts again soon…