Confessions of a So-So Easter Bunny


This is from a couple of years ago, but isn’t she an adorable bunny?  She’s not the so-so one, that’s me…

I hope you all had a Happy Easter.  I think that the PPs would be laughing hysterically at me.  After all, I didn’t even do anything remotely pinnable for Pinterest this year.  Not even much in years past.  The last couple of years I have done well if I get my container of plastic Easter eggs out and let my kids play with them.  While this blog post is probably a couple of days later than it should be, I DID post something on Easter featuring some VERY funny Easter related things I found on the internets.

But now I have a few Easter confessions…

1)  We didn’t go to church.  I wholeheartedly acknowledge the reason behind WHY we have Easter, and it has nothing to do with bunnies or eggs.  Yet Easter, like Christmas, is one of those holidays that people who don’t go to church any other time show up.  I’m not judging, we all know that I miss church way more than I probably should because one of us is sick or hasn’t slept in eight days straight.  I’m still a Christian, unless you want to take away my Church card for that.

2)  We didn’t color eggs.  This is because no one really seemed to care.  Things were so busy leading up to the holiday that there was little time and not one little person became excited when we spoke of it.  I wanted to do the all natural dying thing where you use things like turmeric, beet juice, etc, but had a hard time finding some of what I needed.  Maybe next year!

Photo from Frontier Natural Product Co-Op

Photo from Frontier Natural Product Co-Op

The picture above is what I wanted to do this year.  Here is the link to the Frontier  website.  I have since filed it away in my brain for future reference.  Don’t laugh, I really do have a functioning brain somewhere in this head of mine.

3)  I delayed my children’s instant gratification.  Easter morning Princess Gimme got up waaaaaaay before anyone else and begged me to come downstairs.  “There are eggs all around” she announced.  I had to burst her bubble.  “We’re not looking for them until your brother gets up.”  This did not sit well with her, seeing as her brother could sleep all day every day if he wanted.  I let him sleep in a little bit longer, and of course she did not die.

4)  Our own mini Easter egg hunt really sucked.  This was because the Easter Bunny didn’t plan ahead this year.  There were not lots of little things to put in eggs like in years past, and this bunny WAS NOT going to give the kids loads of candy.  However, the bunny did pick out some awesome lego sets for the kids.  These sets were so awesome that I didn’t think the kids were going to put them down long enough to eat breakfast, and they also made it hard for The Professor to want to leave for our Easter brunch.

Honestly, we’ve never had a great Easter egg hunt.  Our yard is basically mud this time every year, and getting my children to go outside is always interesting anyway.  And speaking of Easter egg hunts, does anyone ever think of Gilmore Girls whenever it comes to Easter?  You know, the episode where Kirk hides all of the eggs for the egg hunt?  Raw, uncooked eggs… While I did not find what I was looking for, I DID find a clip of his speech.

5) I recycle.  In other words, I have reused the same Easter baskets every year.  No one has noticed.

6)  We went to a truckstop for Easter dinner.  No seriously, we planned this.  We all, as in my parents, my sister and her family, and me, live a bit of a ways from each other.  We started trying to meet up somewhere in the middle a couple of years ago.  It works out pretty well.

7)  Evil Genius spent Easter afternoon tormenting various members of his family.  I should have taken video, but then there would have been evidence.  The icing on the cake was when he put Princess Gimme up on top of a shelf…

8)  Our Easter supper came from a drive through.  This was because it was after 7 pm and we still weren’t home yet.  At least I had a salad.

9)  I was tired.  I spent the next day recovering from our time off, because that’s how that stuff works, apparently.

10)  And the BIG confession:  This Easter was especially hard for me to get inspired.  It took me awhile to figure out why, other than just being busy.  Then it dawned on me, and I feel silly for not realizing it sooner. Last year Easter Sunday was a terrible day for my family.  I woke up early to get things ready for the kids for Easter, only to come downstairs and find that my beloved kitty had passed away.  There was no warning.  Even though he was an old kitty, up until that moment seemed to be in good health.  He had simply expired under the table in the kitchen.  I had to wake Evil Genius up to bury him in the backyard before the kids woke up.  This began a long sad time for me without my loving kitty cat that could never get enough love from us.  I cried for what seemed like months.  Since then we have talked and talked and talked about about getting another cat, but for every cat that we have liked there has been some reason that it would not work out.  Either the cat had health problems, was only available with another cat as a buddy, we don’t have the money to cover the fees, or the cat doesn’t like dogs.  This particular cat we had was the gentlest most kind cat on the face of the earth that put up with everything, including being laid upon by children and picked on by our antisocial kitty.  It’s hard to find a combination of personality traits like he had.

Isn’t it funny how we get so attached to animals?  This one was very special, and he provided a lot of comic relief to our family.

I still get a little sad when I see pictures of our kitty, he was such a sweet cat.  This is a typical picture of him, getting his 23 hours a day of sleep.

I still get a little sad when I see pictures of our kitty, he was such a sweet cat. This is a typical picture of him, getting his 23 hours a day of sleep.

So forgive me, oh gods of parenting, if I did not produce the perfect Easter for my kids.  I’ll try harder next year.  Maybe.

I Broke Into a Building With Milo Ventimiglia

This guy helped me break into a building.  Not for real, of course.  How weird and random.

This guy helped me break into a building. Not for real, of course. How weird and random.

Happy Monday morning!  It’s been awhile since I’ve had a really bizarre “where the heck did that come from” dream.  A couple of nights ago I had one.  It was weird.  Really weird.  And I wasn’t even sitting on a toilet this time.  For your Monday morning displeasure, I thought I’d share.

The place where I taught preschool when my son was little is considering adding a teacher if their enrollment goes up.  So it’s been on my mind.

In my dream I had agreed to work afternoons for them.  From 2-5 or something.  Where were my children?  I’m not sure.  On this particular day in my dream I had to go do this for the first time.  Then for some reason I couldn’t make it.  But I had their van.  Why did I have their van?  So I couldn’t make it to work, but I could go return their van.  Makes sense, right?

For some reason it was nighttime the entire dream.  All day long.

dream kitty

So I set out to take their van back. When I worked for this daycare we would take the kiddos out on field trips in these great big vans.  Putting in and taking out all the car seats was a nightmare, pun intended.  But why would I take the van home?  I must have been thinking of my LAST job.  Since I was expected to go all over the world to teach these classes, in order to not use my own gas I had to take one of their huge gas guzzling vehicles.  This makes so much sense for an organization that is one the brink of financial disaster.  ANYHOO-sometimes if I was teaching a class three hours away I would swap my vehicle with theirs the night before since I lived out of town.  Then I could get at 5 am and hop in and drive.

It was enormous inside (the van in my dream, not the one in real life).  There was a tv, and a refrigerator, and furniture.  Before I could go take the van back to the daycare center, first I had to go get a key from some business downtown.  Only I didn’t have a key to this building that I had to get the key out of.  So naturally I had to break in.

This is where Milo Ventimiglia comes in.  I love the last name, try saying it three times fast.  If you are a Gilmore Girls fan, you know him as Jess, the bad boy nephew that Rory dumps Dean for.  Or you may also know him as the guy who usurped other people’s powers on Heroes.  Or if you saw That’s My Boy he was the brother who was sleeping with his sister because “good-looking people” are just supposed to do that…  I’m not like a huge fan or anything, it was quite a random person.  If I had chosen a break in buddy, surely Robert Downey Jr would have helped me.  After all, he does have an Iron Man suit.

Not really Iron Man...

Not really Iron Man…

So anyway, regardless of what show he was in or why he was in this dream he helped me break into this building.  And we got the key.  But we didn’t leave.  We stayed and ate snacks and watched tv.  This is because isn’t that what you always do after you break and enter into a building, you eat snacks?  Later on I eventually got the van back to the school.  No one was there except for the weird janitor guy who vacuums in the dark.  That part is true-when I worked there we really did have a guy that vacuumed in the dark!  Then my alarm went off.  I got up thinking “huh?”  I was relieved it was just a dream, because I really hate missing or being late to work, and breaking and entering too (I figured I’d better clarify that).

It’s certainly not one of the weirdest dreams I’ve had.  I’m happy that I kept my clothes on throughout the whole dream.  Usually there’s nakedness on my part that I have to hide in strange ways.  I’ve said before that anyone who analyzes dreams would have quite a heyday talking to me about the weird stuff I dream about.

Have you ever had one of those weird dreams that make you go huh?

dream meaning

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